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S’ouvrir à l’inspiration de son âme - 3 CD
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Reconnect in consciousness to inspiration of our soul - 3 CDs


Inspiration (2 CD), Silent light.
In a journey towards the unknown of the SELF, opening to the spirit and inspiration in a flight to the heart of the being to overcome fears and erase any feeling of loneliness or separation. Balancing YIN and YANG, night and day, unwillingness and action. Like a dancer or a tightrope walker, walking lightly on a non-existent thread. Listening to your silent soul, in simplicity and simplicity, peace and integrity. To let oneself be magnetized and drift in total confidence into subtle dimensions that offer healing to the heart through the vibrations of a music whose purity of sound is incomparable.

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This music is a key that opens the door to the visible and invisible, conscious and subconscious dimensions of our real being which is multidimensional.
The analysis of the BETA / ALPHA / THETA and DELTA brain waves carried out with the MIND MIRROR of MAXWELL CADE, while listening to this music, highlights its particular qualifications: Opening, in just a few seconds, to states of deep meditation, deep relaxation, creative visualization, intuition, effortless attention, presence to SELF, full consciousness (the awakened mind), synchronization of brain waves and brain hemispheres : SEE ON YOUTUBE


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