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Jacotte Chollet

jacotte chollet-Gaia 1. jacotte chollet-Gaia

jacotte chollet-bali spirit 2. jacotte chollet-bali spirit

jacotte chollet-offering 3. jacotte chollet-offering

jacotte chollet-vertical 4. jacotte chollet-vertical

jacotte chollet-variations of silence 5. jacotte chollet-variations of silence

This CD can reduce the destructive effects of stress, balance the bioenergetic field and gently help recovering from states of depression. It is an efficient guide towards deep states of inner presence, meditation and self hypnosis.
Listening to it opens to a more intuitive, creative and spiritual way of life.

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DESIGNED FOR : Stress relief – Gentle harmonizing – Easy meditation – Concentration – Relaxation – Yoga – Reiki – Massage - Good for Babies and children.


PLENITUDE, 12th album of our collection : "Listening to the SELF, recovering our wholeness" was created live, out of a state of deep inner presence.

In this state of expanded consciousness and in the zone often called hyperspace, while creating this music, I am walking the high wire and experiencing a UNIQUE, TIMELESS MOMENT, free of fear, free of questioning, free of doubts and uncertainty.

Freedom and inner presence transmitted through sonic vibrations are a fuel that our cells thrill to be nurtured by, in order to let go of old, restrictive programing and be able to regenerate.

  • Album reference PLENITUDE - MMD310814
  • Composer Jacotte Chollet
  • Total Time 70' 47
  • Track 6

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