Intuition, Creativity, Inspiration

My experience with multidimensional Music has been very deep & profound.
While listening to Jacotte's music, I envisioned a beautiful crystalline structure being birthed with brilliant translucent colors. It brought me to a most peaceful place within.
I only later came to realize that this beautiful crystalline structure was "me", my innermost pure self.
Another experience I had was the feeling of all my cells & molecules shifting into balance.
I also felt a very strong connection to dolphins & to the star cluster of the Pleiades...
I am very grateful to Jacotte for her incredibly inspiring music!
you are a blessing & a joy...

I highly recommend Multidimensional Music for helping return to our true selves.

Maryanne Savino. San Francisco. California.

Multidimensional music proposes extremely diversified ensembles of musical frequencies composed of sounds with multiple harmonics going from bass to treble, creating complex vibratory movements.
The musical result is harmonious but generally gives a strange feeling and provokes emergence of emotions and ideas that gradually replace the ordinary flow of consciousness.

The effect is undeniable, for instance, when listening to the track called CHRONOS in the CD UNITE, after the habitual feeling of the flow of time had dissolved we were floating in a suspended time.
We had the feeling of being plunged into a subliminal space of light beyond the light barrier, a space in which emotions, concepts and meanings appear under a new rapport and a new light & from which a global understanding emerges...

Pr R.Dutheil. Quantum Physicist. Medical Dr. Author of "Supraliminal Medicine". Paris, France.

When I had the privilege to listen to your last compositions, I was sitting in an armchair with my eyes closed.
I want to tell you that the 1st thing which strikes me as regards your compositions, is that most of your musics are of an extreme beauty, a beauty which instantaneously fills me up and triggers in me a kind of orgasmic pleasure as well as the sensation of hovering in the room as if I had left my body.
I have all your CDs and I often play them…
I noticed I now have an organic need to listen to your music.

Yves Chabert. Brie et Angonnes. France.

Listen to this music inspired from the "heart of the world" & exhaled on your life.
Let the dance shake your inner old clothes and transform them into "enlightened dawns", while bathing into the vibration of love you will be vivified & born again to yourself.

Then, you can acknowledge the "grandeur" which is encoded into the human reign & you can start
working for peace, harmony & love.

J.D. L. Therapist. Paris .France.

For me your music opens to the Divine as would a realized master do.
The end part of your CD INVISIBLE PRESENCE is highly efficient & powerful enough to induce detachment from the body as well as the track called "Expansion" in your CD RENAISSANCE during which audition I have experienced, for a moment, being a "witness"which is the real way of functioning of the SELF.
Thank you.

Denis COLIN. Paris.France.

I think this music describes the space in which worlds are in motion. Sounds and musical phrases don’t evoke anything from the earth; we can hear a cosmic origin in the music.
This music can remain as hermetic to some as it can be revealing to others, as is the language of birds…

What is certain is that it reveals to me all my blocking (a huge repressed anger).
What strikes me is that from one listening to the other one does not remember the music:
each time I have the impression I am listening to it for the first time!
This strangeness attracts me, this music is "inhabited" & "alive", it nurtures us and transforms us.
May be it will provide a definition, a real criteria of what is to be considered as "sacred" in the times to come.
No doubt that this new kind of therapy proves adequate to help developing our "metabody", as it should be for today and tomorrow.
Be assured of my gratitude for the work of transmission that you are doing which is also a gift of yourself for which I am grateful.

J. H. Le Mans. France.

Vibrant music resonating, echoing into the other,
Cosmic music in all states of matter, fluid, limpid or dense,
Music of the invisible, music of subtle energies from the body, the soul, spirit,
Music of the now, origin and ending of time.

In INVISIBLE PRESENCE, I feel a connection with humanity, with the being, the other and the self being united, sensitivity, quest for more encounters, joy, exultation…
The second track form this CD enraptures me and I see myself aboard a space ship flying in the universe, discovering galaxies, I have a sense of being propelled ahead...
Thank you! We are so much more gifted than we think.
Your music is a music of freedom, it renders the listener more independent and more transparent, as vibrant as crystal.
Intense thanks!

F.L.G. Bracquemont. France