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Emotional release of traumatic memories

This music is recommended for emotional release: reconciling with oneself and restoring integrity, harmonic recycling of subconscious emotions and traumatic memories, release of dissonant emotions.

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  • Cards : For intuitive...
    Price €6.00

    This pack of cards represents all of Jacotte Chollet's CDs. It allows you to intuitively choose a CD for your listening.
    Cards are offered with the Collection offers.

  • ZEN GARDEN - Jacotte...
    Price €27.00

    In the depth of our being lies a zen garden flowering with peace, love and light. 
Let’s get free from unresolved emotional stuff. In order to be infused with serenity.  
GOOD FOR : energetic aligning, emotional freedom, inner unification, letting go, zen meditation, deep relaxation, mindfulness, yoga.

  • Emotional release,...
    Price €75.00

    Renaissance, Réconciliation, Zen Garden.
    3 highly therapeutic albums for emotional balance, heart healing and deep relaxation.
    Particularly healing, RENAISSANCE helps to detect the imprints of emotional suffering repressed in the subconscious, then recycle them in consciousness in a harmonious energy flow.
    RECONCILIATION takes over, the body is flooded with infinite love that spreads in all directions and allows reconciliation with the SELF.
    ZEN GARDEN completes the process of gentle healing by prolonging and sustaining balance, deep relaxation and letting go.

    To listen to samples of the albums in this pack, click on the album covers below.

  • Deep Healing Body /...
    Price €77.00

    Unité (2CD), Inspiration (2CD).
    An ultra therapeutic pack for those who like to get straight to the point. It has been designed to promote fast and deep emotional and energetic healing. INSPIRATION CD1 offers a gentle, subtle, reassuring experience that easily unties energetic knots. In CD2 the focus is on the purification and transmutation of suffering energies.

    To listen to excerpts from the albums in this pack, click on the album covers below.