CD Cosmic Heart  Jacotte Chollet

CD Cosmic Heart

Jacotte Chollet

Jacotte Chollet-Spiritual Origins 1. Jacotte Chollet-Spiritual Origins

Jacotte Chollet-Ourobouros 2. Jacotte Chollet-Ourobouros

Jacotte Chollet-Pure energy 3. Jacotte Chollet-Pure energy

Jacotte Chollet-We are one 4. Jacotte Chollet-We are one

Jacotte Chollet-Cosmic heart 5. Jacotte Chollet-Cosmic heart

Music to vibrate in tune with the heartbeats of the universe, let go of attachement to the old pattern of duality and open up to awareness that “we are one”. A bath of pure shamanic energy, standing with our feets on earth and our head in the stars.

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DESIGNED FOR : Unconditional love, let go, new awareness, ressourcing, self unification, deep regeneration, multidimensional healing.


Darv Krizton's Experience - VISIONARY SOUND MUSIC.

" Jacotte Chollet has created, with Cosmic Heart, a delightful album of multi-dimensional visionary synthesis.
Because of the transformative intensity of these vibrations, being exposed to them will probably initiate deep internal processes best suited to private contemplative and therapeutic settings.

The last track, Cosmic Heart, amps the energy up several times so one can really charge the system. This process also begins an integration of intense cosmic energy which seems to coalesce around the basic topic of the immense transformative power of the awakened individual and its realization of its identity with Divine Universe. 
The rhythm in this composition is much like the heartbeat and blood pumping. 
It would seem that this is immersion into the Pulse of the Cosmic Heart ".

  • Album reference COSMIC HEART - MMD211212
  • Composer Jacotte Chollet
  • Total Time 70' 13
  • Track 5
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