HIGH SPACES - Jacotte Chollet

HIGH SPACES - Jacotte Chollet


The etheric sounds of this album subtly slide us towards the high spaces where our recreation in a very high vibratory level consciousness is celebrated.

This album is also available in digital

Its vocation is the multiplication of potential.
It is a powerful vector of evolution, education and deep transformation that offers real sessions of energetic restructuring of the spine if the listener has encysted deep emotions between each of his or her spinal discs.
This CD allows us to re-calibrate and redistribute the information that remains buried in our subconscious and in the virtual or mute segments of our DNA.

This album is also available in digital

HIGH SPACES, MUSIC FOR : Evolution - Deep transformation - Energetic alignment of the spine - Emotional healing - Access to unknown resources of the subconscious mind - Recalibration of information
Recalibration of information at the DNA level - Opening - Heart chakra activation - Brain wave synchronization.

A powerful vector for activating the latent SUBCONSCIOUS potential, to re-create oneself in consciousness. High vibratory level music offering transformative, restructuring spiritual nourishment and multi-dimensional metamorphosis.


The opinion of a specialist Darv Krizton - VISIONARY SOUND MUSIC
"The 3 compositions are spheres, vibratory fields of living information that offer a deeply transforming spiritual essence, in these realms one undergoes metamorphoses that I would describe as "transdimensional". Halfway through listening, my spine suddenly arched and a new spinal alignment took place without any intervention on my part... It was like the work of an "invisible osteopath"! Sublime, exotic, divine..."

The CD collection "Listening to the Heart, Listening to SELF" is a vibratory vector of evolution towards a greater awareness of SELF. It is a living, fast, creative, easy to use personal development tool to access the subtle dimensions of our being, to transform ourselves, to harmonise energetically, to reconcile with ourselves, to become aware of the infinite possibilities and capacities that still lie dormant within us... Enjoy your listening!

This music is a key that opens the door to the visible and invisible, conscious and subconscious dimensions of our real being, which is multidimensional.

The analysis of the BETA / ALPHA / THETA and DELTA brain waves carried out with the MIND MIRROR of MAXWELL CADE, while listening to this music, highlights its particular qualifications:
Opening, in just a few seconds, to states of deep meditation, deep relaxation, creative visualization, intuition, effortless attention, presence to SELF, full consciousness (the awakened mind), synchronization of brain waves and brain hemispheres. SEE ON YOUTUBE


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Jacotte Chollet
59' 16

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