Feeling cold
I attended a meeting in San Jose where you spoke, and I bought some of your tapes and began listening.
My hemoglobin count has gone from 12.00 to 13.2 in two weeks, in spite of my being on weekly Herceptin which tends to I have been listening several time a week to SKY DANCING . I find this calms me down usually.
The first time I listened, I became very cold. lower hemoglobin count. Also at my last blood test, my white blood cells have gone from 5.1 to 9.6

My emotional being has been enhanced and I am very grateful.
I continue to rejoice in my weekly hemoglobin count. Now it has reached 14.0 !
It is a fascinating to see how this works for me. I am truly grateful.

J. S. San Jose. California. USA.
Very shortly after the beginning of the CD SKY DANCING, I started to experience "spots" of coldness throughout my body.
These localized cold spots were felt randomly.
I was in a very relaxed state and could "sense" physically invisible hands busily moving all over my head and body.
Shortly after, I could "sense" the entire transparent shape of the body of these invisible beings - they were focused and engrossed
in whatever healing they were performing.
The left side of my body grew colder and colder until it felt like ice. It was not painful, nor was it even uncomfortable. The right side kept a normal temperature. Later, the process was reversed, right side versus left side.
I believe the 4th track had just ended when all of a sudden, I distinctly heard two loud "beeps". Each beep was simultaneously accompanied by a cherry-red dot appearing on my "mind-screen" (inner third eye location).
I was startled by the clarity and depth of the sound of these two beeps and had the distinct "inner feeling" that these two beeps/dots represented the beginning of a "yet-unknown-to-me" form of spiritual communication, reminiscent of the physical Morse language.
I believe it is important to note that shortly after this experience, I started to be able to "discipline" myself into a much deeper and more relaxed form of meditation and, subsequently I was able to quite effortlessly and intuitively gather and relate information on
my friend's past lives.
Thank you, this was my experience!

D. Gauthier. San Rafael. California.USA.
First, I felt my body vibrating, like an energetic massage that released the tension and then turned my body into a sort of cold stone that was heavy and felt like a tree root grabbed into the earth, with no apparent movement.
Then, my attention stayed totally focused on the point of my 3rd eye and in my breathing & the first image appeared, it was a sort of white channel pointed to the infinite sky.

I felt that I was giving and receiving information at the same time.
Then a lot of images flashed into me, some of them I can't remember but the one that remains is a sort of architectural tomb like
the interior of a mandala with green and yellow colours that had a lot of energetic clouds, like wool, that were flying freely in a sort
of a "chaotic" spiral.
Indeed it was a cosmic adventure ...
Thank you very, very much for all of the music that you are giving and sharing to people.
They break all the defences that we have, and all the heavy stuff that doesn't allow us to dream and to fly like a balloon when he frees the sand bag's.
Your music expands our "self" and enables it to connect with divine, indescribable phenomena.

>My nephew listened to track "Magical" from your CD CREATION and he saw images:
He was a sort of angel and he saw his coffin in the ground and he was flying with angels beside him playing with those triangle metal instruments.
He saw some sort of "bad" souls that looked like "bats" that were flying underneath him, in the bottom and very far away.
He said that the images of the angels were the important thing in life and that life underneath is a sort of a game. These were his words!

Joao da Fonseca, Cinical psychologist. Lisbonne. PORTUGAL.


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