Aligning multiple dimensions of the SELF

I was almost immediately touched by the sweetness and the infinite tenderness emanating from this music, I was enveloped by a feeling of love both feeding me & urging me to keep on listening.
An incredible richness of sounds so new to me was overwhelmingly fulfilling me, beyond any expectation.
The sufferings and pains I was carrying in me since I had stopped playing piano faded away and were replaced by magic and wonder.
It did not take me long to understand that an important part of my being was resurrecting, I was exalting out of inner joy.

MMD music caused me to experience specific physical sensations like the triggering of old known painful spots after accidents followed by their gradual disparition, but also very old shocks reawakened & imerged from my unconscious (I had no conscious memory of them,) waking me up from the deep sleep I was in .
At once, I felt a neat improvement of my energy level, but also it enhanced my capacity for endurance and kept my spirits high. I am now better balanced & I even became able to sustain episodes of deep peace, even serenity.

C. Maillet. therapist. Paris, France.

I listened several times to your first CDs, & it was really pleasurable, RENAISSANCE made me shed
"tears of joy".
Your music made miracles, it caused emergence of emotions & pains I had experienced during my chiildhood & which were well hidden inside, you music made me consciously reconnect with myself.

This deep and powerful experience made me release tensions that were kept hidden & blocked
at a cellular level & since I had this experience, I feel richer in my relationships with others....

Gian Luigi . Fractal therapy. Padova. Italy.

I was at your presentation in San Jose and I had three distinct sensations-experiences-visions, the first
I call "the Dream from childhood":
I immediately had the feeling I already knew this sonic piece, I recognized it .
I have already heard these sounds in my dream when I was about 10 years old, a dream that
I remember all my life...
Your music immersed me back in the blissful, tender, blue waters, those warm light waves permeated with the sunrays of dawn. And the rising sun in the horizon was a huge rosy-white rose with crystal drops of dew or diamonds on the edges of its petals. And the music was waving, caressing me in the warm, tender, turquoise waters, while the rose-sun was shining and calling me so lovingly.
When I became an adult I swore to myself that, in difficult moments, I would always recall that dream and that each time I would admit that my life was not a waste. Alas, I keep forgetting about it...
But your music returned me to that dream and I experienced it again at my 63 years of age when that composition was playing!
Thank you for your work. I was glad and privileged to experience it. I wish you further achievements.

Lena Jacobson. San Jose. California. USA

The first night I listened to it I felt numb in my legs, kind of paralyzed, with tingling all over, I felt my cells like thousands of shining stars, my body was the sky, the universe and all of a sudden a golden geyser sprang from my heart, pure Joy.
Second night: with the same music, again numbness all over and in addition the sensation my head was tightened under a helmet, I feel an intense cold inside.
3rd night: a subtler numbness accompanied by sadness, insatisfaction and frustration.
Next morning, I feel a headache. I meditate in the rising sun and all of a sudden I understand why and how I have been suffering and accept it. At last!
Thank you, thank us.

M.G. Rennes. France.


At last, a music that cleans the human psyche & frees the ego, helping to connect humans with their soul so that they can re source and become channels.
Your music causes a little revolution in the world of Musicotherapy and initiates a great step for humanity at a time when we are all confronted with the challenge to open up to the fourth dimension.
MMD music is a precious tool for accomplishing this new step.
While listening to SKY DANCING, I experienced intense cold and the feeling of being in outer space, no longer tied to the domain of gravity.
I saw myself flying & swirling like a bird, the music felt like it would never end, space had become infinite and time had become eternal.
Later on, I also experienced being the music itself, each one of my body cells dancing and being illuminated at the same time.
My body was totally etherised.
No doubt, this is the most beautiful experience I ever had with your music.

Thank you, I am grateful for the work that you have accomplished which helps humanity to enter into a higher dimension.

Frederic Rouge. France.

During the first audition of your CD SKY DANCING, a lot of images came to me, images from ancient Egypt, from North American natives among others, I suspect this stuff is emanating from inner memories from past lifes...
While listening to this CD, I really had the sensation of living at the same time in different dimensions.
After the session with the music, I experience more harmony, I feel more inspired & intuitive.
No doubt that your music acts at a cellular level, I feel tingling in all my body...
I can assure that listening regularly to this CD does not only bring harmony but I have to say that it is my own body that is calling for it!

Great thanks to you!

P. Tonnelier, Jouy le Moutiers.