CRÉATION - Jacotte Chollet

CRÉATION - Jacotte Chollet


A journey to the cosmic sources of creation, this CD of very high vibratory level allows to get in touch with the deep layers of the subconscious. The THETA waves will appeal to you: cleansing and resorption of old unidentified memories...

This album is also available in digital

This album has particularly powerful THETA waves that are designed to increase our creativity. It can also cause spontaneous healing of traumatic memories deeply buried in our subconscious.
If a strong reaction occurs when listening to this CD it is a sign that an important healing and re-harmonisation process is underway which will free up access to pure creativity.
Because it is of a very high vibrational level, this CD may at first seem difficult to some, before revealing all its beauty.

This album is also available in digital

CREATION, MUSIC FOR: Expansion of consciousness - Creativity - Intuition - Opening of higher chakras - Access to deep subconscious layers - Healing of memories - Hypnosis - Cosmic consciousness - Yoga - Synchronisation of brain waves.


The opinion of a specialist Darv Krizton - VISIONARY SOUND MUSIC
A really sensational recording that is a lot of fun!
It's called CREATION and it's about CREATION. Feeling creative, thinking creatively, creating other realities. Both energizing and active while being visually very evocative. A must have album for lovers of celestial music!

The CD collection "Listening to the Heart, Listening to SELF" is a vibrational vehicle for evolution towards greater SELF awareness. It is a living, fast, creative, easy to use personal development tool to access the subtle dimensions of our being, to transform ourselves, to harmonise energetically, to reconcile with ourselves, to become aware of the infinite possibilities and capacities that still lie dormant within us... Enjoy your listening!

This music is a key that opens the door to the visible and invisible, conscious and subconscious dimensions of our real being, which is multidimensional.

The analysis of the BETA / ALPHA / THETA and DELTA brain waves carried out with the MIND MIRROR of MAXWELL CADE, while listening to this music, highlights its particular qualifications:
Opening, in just a few seconds, to states of deep meditation, deep relaxation, creative visualization, intuition, effortless attention, presence to SELF, full consciousness (the awakened mind), synchronization of brain waves and brain hemispheres. SEE ON YOUTUBE


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Jacotte Chollet
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