SILENT LIGHT - Jacotte Chollet

SILENT LIGHT - Jacotte Chollet


Listen to your silent soul, it knows the paths of light. Song of the soul, regeneration, peace, return to the source of integrity.

This album is also available in digital

SILENT LIGHT is the song of the soul, simplicity, regeneration through peace, return to the source of integrity where one can bathe in the clear waters and contemplate the silent light of one's soul.

The quiet power, the simplicity, the purity of the sounds reminds us of certain extreme oriental atmospheres. This CD contains gliding sounds, "Glissando", which create a very special atmosphere and gently lead us to the TAO.

SILENT LIGHT, MUSIC FOR: Meditation - Reiki - Inner peace - Concentration - Letting go - Inspiration - Spiritual intuition - Subtle energy healing - Psychic healing - Yoga - Brainwave synchronization.
At a low sound level during the day this album facilitates concentration, presence and an atmosphere of recollection, in the evening and at night falling asleep is facilitated for people with sleep disorders.


This album is also available in digital

Expert Opinion D. Krizton - VISIONARY SOUND MUSIC
"THE SWEETEST AND MOST RELAXING DISC I own, both nourishing and comforting like a big gulp of lavender nectar or lounging on a bed of fragrant flowers. It is a sweet and tender experience of unconditional love. One feels enveloped, nourished, healed by the sweetness of this "UNIO MYSTERIUM. "

The CD collection "Listening to the Heart, Listening to SELF" is a vibratory vector of evolution towards a greater awareness of SELF. It is a living, fast, creative, easy to use personal development tool to access the subtle dimensions of our being, to transform ourselves, to harmonize energetically, to reconcile with ourselves, to become aware of the infinite possibilities and capacities that still lie dormant within us... Enjoy your listening!

This music is a key that opens the door to the visible and invisible, conscious and subconscious dimensions of our real being, which is multidimensional.

The analysis of the BETA / ALPHA / THETA and DELTA brain waves carried out with the MIND MIRROR of MAXWELL CADE, while listening to this music, highlights its particular qualifications:
Opening, in just a few seconds, to states of deep meditation, deep relaxation, creative visualization, intuition, effortless attention, presence to SELF, full consciousness (the awakened mind), synchronization of brain waves and brain hemispheres. SEE ON YOUTUBE


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Jacotte Chollet
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