Different perception of music after reharmonization
new SELF awareness, SELF DISCOVERYDuring my first session with Multidimensional music I have had the most extraordinary experience of my life : I have discovered my inner world, my inner self ! Thanks to your music I give birth to my real self, listen to my own vibration and become aware of all that was hidden, buried in the depth of my unconscious.
First I had to learn how to listen to this music, it was not so easy. I had to get rid of my disturbing thoughts and learn how to relax. I close my eyes, focus on my slow and deep breathing in my stomach, then I direct my consciousness towards my heart and there, as the music flows my inner voyage starts and my inner worlds
unfold …
What I discover there may be blissful or painful but it is my own truth ! And when I am aware of it I can learn to love myself better, transform, heal my body and my psyche .
Information comes to my consciousness through symbols, metaphors, painful sensations, images, colors, tastes in my mouth…which bring me back into touch with situations , episodes of my past which I had repressed and forgotten but which are so precious and meaningful threads to my present situation .
My inner state of anger, frustration , fear and resentment decreased once I had understood in which episodes of my life it was rooted and I could also decipher there the origin of certain diseases or accidents I had in the past .
Your music helped me to find my real identity and the real meaning of my life !In the beginning certain sounds in the music felt unbearable, until I had touched my deepest emotions and then I could listen to them and like them !

M. Guttemberg. Gouvieux. France.


© Jacotte Chollet