RÉCONCILIATION - Jacotte Chollet

RÉCONCILIATION - Jacotte Chollet


A very balancing CD to put between all ears, a vibration of love that soothes, nourishes, heals... to reconcile with oneself, to go from the state of victim to that of creator, deep harmonization, regeneration and healing of the heart.

This album is also available in digital

This album, like the Essence CD, is extremely harmonising, reassuring and anti-stress to regain confidence and gently heal dissonant emotions. Listened to at low volume, the music on this CD calms, reassures and helps babies and young children fall asleep easily and quickly. * Recommended for periods of stress, nervous children, hyperactive, massages and electrosensitive people.

RECONCILIATION, MUSIC FOR: Gentle emotional integration - Opening of the heart - Forgiveness - Compassion - Self-confidence - Deep relaxation - Anti-stress - Energetic restructuring - Vibratory harmonization - Meditation - Yoga - Massages - Children - Synchronization of brain waves

This album is also available in digital

The opinion of a specialist Darv Krizton - VISIONARY SOUND MUSIC
A MASTERPIECE OF MEDITATIVE MUSIC! It is a continuous sensual, emotional and intellectual pleasure to be visited by these mysterious sounds... The body is flooded by an infinite love that spreads in all directions... As meditative as it is transformative to "gently heal" the emotional body... Lightworkers and those who love angelic music should enjoy this album very much



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Jacotte Chollet
70' 38

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