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15th album of Jacotte Chollet, ZERO GRAVITY provides a sense of timeless TRANQUILITY and renewed freedom, deep in the core of beingness and life pulse.
Let’s follow birds, as they are naturally attuned with sky and earth, let’s listen to their tongue, one of respect and love for nature.
Music to fly away, and be anchored in nature, music to tune in and keep being light listening to our inner song in renewed peace.

An album to be listened to without moderation, at all ages and in all situations requiring mastery, calm, mind clarity, compassion, creativity, lucidity, effortless attention, peace, concentration and inner presence.

Thirty years of research and creation of this music allow us to affirm that it is a vibratory contact key setting into resonance the different dimensions of our being : physical, energetical, emotionalal, psychic and spiritual.

WHY ? Because in addition to BETA waves as regular music contains, this multidimensional music contains  ALPHA, THETA and DELTA waves which are the vibratory vehicles of access to all the dimensions under the level of awareness: SUBCONSCIOUS and INCONSCIOUS dimensions of our being.
HOW ? Because this music is created in a state of “expanded consciousness and hyper creativity" that naturally induces ALPHA, THETA and DELTA waves. (This is process that makes this music MULTI-DIMENSIONAL and that is why it is called that.)


First of all, I must say that a series of experiences of a synchronic nature made me discover at the age of 18 that my intention and my deepest aspirations had the power to manifest themselves in material reality and to create the practical conditions for their fulfillment.  

In those years, the term “synchronicity" was not yet part of our vocabulary and only Gustave JUNG had mentioned the existence of a possible continuum between the psychic and physical worlds.
This was made real for me in a brilliant way during my first long journey, when I left alone, at the age of 18, for the land of Israel. 
One of the most vivid dreams of my teen years had been to bridge the gap between dreams and physical reality. 
After I completed my university studies in English and Linguistics, my thirst for discovering foreign  became more and more pressing and a new series of events of a synchronous nature guided me unerringly towards my “chosen destiny": to travel the world with a camera in my hand in the company of a person with whom I would share my creative, professional and personal life. This is how I went from university to television in a very short time.


After being a documentary films directress at French national television (TF1) for almost ten years with  André Voisin my cocreation and life partner, while we were travelling all over the world filming the extraordinary diversity of forms and cultures, an unexpected event suddenly occurred and bent the course of my destiny!

We had just arrived in Bodnath, Nepal and we were going to start filming a “Bardo Thodol" ritual dedicated to facilitate  the soul journey towards clear light" of a recently deceased Tibetan monk .
As soon as horns, conchs and cymbals resonated, I suddenly felt myself being pulled out of my body by an enormous power through a gaping hole that had formed in the back of my skull!
I had to struggle not to leave completely my body, as it was no longer obeying me!
It was entranced by the tones of Tibetan music and incent vapors propelling me into the ethers and forcing me to vibrate back and forth between heaven and earth at a terrific speed during the 12 minutes dedicated to the shooting of this ceremony.
But, I did not understand, at the time, what appeared, later to me, to be a call coming from the future guiding me and reminding me about my special vibrational capacity to fly into the ethers carried on the wings of sound and music.

This powerful experience occurred to me in the monastery led by Lama Tarik Tulku, in Nepal.
Eight months later, my mother unexpectedly and suddenly died at 60 years of age !
The quick succession of these shocking events, in bursts, caused me an immense shock and had multiple consequences!

I accompanied my mother soul all along 49 days with the prayers of the “Tibetan Book of the Dead” on her journey into the “bardos *" and this further strengthened our link.
In the following years my mother was still somehow being present to me. She would sometimes pop into our mind and my daughter would suddenly evoke her being close to us (Bardos : intermediate states of consciousness.)
Several years later, while pursuing my career as a film director and coproducer with André, I received a surprising message from her informing me about “my future career as a sound producer"!
 I was amazed, shaken, stunned, but still, I had absolutely no doubt about the reality of this message.
Though I was not hearing words as a medium does, I was feeling strong energies in my body, as well as an accelerated heart beat and sudden insights poping into my mind making clear the meaning of it!
It was not a dream, it was tangible, it was alive in me. 
A few weeks later, a new message came, specifying that I should “spiritualize" sound!

I remained petrified for a long time by this strange injunction coming from heaven as I had absolutely no idea what SPIRITUALIZING SOUND implied !
At the same time as my mind was willing to venture in this new direction, my ego, in deep fear, was strongly protesting and I was questioning myself about my real ability to create and spiritualize sound and music.

