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Jacotte Chollet's music helps you to enter hypnosis or self-hypnosis. This music is created in a state of self-hypnosis and deep meditation. The most effective CDs are selected in this section but this list is not exhaustive...

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  • PLÉNITUDE - Jacotte...
    Price €27.00

    This CD facilitates mindfulness meditation. Soothing and harmonizing, listening to it allows you to release tension and stress at any age and in any circumstances. This album accompanies Reiki, Relaxation, Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai-chi, massages...

  • ESSENCE - Jacotte Chollet
    Price €27.00

    An essential CD for gentle healing.
    Subtle and regenerating resourcing in the unconditional love of our essence: in transcendence, serenity, clarity and inner peace.

  • CRÉATION - Jacotte...
    Price €27.00

    A journey to the cosmic sources of creation, this CD of very high vibratory level allows to get in touch with the deep layers of the subconscious. The THETA waves will appeal to you: cleansing and resorption of old unidentified memories...

  • SILENT LIGHT - Jacotte...
    Price €27.00

    Listen to your silent soul, it knows the paths of light. Song of the soul, regeneration, peace, return to the source of integrity.

  • SKY DANCING - Jacotte...
    Price €27.00

    The crystalline tones of this album evoke the subtle fringes of interspace, the movements of galaxies. A journey to the heart of the cosmos in rarefied atmospheres marked out by a geometric lattice that is both crystalline and electromagnetic.

  • INSPIRATION - 2 CD -...
    Price €42.00

    This set is both gentle and subtle (CD1) and cosmic and powerful (CD2). Its primary vocation is the harmonisation of our Ying and Yang polarities.

  • Reconnect in...
    Price €65.00

    Inspiration (2 CD), Silent light.
    In a journey towards the unknown of the SELF, opening to the spirit and inspiration in a flight to the heart of the being to overcome fears and erase any feeling of loneliness or separation. Balancing YIN and YANG, night and day, unwillingness and action. Like a dancer or a tightrope walker, walking lightly on a non-existent thread. Listening to your silent soul, in simplicity and simplicity, peace and integrity. To let oneself be magnetized and drift in total confidence into subtle dimensions that offer healing to the heart through the vibrations of a music whose purity of sound is incomparable.

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  • Creativity - intuition...
    Price €72.00

    Création, Silent Light, Sky Dancing.
    Opening and initiation to the higher capacities of the being: creativity, intuition, inspiration, spiritual healing, development of unknown subconscious potential, initiation to self-hypnosis.
    These 3 albums are opening portals, training aids to the higher capacities of the being: creativity, intuition, inspiration, discovery of our extrasensory capacities, development of the subconscious potential and initiation to self-hypnosis.
    This music allows us to complete the work of deep reharmonisation and to access the creative sources of our cosmic being in its myriad forms.

    To listen to extracts from the albums in this pack, click on the album covers below.

  • Connect to your...
    Price €75.00

    Essence, Renaissance, Plénitude.
    Connect to your essence and bathe in purifying and regenerating spiritual vibratory waves. An extremely harmonising action, soothing, progressive music that allows you to release tension and stress and create a fluid and powerful energy. A new breath, a melodious journey to the heart of our cells where the genesis of our well-being is woven with infinite intelligence. A dive into the deep waters of our unconscious that opens the way to a true rebirth in consciousness.

    To listen to extracts from the albums in this pack, click on the album covers below.

  • Cards : For intuitive...
    Price €6.00

    This pack of cards represents all of Jacotte Chollet's CDs. It allows you to intuitively choose a CD for your listening.
    Cards are offered with the Collection offers.