How to choose a CD ?

1 - You follow the order in which the CDs were created

The RENAISSANCE, INVISIBLE PRESENCE and UNITE CDs together constitute a very powerful and therapeutic background treatment. Listening to these CDs may not be pleasant at first, a sign that energy work is taking place. Continue listening to a CD as long as you feel tangible effects.
However, if the CD causes too strong resonances, alternate with another CD that immediately makes you feel good, it will give you the energy to continue listening to the CD that you find momentarily difficult.

These music initiate to the higher attributes of higher consciousness states and allow to develop in depth intuition, creativity, self hypnosis ...

RECONCILIATION, ESSENCE, PLENITUDE & INFINITE JOY are relaxing and easier to cope with for a large number of listeners.
They are particularly suitable for people seeking to relieve stress or emotional pressure. They facilitate healing, meditation and deep relaxation.
These CD’s are also particularly suitable for babies in need of help when  soothes and young children who will learn relaxation and meditation and gradually develop their presence, concentration and creativity.

2 - You follow your needs.

Music albums for deep relaxation, meditation practice  and training, release of stress, energetic boost…
These CD’s are also suitable for Yoga, Reiki, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, as well as Massages, Reflexology, Sophrology or any other energy practices in the field of well-being.
These music are also very efficient as to help energetic balance during pregnancy and soothing agitated babies or children of any age or facilitating a fast asleep and a peaceful and restful sleep.
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Music to restore one's integrity and release of deep cellular memories and / or dissonant repressed emotions, recycling and the dissolution of energetic blockages, traumatic memories, cellular reinforcement ...
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Very effective music to enter in a more or less gentle and progressive way in deep meditation and in states of hypnosis and self hypnosis.
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Higher vibrational level created by Jacotte Chollet to connect or reconnect with our cosmic being and allowing development and unfolding of our infinite cosmic being and capacities: intuition, creativity, telepathy, allowing deep transformation, spiritual awareness, deep energetic recycling , etc ...
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3 - You buy or get for free the set of cards

BREATHE DEEPLY FOR ONE MINITE OR 2, release tension in your body and ask the following question to your higher self : which CD’s are the most efficient for me right now ?
Shuffle the cards and choose two CARDS: first CD, second CD to listen. This choice is being guided by your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.
In your listening sessions, if you shoot the same CD several times in a row, you should keep on listening the same one.  Remember that your subconscious never lies.
Set of cards

4 - You follow your intuition as you listen to CD music samples on our website.

 Albums sounding harmonious and beautiful will immediately provide you with energy, well-being and joy.
Albums sounding disharmonious or dissonant will put you in touch with your energy blockages and your toxic, repressed emotional memories and further help restoring your own emotional balance and integrity.
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