The concomitant arrival on the market of a new instrument, the “sound synthesizer" was providential for me !
After reading a lot of articles about synthesizers in different music magazines, I finaly went to a music shop to test playing on the keyboard.
A few minutes later, I was transported by sonic vibrations into other dimensions!
Nothing else did matter but the extraordinary feeling of having rocketed into paradise, in the heart of love, in the heart of the universe with a subtle background sense that I already know about sound and music! 
Of course, I bought the synthesizer.
It soon proved to be the ideal tool for me, as I instantly had at my disposal an infinite variety of tones, sounds and frequencies allowing me to freely explore a new sonic world and create a new music enriched by tones and frequencies impossible to produce with classical music instruments.

Nevertheless, It took me a large dose of faith, deep personal transformation and sessions of deep energetic harmonizing to be able to fulfill sound spiritualizing.

How was I to actually create this new spiritual music ?
This question answer came to me through direct experience:
whenever I was feeling a strong impulse to play, I was  traversed by strong vibrations, high energies rising in my spine and circling around my head transported me into altered states of consciousness.
This specific mode of writing music directly on the keyboard requires being in a state of meditation, deep inner listening free from thought or concern, total trust and let go.
When it is so, music unfolds under my fingers in a continuous flow of energy and I feel I am playing in thorough obedience to a superior order, an invisible matrix suffering no diversion.
 Sometimes, after the first seconds of playing only, I exactly know how the music will unfold and when it will end as It cannot be otherwise regarding the underlining coherence of the whole !

The real specificity of this music is that it is not “composed" in the usual sense of the term.
It is created “live"and never corrected or transformed “afterwards".
In this “timeless" moment, I AM! 
 During ecstatic moments of creation, I don’t know anylonger if my hands and my heart do create the music or if the music is creating and recreating me!

Of course I record the music I play all along.
Sometimes in my first trials, I would feel energy surges in different parts of my body while I was playing and I would sometimes even feel pain but although I was surprised, I would not stop playing, as, I aware in the same time, that energy blocking had been released.
When listening to the music I played, immediatly after creating it, I would feel extremely cold being in a very deep relaxed state!
So I was concomitantly aware of the self healing and inner transformation this music was causing to me.

In 1991, life suddenly shuffled the cards again and another immense shock striked me, after a week of skiing in the Alps, André, my partner unexpectedly and suddenly died!
In the following days I would be hear during the night extremely high pitched sounds, far higher in pitch than I ever heard before making me feel in connection with André journeying into other worlds.

A couple of weeks later, I was invited to be part of a new television show addressing the sensitive subject of “near-death experiences (NDEs)". There, I met Régis DUTHEIL, physician and physicist and I was really amazed listening to this man calmly exposing his theory of a “*superluminal negentropic universe" succeeding, after death, to the entropic “subluminal" one in which we live in a physical body. (L’HOMME SUPERLUMINEUX, SAND Editing).
The main characteristic of this *superluminal universe being that it is filled with “negentropic tachyonic energy flowing beyond the speed of light".

After a while I unexpectandly met again professor Régis DUTHEIL at a physicists meeting I was invited to and I was able to  explain him more about my research and creation in sound and music.
He was quite interested and a few days later came up to my studio to listen to my music and he had a mind blowing experience.
It was clear to him that being exposed to resonance with this music was rendering conscious a lot of information contained in the subconscious layers of our being bringing new insights, new perceptions and exerting a healing action.

In 1992, Régis DUTHEIL presented the first results of my sonic and musical research and creation as well as my first music album “INVISIBLE PRESENCE” referencing it as a “holophonic" vibrational tool with a therapeutic vocation in Chapter 8 : “opening for a XXIst century medicine" of his book: LA MÉDECINE SUPERLUMINEUSE.
In this book, Régis Dutheil labels my music under the denomination of “holophonic sound structures".  *(from the greek HOLOS)

« We are dealing with an extremely diverse set of musical frequencies, composed of sounds with multiple harmonics, combining bass and treble and creating complex vibrational movements. Musically the result is harmonious, giving a feeling of unspeakable strangeness by provoking the emergence of emotions and ideas which replace the usual movement of consciousness that is current in everyday life.
Having been personally subjected to the experience of listening to these holophonic sound structures *, we can say that the effect is undeniable. Thus, such holophonic or metamusical structure * entitled CHRONOS (“time", in Greek) gradually suppresses the inherent feeling of time flowing like a river, and replaces it by an inner state of suspended time.
While listening, I had the impression of being immersed in a “superluminal space-time”, in which time does not flow any longer, in which emotions and meanings, emerge little by little in a global perception… /…
At this superluminal level of consciousness, in which there is neither time nor space, past, present and future coexist; the global and unified “being” is evoked and adressed ».

