Specific resonance
HEALING LONG TERM HEADACHE resulting from eye surgery with laser.

I am writing you to tell you what happened to my sister who is 46 years old after she listened to n*3 of your CD "RENAISSANCE".
She said she felt a sudden pain in her left eye and a strong headache which soon disappeared .
She said she could witness an almost palpable form, a kind of gas escaping from her eye.
This pain she said was the same as the one she had been experiencing ever since being operated on with the use of laser in her left eye after which she had continuous headaches for 10 years .
Since being exposed to your music she has had no more headaches .

J.Curty. GRENOBLE.France.
ENERGY BALANCING, weight balancing effect.

As soon as the music started, I had the feeling of being under a deep violet stormy sky, in this colored mass I perceived sounds of pulling off and tearing away from left to right and I was feeling in resonance with them. All of a sudden I could feel my diaphragm untying, my breathing was becoming more ample, I was feeling rested and released from a pressure .
I could feel the same in my face: mouth, ear and eye, I could see better and hear better, my head was feeling lighter. tears spread from my eyes, my sinus were emptying.
In my abdomen the decompression was still processing, I could feel 2 canals of drainage on each side of my umbilici…I was feeling better and better then it stopped and I had the feeling of being under a shower of crystal drops spotting the back of my head both on the surface and in depth, the blows were rapid and sudden but not painful, on the contrary I could feel a wave of relaxation both in my head and body.
From time to time my eyes started again shedding tears and my nose still evacuated mucus.
After a while I noticed my orbital caves were hollowed out and drainage was still going on from my eyes to my jaws.
The next morning I was in great shape still experiencing colored flashes with the same sensations of release I had been experiencing the day before .it kept going on for a few days.
I have since lost a lot of weight and volume it was spectacular and I could watch my muscle shaping again, I had a feeling of entering a new life, I keep trying to forward these results by visualizing violet and reminding the precise sensations I had the 1st time I listened to the music.

A great thank you !

B.Lipy. Paris. France.
Another case of ENERGY BALANCING.

Here is my testimonial after 9 months of almost daily sessions with MMD .
In the beginning I used to carry on my work while listening to MMd and nothing special happened to me it felt just like any music, so I started to listen to it in the "deep listening" mode, and I discovered with horror that I did not feel the left half of my body while my right side felt tonic and well defined, my left side felt diffuse, I perceived it as a diffused, undefined space. It felt awful! During this period, while listening to RENAISSANCE, I had a terrible vision from 1st world war ( I was born after).
After a few months, everything felt alive again. I gradually felt sensations in my pelvis, then in my stomach and my thorax. Then, one month later, I could feel sensations in the back of my neck, in my ears, and my jaws and gradually up to the top of my skull .
Each session with the music gives me the feeling I am in an "out of time" journey and it brings me serenity. I have the feeling I absorb the sounds and that I am being fed by the music.
I am certain I have been regenerated and I feel at peace.

I am happy I have been able to proceed on this journey all by myself, like an explorer and to have freely made so many discoveries. Thank you for having opened for me doors I never suspected to exist, I owe you a lot.

M.Bouchier. Liedisheim. Kinesitherapist. France.

Please let me thank you for the music you created .
First you should know that I have the special ability to "feel my brain", like you feel your toes or the spoon you hold in your hand…
I testify I have been feeling noticeably modifications inside my brain from my first listening session with your music and I was at first quite surprised , then quite satisfied as I succeeded after 2 or 3 hours to dissolve an energy blockage very tenacious and preoccupying from an emotional origin.
I clearly felt the moment when the effect from the music was enough , I stopped the music and it was stabilized .

After sessions with L’AMOUR ROI in the double CD "UNITE".

A first unexpected effect of your CD L’AMOUR ROI has been after I fell asleep while listening to it to make me feel like I had a hole in my brain the size a ten cents coin high on the right hand side of my brain and I heard a sound like " DZONGGG" which made me wake up. No worry my skull is intact and no pain. I touched my skull all around, everything right!
This morning I put the same CD on and I could perceive like bursts of light twinkling in my brain and then I listened to the CD MYSTERE DE LA VIE , it stimulated a flow of energy and stabilized the effect from the other CD.

M.F Daboville. St Germain en Laye. France

When I first listened to Jacotte’ s music, I felt a winding wave starting from my ankles up to my temples all the way though the meridian 3VB-7E which it caused to vibrate in a superb diapason . The wave was now circling my skull with a supple helmet before escaping through my fontanel .

I could immediately feel the unfolding of the 2 meridians : YANG TSIA MO and YIN TSIA MO. The precision of the unfolding surprised me as well as its immediacy, a few musical tones and hop that was it !
From base to summit, the YANG first and then the YIN the complementary opposite, I was totally bluffed !

Then the 6 other meridians unfolded according to the energetic law . When these centers started palpitating, I stopped being a witness in order to fully enjoy my inner voyage and it was great and regenerating as usual ! "Listen to this music inspired from the heart of the world and exhaled into your life.Let the dancing elements shake your inner old clothes and change them into "enlightened dawns".

While communicating in the loving vibration you will be vivified and you will be born again to yourself. Then you can witness the grandeur which is encoded into the human reign and you yourself can start working for peace, harmony and love".

J.D-Luckhauss. Energy Therapist. Paris 1995.