Hemoglobin increase with Multidimensional music ®


I attended a meeting in San Jose where you spoke, and I bought some of your tapes and began listening.
My hemoglobin count has gone from 12.00 to 13.2 in two weeks, in spite of my being on weekly Herceptin which tends to lower hemoglobin count.
Also at my last blood test, my white blood cells have gone from 5.1 to 9.6
I have been listening several time a week to SKY DANCING . I find this calms me down usually.
The first time I listened, I became very cold.
My emotional being has been enhanced and I am very grateful.
I continue to rejoice in my weekly hemoglobin count. Now it has reached 14.0 !

It is a fascinating to see how this works for me. I am truly grateful.

J. S. San Jose. California. USA.


Among the different proofs of these invisible phenomena which occur within our cells above and beyond the speed of light, those recently brought to light by biologist L.RIES(4) are particularly interesting .
L.RIES : "During strong variations in my own emotional and energy states, I had noted significant alterations of some of my biological constants . Jacotte CHOLLET’s Multidimensional Music has enabled me to continue this research, thanks to the multiple effects of this music on different fields: physical, emotional, psychic and energetic, and to recover scientific evidence of the link between body and mind . Study of the physiological effects produced by resonance with Multidimensional Music is beginning to reveal the circuits that relay information between consciousness and cells" .

"In order to study the effects of this active music", specifies L.RIES, " we collected blood samples from voluntary subjects, both before and after audition of the music .
We noted important variations in the number of white corpuscle , the aging of nucleated cells, and hemoglobin. The white corpuscle, notably the poly-nuclear neutrophiles (PN), increase almost constantly up to 4700/mm3. The hemoglobin (HBO) in the sample also shows noticeable increase during auditions of this music, from 0,5 to 2 g/ liters after an audition of one to 2 hours".
"At the same time, we carried out tests on the gas content of blood samples, noting a super oxygenation in the blood of people tested after an experiential session with M.M.D".


"As for the effects of M.M.D on cellular aging", continues L.RIES, "it was brought to light accidentally. The blood sample (both pre and post audition) were forgotten in the refrigerator, and arrived at the laboratory three days later. On the smears on the glass slides colored by May Grundwald Giemsa, we noted that the form of the nucleated blood cells from the post audition were in a better state of preservation than those sampled before the experiential session with MMD music.

In the samples taken before listening to MMD, it was noted that only 20% of the PN were identifiable by their form, whereas in the post audition sample, 60% of these same cells were not only identifiable, but still intact. As for lymphocytes, we noted 34% of cells intact from samples taken before listening to the music, compared with 76% of cells intact from samples taken after listening to MMD.

The slowing of the aging process, indicated by the conservation of the form of nucleated cells, seems to indicate that M.M.D has enabled contact with information at the cellular level, accompanied by an increase in neuguentropy (order and coherence) which promotes access to a higher level of consciousness. And the fact that the red corpuscles (enucleated cells) were subject to the same aging before and after listening leads us to suppose reception of the information by the nucleus, therefore by DNA.

Since we know that "phonons" share the same electro-magnetic properties as photons, and are, in fact, their acoustic equivalent, we may conclude that DNA may, by sympathetic resonance and by a laser effect, play the role of an electro-magnetic aerial during the listening of this music.
"By a phenomenon of resonance, audio frequencies created in a state of inner coherence may enable reinstatement of electro-magnetic coherence in the listening subject, by eliminating malformations of the electro-magnetic body. The correct information may then be transmitted to the physical body by way of DNA and hemoglobin.

As information increases order at the cellular level, the aging process could become non-mandatory as long as we are in contact with the orderly information from our higher consciousness."