CD ESSENCE Jacotte Chollet


Jacotte Chollet

Jacotte Chollet-Prayer 1. Jacotte Chollet-Prayer

Jacotte Chollet-Inner dance 2. Jacotte Chollet-Inner dance

Jacotte Chollet-Transcendance 3. Jacotte Chollet-Transcendance

Jacotte Chollet-Tendresse 4. Jacotte Chollet-Tendresse

Jacotte Chollet-Reunion 5. Jacotte Chollet-Reunion

An essential CD for connecting with our essence, offering unconditional love, joy, spiritual healing, energetic balancing, hemispheres synchronizing, inner peace and serenity.

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DESIGNED FOR : Spiritual healing - emotional pacification - free flow of energy - subtle harmonizing - Peaceful resourcing - Heart opening - Brain synchronizing - Meditation - Deep relaxation - inspiration, clarity - creative energy - hemispheres synchronizing, self regeneration - Deep relaxation - Reiki - Yoga - Good for Babies & children.


Darv Krizton's Experience - VISIONARY SOUND MUSIC :
" Joyousness and bliss supreme waft through one’s soul as the music carries the listener deep into psychic spaces of healing and communion. It feels like caressing Care, like receiving the patient, loving ministrations of an experienced healer. 
Like a Love regardless of what I’ve done. 

This is the Budhic or Causal level of the Masters and the Subtle level of the Archetypes and Divine Energies.  
Jacotte Chollet continues to produce intriguing and uplifting music.

This new release ESSENCE has a truly joyous quality and strong healthy vibration that allow me to unreservedly recommend this to all lovers of Visionary Synthesis ".

  • Album reference ESSENCE - MMD150810
  • Composer Jacotte Chollet
  • Total Time 57' 44
  • Track 5
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