CHRONOS : is in CD2 of the double album UNITÉ

A few weeks later, numerous audio listeners wrote to me recapitulating amazing experiences they had while listening to my 1st album INVISIBLE PRESENCE and I realized that my music had a"multi-dimensional" effect, a multidimensional quality, it was “polyphasic".
It was rendering CONSCIOUS informations stocked in different levels of our SUBCONSCIOUS mind vibrating at different speed: ALPHA, THETA DELTA.
Usualy “normal" music provokes resonance only in the conscious dimension through BETA waves, but Multidimensional Music is causing conscious resonance in all the dimensions of our mind vibrating at Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta waves.

« Once, with the INVISIBLE PRESENCE CD, I had the feeling I was “floating above my body”, it was something absolutely indescribable, I was no longer in this flesh, I was feeling an extraordinary well-being and fullness. Everything seemed clear and limpid!
At the end of each music listening session, I need a little time delay for what I call “coming back”.
Gradually, the warm energy enveloping my hands evaporates and little by little I come back to myself. But one thing is certain: All is well!
I would like to thank you for this creation going far beyond what the human spirit has been able to create before. »

invisible presence jacotte chollet

I've been listening to your two CD: INVISIBLE PRESENCE and SKY DANCING.
Your music is extremely psychoactive at the same time as it gives me strong physical reactions.
INVISIBLE PRESENCE gives me a lot of energy on the physical plane as well as psychic visions.
SKY DANCING allowed me to meditate with serenity as to solve various personal problems.
These are fascinating effects. I wonder if other listeners experience the same things as me?


All along the creation of new albums, I received a growing number of feedback testimonials from listeners who were questioning me about the spontaneous healings they had with my music as well as thanking me for sudden consciousness openings and painful symptoms instant release.

renaissance jacotte chollet« This is what happened to my 46-year-old sister when I played “Liberté” from your album RENAISSANCE
After listening to this single track, this is what she said:
“At one point, I felt a searing pain in my left eye and a severe headache which, following a change in the music, quickly disappeared, eliminated in an almost palpable form, like gas coming out of my eye.
This was the same type of pain I felt during the laser surgery done on my left eye, which caused me recurrent severe headaches I endured for years.
It has been 10 months since she listened to your music and she has had no more headaches ever since ! »


I quickly realized that this music was provoking a specific “conscious resonance" different from one person to the other according to the different experiences that had shaped their life.
The music was clearly functioning and resonating “à la carte".

Some audio listeners were consciously resonating with old memories they had been repressing under the theshold of consciousness as they were too painful to accept.
Other people were experiencing luminous, cosmic spiritual visions, insights, instantaneous understanding of unresolved ancient events, and still other ones would experience extraordinary states of inner unity feeling their cells being atuned in synestesia!

musique guérison emotionnelle mémoires traumatiques états modifiés de conscience

My husband and I regularly listen to your CDs. But, as much as he has extraordinary experiences when listening to them, as much I have difficulties!
Last night, he listened to your UNITY CD and told me with great enthusiasm the beautiful feelings he had.
This morning, I listened to the same CD as him and I had rather unpleasant sensations…It's like I was hearing a “cacophony" as if the music was so disharmonious that I had to stop listening !
This disturbs me a lot ! I think this is certainly a sign that I need to listen to it more…

I had the chance to listen to your music and I was carried away by it to other dimensions of my being. That is why I am sending you my testimony.
I don't really know what to start with because the impact of your music is really multi-dimensional.
It affects both the dimensions of our being that we know and it opens us to those of which, until then, we were unaware of their existence!
Normally, coming into such sudden contact with the unknown should frighten us, fear would be a normal reaction, but with your music it is different and we are strangely surrendering to the power it emanates.
Personally, I have seen a lot of images and it left me speechless! Because it was not visions from the past, flashbacks or regressions, but indeed prophetic images which accompanied, step by step, my own transformation.
First of all, I felt very strong vibrations, a kind of “energy massage" erasing any tension in my body.
Then I felt an incredible cold! I was like an icy, heavy stone that is rooted in the ground, inert. Then, my attention was focused on a point between my two eyes as well as on my breathing … And the first image appeared: it was a kind of channel of white light which connected me to infinity, I was receiving information through this channel but I also was broadcasting it…
And then other images appeared in cascade… And I found myself in a kind of tomb, a green and yellow mandala in which freely floated clouds of energy unfolding in spirals.
A true cosmic adventure!
JOAO DA FONSECA, Psychologist.

