Offer! OFFER 3 : 3 CD Jacotte Chollet - CD high Spaces, CD Inspiration 2 CD

Transformation and multidimensional openings - 3 CDs

Jacotte Chollet

3 albums of a high vibrational level: HIGH SPACES offers a synthesis of intense love with high transformative power provoking metamorphoses. We are clearly in high spiritual spheres inducing a powerful energetic realignment of the spine in order to re-harmonise the emotional sphere. With double album INSPIRATION, CD2 (ASCENSION) induces a powerful purification resulting in multidimensional spiritual openings, sensations, psychic images, visions of other worlds or other providing subtle energies with high regenerative power.

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  • 27,00 €

    A powerful tool of transformation for multidimensional metamorphosis and higher spiritual evolution. Its ethereal tonalities provide vibrational connection with higher spheres where we can celebrate our conscious re creation.

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  • 42,00 €

    A powerful spiritual vibration, a tool for YIN / YANG polarities integration.CD1 / Inspiration (YIN) allows feminine energy to flower up, gently heal and harmonize the subtle side of our SELF.CD2 / Ascension (YANG) is a powerful SONIC SHUTTLE to access our cosmic self.

    42,00 €
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