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 musique de guérison profonde corps esprit mémoires cellulaires
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Deep Healing Body / Mind Cellular Memories - 4 CDs


Unité (2CD), Inspiration (2CD).
An ultra therapeutic pack for those who like to get straight to the point. It has been designed to promote fast and deep emotional and energetic healing. INSPIRATION CD1 offers a gentle, subtle, reassuring experience that easily unties energetic knots. In CD2 the focus is on the purification and transmutation of suffering energies.

To listen to excerpts from the albums in this pack, click on the album covers below.

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This music is a key that opens the door to the visible and invisible, conscious and subconscious dimensions of our real being which is multidimensional.
The analysis of the BETA / ALPHA / THETA and DELTA brain waves carried out with the MIND MIRROR of MAXWELL CADE, while listening to this music, highlights its particular qualifications: Opening, in just a few seconds, to states of deep meditation, deep relaxation, creative visualization, intuition, effortless attention, presence to SELF, full consciousness (the awakened mind), synchronization of brain waves and brain hemispheres : SEE ON YOUTUBE


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