ESSENCE - Jacotte Chollet

ESSENCE - Jacotte Chollet


An essential CD for gentle healing.
Subtle and regenerating resourcing in the unconditional love of our essence: in transcendence, serenity, clarity and inner peace.

This album is also available in digital

This album, like the CD Reconciliation, is extremely harmonising, reassuring and anti-stress to regain confidence and gently heal dissonant emotions.
Listened to at low volume, the music on this album calms, reassures and helps babies and young children fall asleep easily and quickly.

ESSENCE, MUSIC FOR: Anti-stress - Emotional pacification - Meditation - Inner clarity - Energetic fluidity - Letting go - Brainwave synchronization - Inspiration - Creation - Subtle harmonization - Massages - Babies and children - Yoga - Reiki.

This album is also available in digital

Expert Opinion : Darv Krizton - VISIONARY SOUND MUSIC
Ecstatic resonances of amethyst, violet, indigo and brilliant white emanate from this CD in fragrant organic hues from our invisible inner worlds.
Jacotte has a particular talent for creating "pockets of sound", refuges in which one can safely let one's aura resonate with the subtle and elevated vibrational waves emanating from her music.

A healing energy pours forth like the caress of an experienced therapist patiently administering unconditional love, total and definitive love!
Track 4 takes us into the causal dimension of the Bodhisattvas, the subtle level of archetypes and divine energies. Track 2 leads to the SYNCHRONISATION of the brain waves.



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Jacotte Chollet
57' 44

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