Offer! OFFER 1 : CD Renaissance, Invisible Presence, Unité - Jacotte Chollet

OFFER 1 : 4 CD

Jacotte Chollet

This offer contains : CD Renaissance, CD Invisible Presence, CD Unite (2 CD).

These CD's open up the doors of our INNER SOURCE OF LIGHT and ENERGY. They stimulate a conscious activation of repressed emotional memories as to RECOVER ENERGY, VITALITY, and PROVOKE DEEP RE HARMONIZING at CELLULAR LEVEL as well as ALIGNEMENT of MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS OF THE SELF.

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To undertake this journey of self discovery and self recovery, it is first needed to identify and render conscious imprints of suffering, fragmented energy caused by repressed traumatic experiences we have accumulated since we were born and before.

This album is a powerful invitation to reconnect with OUR COSMIC ORIGINS.

This album activates emotional relief of the past and energy recovery.

This double album allows for SHAMANIC journeys and CELLULAR cleansing of traumatic memories inherited from the past.
When our mind no longer listens to our soul purpose, profound disfunctioning of our whole being occurs.
When our mind dictates its law to our body, it ensues chaotic, disorganized patterns of energy impeaching proper harmonic cell functioning.
If nothing is done to restore energetic integrity, disorganizing of our immune system will follow causing severe health problems.

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  • 27,00 €

    A best seller, this CD, both spatial, harmonic, flowing and energizing is a powerful tool for mind body healing. Its liquid tonalities provide emotional relief and energy recovery. Spatial, harmonic, flowing and energizing.

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  • 27,00 €

    A magnificent journey into the cosmic dimensions of our multidimensional SELF.A powerful spiritual vibration to connect with our inner light !

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  • 42,00 €

    This 2 CD set is a must for transmutation of fears, dissonant energy patterns restructuring and traumatic memories recovery both at emotional and cellular level.A powerful tool for inner fragmentation shealing and self INTEGRITY recovery.

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