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How to choose an album?

1- Follow the order in which the CDs were created

The CDs RENAISSANCE, INVISIBLE PRESENCE and UNITY (2CDs) together constitute a very powerful and therapeutic background treatment. Listening to these CDs may not be pleasant at first, a sign that energy work is taking place. Continue listening to a CD as long as you feel tangible effects.
However, if the CD causes too much resonance, alternate with another CD that immediately makes you feel good, this will give you the energy you need to continue listening to the CD that you find momentarily difficult.

This music introduces you to the higher faculties of consciousness and allows you to develop intuition, creativity, self-hypnosis...

These are the most easily accessible CDs for a large number of listeners.
They are particularly suitable for people seeking to relieve stress or emotional pressure. They facilitate rejuvenation, meditation and deep relaxation.
This music is also particularly suitable for babies, whom it soothes, and for young children, who will be introduced to relaxation and meditation and will gradually develop their presence, concentration and creativity.

2 - Consult the following themes according to your needs

Music albums for deep relaxation, learning to meditate or practising meditation, calming stress, recharging the batteries.
This music is also suitable for Yoga, Reiki, Qi Gong, Tai-chi, as well as for Massages, Reflexology, Sophrology or other energetic practices in the field of well-being.

This music is also very effective for harmoniously accompanying pregnancy, calming agitated babies and children of all ages, or facilitating a rapid and peaceful sleep.

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Music for reconciling with oneself and restoring one's integrity, releasing deep and/or dissonant emotions, recycling and dissolving energy blocks, traumatic memories, cellular re-information...

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Very effective music to enter in a more or less soft and progressive way in deep meditation and in states of hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

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High vibratory level music created by Jacotte Chollet that connects us to our cosmic being and allows us to develop our infinite capacities more deeply: intuition, creativity, telepathy or allow a deep transformation, spiritual lucidity, deep energy recycling, etc...

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3 - The Card Game

Concentrate inwardly and ask which CDs are most effective for you at this time.
Draw two CARDS: first CD, second CD to listen to.
In your listening sessions, if you draw the same CD several times in a row, it means that you have to continue listening to it and working on it. Your subconscious never lies.

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4 - Choose CDs intuitively by listening to extracts on the site

Albums that seem harmonious and beautiful will immediately give you energy, well-being and joy.
Albums that seem disharmonious or dissonant will put you in touch with your energetic blockages and suffering memories.
It is good to work with CDs that act differently on your energy fields.

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In order to preserve all the benefits of this vibratory music, it is not recommended to listen to it in MP3 format.
Indeed, the MP3 format is a compressed format which does not reproduce all the frequencies of the original HD format in which the CD version is recorded.

If you wish to listen to this music on a digital player, you must import the CD in .wav format and then transfer this .wav file to your phone, tablet or audio player.

Music for whom? For what?

Meditation, Sophrology, Reflexology, Reiki, Yoga...

This music optimises the effectiveness of any technique used for therapeutic, artistic or personal development purposes and accompanies your yoga, tai chi, QI gong, reiki, meditation, deep relaxation, sophrology, massages, reflexology, osteopathy...

It is also an effective adjuvant to your psychotherapy, hypnosis and regression sessions, as it allows deeply repressed traumas to be brought to consciousness.

Concentration, work, memorization, study, creativity

It stimulates intellectual work, helps memorization, easy concentration and meditation.
It promotes intuition, inspiration and creation by stimulating the production of THETA waves.

Immune system, hormonal balance, physical harmony

The hyper-oxygenation it provides facilitates the active development of the brain's potential during pregnancy.
During periods of hormonal transformation (adolescence, menopause), it helps to find a new balance.
It supports the immune system during periods of convalescence as well as during heavy treatments (chemotherapy or radiotherapy sessions). In this case it is particularly recommended to listen to the Reconciliation and Renaissance CDs from the beginning to the end of the session and to continue listening between sessions at home.

For children

Listened to at low volume as background music.
Just like adults, children need to calm down, find inner peace and learn to relax.
Children with attention deficits, so-called hyperactive children, can also easily benefit from this music. They will gradually learn to calm their minds, to listen to their inner self, and will be introduced to meditation naturally.
This music brings calm and reassurance to babies and young children. It also helps them to fall asleep.
After a day at school, half an hour of listening provides the necessary resourcing to do homework in the best conditions of concentration and memorization.
Older children can also take advantage of its benefits before exams to keep a clear mind, memorise easily, erase stress and have more energy.

Physical and mental fatigue, depression

This music is an effective aid to people suffering from depressive episodes or great mental or physical fatigue.
It is a real support during difficult life passages, bereavements, or major changes imposed by life.


People with sleep disorders can benefit from the benefits of this music by listening to a CD at low volume at bedtime, which will quickly silence the mind and take you to dreamland (which you will remember better the next morning).

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