Experiences of cellular transformation

The first night I listened to it I felt numb in my legs, kind of paralyzed, with tingling all over.
I felt my cells like thousands of shining stars, my body was the sky, the universe and all of a sudden a golden geyser sprang from my heart, pure Joy.
Second night: with the same music, again numbness all over and in addition the sensation my head was tightened under a helmet, I feel an intense cold inside.
3rd night: a subtler numbness accompanied by sadness, insatisfaction and frustration.
Next morning, I feel a headache. I meditate in the rising sun and all of a sudden I understand why and how I have been suffering and accept it. At last!
Thank you, thank us.

Maguy Guesdon. Astrologist. RENNES. France.
For a few instants of eternity, a veil lifted up.
I was and could see Music, I had no more body, no more thought...
Each cell from my body was playing and resonating, & being enlightened at the same time,
they were dancing .
My body was at the same time the instrument playing it & music itself in full plenitude.

Time had stopped its course, the immensity of my field of consciousness was such that I felt shear delight,
my perception of what life really is was expanded.
I was Music itself, "I WAS"...
I was bathed into a fairy like dimension made of LIGHT.
Unforgettable experience generating great joy and incommensurable peace.

Cl. Berguerand, Switzerland.
At last, a music that cleans the human psyche & frees the ego, helping to connect humans with their soul so that they can re source and become channels.
Your music causes a little revolution in the world of Musicotherapy and initiates a great step for humanity at a time when we are all confronted with the challenge to open up to the fourth dimension.
MMD music is a precious tool for accomplishing this new step.

While listening to SKY DANCING, I experienced intense cold and the feeling of being in outer space, no longer tied to the domain of gravity.
I saw myself flying & swirling like a bird, the music felt like it would never end, space had become infinite and time had become eternal.

Later on, I also experienced being the music itself, each one of my body cells dancing and being illuminated at the same time.
My body was totally etherised.
No doubt, this is the most beautiful experience I ever had with your music.

Thank you, I am grateful for the work that you have accomplished which helps humanity to enter into a higher dimension.

Frederic Rouge. France.
Very quickly I am aspired out of my body while listening to your CD HIGH SPACES & I have the feeling of going beyond the limits of our solar system...
I can watch a supernatural light & I feel the presence of beings of light coming from another galaxy, they are surrounding me.
I ask them to help me as I am (in my actual life) in the process of working out & evacuating informations that I have inherited from my family background & that I want to get rid of.

At the same moment I can see inside me a 3D spiral of DNA with a remarkable luminosity that is emerged into a cosmos that I feel linked with me & open onto the infinite at the same time.
These beings of light transmit to the DNA double spiral a specific & unknown to me green light mixed with a violet color of a supernatural luminescence.
The color gradually impregnates the DNA spiral , cleans it out, purifies it, energize it activates the codons which are dormant as well as clearing the psychic stuff that is encoded into my DNA.

At this stage, it is difficult to put words on the sensations I am experiencing...
Then, I express deep gratitude to these luminous beings & with regret sthe experience ends when the track ends!

Patricia Menetrey. Paris. France.
During the first audition of your CD SKY DANCING, a lot of images came to me, images from ancient Egypt, from North American natives among others, I suspect this stuff is emanating from inner memories from past lifes...
While listening to this CD, I really had the sensation of living at the same time in different dimensions.
After the session with the music, I experience more harmony, I feel more inspired & intuitive.
No doubt that your music acts at a cellular level, I feel tingling in all my body...
I can assure that listening regularly to this CD does not only bring harmony but I have to say that it is my own body that is calling for it!

Great thanks to you!

P. Tonnelier, Jouy le Moutiers.

Another experience I had was the feeling of all my cells & molecules shifting into balance.
I also felt a very strong connection to dolphins & to the star cluster of the Pleiades...
I am very grateful to Jacotte for her incredibly inspiring music!
you are a blessing & a joy...
I highly recommend Multidimensional Music for helping return to our true selves.

Maryanne Savino. Massage therapy. San Francisco. California.

When I discovered this music I was at once attracted to it because of its sparkling quality of vibration that it provided me.
This music addresses to the global being including the cosmic dimensions of the universe.

The CD "RENAISSANCE" made me journey into my body cells...
I am quite aware of a number of "relaxation" music but those of Jacotte address to another form
of perception, they awake and connect to the body structure.

Each time I listen to them, I have a vibrational experience and I experience gratitude and joy,
I see colors and progressively I feel my body is re-harmonizing.

M.BOUCHER. Dance-therapist. Paris.France.
This was my 1st exposure to Jacotte's music and it was in a large room with several other conference attendees.
I felt an opening of the pineal gland which at first I did not want to validate even to myself, but in discussing the music with another friend Joan KING and hearing that, she too, had felt the music in the pineal gland,
I was comforted and excited at the same time .

After a day spent shoping, I listened to CD RENAISSANCE, I found the music soothing and healing.
There is a spot in my spinal column where I believe the inflammation from multiple sclerosis is concentrated.
This time, I distinctly felt the tension on the left side of the scar. I remember thinking that was odd but could not find any other significance to the sensation. Other than that, I find the music extremely relaxing.

M J. Virginia. USA .
I could see a vivid vortex swirling round & round like a tunnel (one might imagine) or like the centre of the earth.
It was pulsating inside rather like internal organs & flesh & then it changed so that I was skimming the surface of what looked like skin, but magnified thousands of times, so that one could see the follicles & hair & texture...
At one point, I even lost consciouness & nearly jumped out of my skin...
When I regained it, I had a tremendous sensation of pins & needles from my neck up to my face throughout the entire duration of the music, & at one point, I felt compelled to touch my face to see if it had altered at cellular level!

Corinna SLATER, Journalist. LONDON. U K.


© Jacotte Chollet