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  • Wellness, meditation, stress relief

    These CD’s promote stress relief, deep relaxation, easy access to meditative states. In case of sleep disorders or insomnia they facilitate sleep and can be used efficiently with  children and babies. Listened at low volume, they reinforce the practice of techniques like Qi Gong, Tai-chi, Yoga, Massages, reflexology...

  • Emotional release

    These CD’s provide self reconnexion and self reconciliation through harmonic recycling of dissonant or traumatic memories.

  • Consciousness expansion, spirituality

    These CD’s offer access to cosmic dimensions of the being, connexion with deeply rooted subconscious memories and opening of higher consciousness qualifications: inspiration, intuition, creativity, telepathy...

  • Hypnosis & Self-hypnosis

    All CD’s by Jacotte Chollet have been created under states of self-hypnosis, that’s why they favor in turn self-hypnosis or hypnosis. The most efficient CD’s are the following ones.