Healed by celestial realms

A little feedback on your wonderful music which I have not stopped playing to the extent that the rest of my CD collection has been totally redundent!
After only 10 seconds of playing SILENT LIGHT, the room became white light with vibrations rising from the floor upward creating a very noticeable sense of airiness and peace.
I laid down and was transported "off elsewhere" immediately and felt floaty and calm.
Changes in sound vibrations created subtle energy shifts in my mind and resonated through the body generating colours and visions, certainly not of this earth...
I became aware that the music enabled subtler higher vibrational intelligence to connect and resonate with the subtler energies of my spiritual self and seemed to act as portkey or doorway for spirit healers to come thru and work.
Extraordinary !
Having experienced the visuals & the whole experience & its power, I realize how important your music is and how urgently it must be promoted !

Mairead Armstrong. Psychic Healer. London. U.K.

These are some notes I have been taking while listening to your CD "HIGH SPACES"

1- I am overwhelmed by a feeling of joy, I can watch mountains made out of amethyst and my brain is filled with crystal like sonorities that make my whole body feel very light.
2- I feel I am in a space unusual to me, and then I realise I am being attended by "celestial doctors" who perform an operation on me, I feel deep gratitude for them...
3- Then, I experience a deep feeling of happiness, I experience, at the same time, my real strength and my true inner subtleness.

Thanks a thousand time for your music dear Jacotte.

Evelyne POITEVIN. Psychotherapist. Paris. France.

While listening to your CD HIGH SPACES, I felt I was elevated by a white light straight into a high space very high above the earth. It was like a tower, I first entered a little room that had a few persons in it
& then I penetrated into a wider room. It was full of rose, blue & white colors mixed together.

I did not see any stairs, there were only ramps. (I don't know why I remember this specfic information about lack of staircase,
but I do!)
It all looked like a big cilender and everybody present there was linked together, dedicated to love and to spreading that love everywhere, and I know this is a place where everybody can go sometimes.
Then I entered into a room where there was an entity wearing some kind of brown or marron clothes; he was alone in the big room and he was absorbed in his work, he was in an elevated state & he could see everybody underneath him. It was like if "he was a watchtower taking care
of everybody", but there were more like him at this level.
He made me see the link between everybody, in our level & in the under levels, we could see everybody & everybody could see us.
After that, I left that tower & I wanted very much to go further, up & up, & then I went up, & I elevated even more until I was in the middle of the universe into some kind of emptiness with nobody around, only me & the universe & I felt a breath taking peace!

After that I went down onto the earth.
This was my first trip with music n° 1 of your CD.

Joao da Fonseca. psychologist. Portugal.
For me your music opens to the Divine as would a realized master do.

The end part of your CD INVISIBLE PRESENCE is highly efficient & powerful enough to induce detachment from the body as well as the track called "Expansion" in your CD RENAISSANCE during which audition I have experienced, for a moment, being a "witness"which is the real way of functioning of the SELF.
Thank you.

Denis COLIN. Paris.France.

In the beginning, I felt it was difficult to concentrate while listening to this music as I kept comparing it with other music.
Nevertheless, after listening to it for 15 minutes, I felt strongly attracted to the music and experienced a song of love was being played which I could not deceive, I felt the sounds were a mean of conveying this love which was coming from somebody, (I thought of Jacotte as a source).
After that, I kept experiencing the same stream of consciousness that is to say: peace, plenitude and harmony.
Up to now, I had been incapable of experiencing these feelings in such a focused way and without effort.
I had the feeling I was being "hooked" by the sounds of this music and all my previous thoughts and reflections were suspended.

It's the first time I have ever been able to sustain such effortless continuity in my stream of consciousness.

J.E.Graf. Boulogne.France