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The different modes of listening

A - DEEP LISTENING (conscious listening)

To experience the multi-dimensional effects of this music, it is advisable to listen in the "DEEP LISTENING" mode.
This is done while sitting or lying down, with headphones or speakers, at medium or loud volume, focusing on the music and your own feelings.
This process is natural and safe.
This MODE of listening establishes a vibratory harmonization which allows to erase the effects of stress, to calm the deep emotions, to dissolve the energetic blockings. It also facilitates the synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres, stimulates intuition and creativity and promotes spiritual development.

The listener feels, perceives, experiences feelings, emotions, sees images from the unconscious on his mental screen. The information he receives validates his approach and enlightens his path: Perceptions of bright colours when the chakras open, visions of other worlds, other beings, other times, creative intuitions, restitution to the consciousness of lived experiences, various sensations, such as sudden pains, strong vibrations, opening of the energetic centres, jolts when deep tensions are released and the bio-energetic field is brought back into symmetry, experiences of total synergy of the cells with the music...

If, while listening, the sensations are not immediately pleasant, it is advisable to relax, to accept the information that is consciously manifested by a temporary pain, to send air to the area concerned and to emit gratitude to facilitate the process of self-awareness.


At a reduced volume, with speakers or headphones, listening in background music mode allows the music to be associated with an activity.
In this mode, the listener continues his or her activity without focusing on the music.
This listening mode activates presence, effortless concentration, insights, memorization and creativity, depending on the type of activity being performed.
E.g.: physical practices (yoga, massages, etc.), meditation, deep relaxation, intellectual activities (studying, easy memorization, writing...) and artistic activities.

Music for whom? For what?

Meditation, Sophrology, Reflexology, Reiki, Yoga...

This music optimises the effectiveness of any technique used for therapeutic, artistic or personal development purposes and accompanies your yoga, tai chi, QI gong, reiki, meditation, deep relaxation, sophrology, massages, reflexology, osteopathy...

It is also an effective adjuvant to your psychotherapy, hypnosis and regression sessions, as it allows deeply repressed traumas to be brought to consciousness.

Concentration, work, memorization, study, creativity

It stimulates intellectual work, helps memorization, easy concentration and meditation.
It promotes intuition, inspiration and creation by stimulating the production of THETA waves.

Immune system, hormonal balance, physical harmony

The hyper-oxygenation it provides facilitates the active development of the brain's potential during pregnancy.
During periods of hormonal transformation (adolescence, menopause), it helps to find a new balance.
It supports the immune system during periods of convalescence as well as during heavy treatments (chemotherapy or radiotherapy sessions). In this case it is particularly recommended to listen to the Reconciliation and Renaissance CDs from the beginning to the end of the session and to continue listening between sessions at home.

For children

Listened to at low volume as background music.
Just like adults, children need to calm down, find inner peace and learn to relax.
Children with attention deficits, so-called hyperactive children, can also easily benefit from this music. They will gradually learn to calm their minds, to listen to their inner self, and will be introduced to meditation naturally.
This music brings calm and reassurance to babies and young children. It also helps them to fall asleep.
After a day at school, half an hour of listening provides the necessary resourcing to do homework in the best conditions of concentration and memorization.
Older children can also take advantage of its benefits before exams to keep a clear mind, memorise easily, erase stress and have more energy.

Physical and mental fatigue, depression

This music is an effective aid to people suffering from depressive episodes or great mental or physical fatigue.
It is a real support during difficult life passages, bereavements, or major changes imposed by life.


People with sleep disorders can benefit from the benefits of this music by listening to a CD at low volume at bedtime, which will quickly silence the mind and take you to dreamland (which you will remember better the next morning).