Resonance with this active music allows one to unify what has been “dissociated” as a result of frequent and repeated repression of emotions below the threshold of consciousness and recover from amnesia following traumatic experiences.
It is important to understand that unless they are brought back to consciousness, “cellular traumatic memories” and “dissociated energies” act in a muted way and create energetic imbalance favoring the emergence of disease in the physical body.

By provoking “conscious" access to the content of teir subconsious mind, the unified vibrations of this music allow the listener to restore unity and integrity of his or her bodymind and to access higher qualifications of consciousness : intuition, inspiration,creativity …

Conscious reconnection with oneself manifests through various sensations:
– Intense heat in the hands.
– Sudden bouts of coughing when energy is blocked, momentary cramps, sudden pain in certain parts of the body, nausea.
– Visions of bright colors testifying of  the opening of different energy centers.
– Sensations of intense energy circulation in the body and energy exchange between the 2 cerebral hemispheres.
– Self-calibration of the autonomic nervous system by involuntary shaking and jerking of a limb or of the whole body.
– Sensations of being aware of only one side of their body the other half being perceived as “absent".
– Visions of past traumatic experiences as well as psychic visions of other times and other worlds.
– Spontaneous energetic self-healing with sudden disappearance of recurring symptoms and suppression of pain.
– Holistic visions of planet earth, star travels, spiritual communications and visions…
– Contacts with deceased relatives, etc…

I remember that at one point I opened my hands wide because I could feel the energy flowing through my palms, my hands had become ears that received the vibrations emanating from them.
I was lying on the grass and it was then that I felt the most incredible sense of unity.
I was not lying on the grass, I was the meadow, I was not listening to the music, I was the music.
I was not looking at the forest, I was the forest, I was experiencing all of this simultaneously.
There was no more separation, I was everything and everything was in me. It was bliss!

musique travail concentration meditation calme


Your last opus made me travel away.

Relaxing to the sound of ZERO GRAVITY, from the very first measures, I was transported into space, feeling weightless, first, in the solar system with the sounds of the planets in their ellipse around the sun, then outside the galaxy… In dimensions outside time, gravity, light…
At one point my consciousness found itself in something dense like pure crystal…
Track 6 is a condensed microcosm and macrocosm, my body was redefined around the tendrils, in my DNA, like a regeneration in the infinitely small by the infinitely large.
As always, each of your different albums are nourishing, regenerating, tools of well-being.

Ten seconds after SILENT LIGHT began, the room I was in was filled with white light.
I lay down and was immediately transported to another place by the music, I felt an extreme lightness and a deep peace.
Changes in the music caused energy to surge through my body, producing visions in images and colors that were unlike anything else on earth.
I then realized that this music was allowing higher vibrational intelligence to connect with my higher self and seemed to act as portals that opened to healing spirits allowing them to come here and do their work. Quite extraordinary!
And after experiencing this and having all these visions I realize how important your music is and how urgent it is to make it better known.

30 years of study of the functioning of this music, thanks to its audio isteners feedback as well as direct observation of their “healing transformation", during the numerous TRAININGS I have led with it, have allowed me to make an inventory of the manyfold energetic manifestations it was inducing in the bodymind and made me precisely understand each of its different expressions .

The 2-day courses (in small groups) include 2 sessions of “deep" listening per day, in a lying position, during which I am directly observing the various psychoenergetic and physical transformation the bodies of the participants express during the process of self hypnosis and re-harmonization induced by resonance with the music, like : expressions of inner suffering, physical pain, appeasement, abandonment, illumination, extatic joy, etc...
The trainees are then invited to “put their psychic experiences and visions into words" and I help them to decipher the meaning of the numerous and expressive images surging out of their unconscious.
Although allare simultaneously listening to the same music at the same time,  each participant lives a unique experience. 
Each one  is engaged in a unique “inner journey" that does not resemble that of the others, in accordance with
one's own needs, psychological, physical state, sensitivity,  beliefs, education and life experiences.

The many discussions I had with Professor Régis DUTHEIL did not only familiarized me with a certain number of medical data but also helped me to verify that psyche and body were an inseparable whole in constant vibrational communication.
However, psyche and physical body have been studied separately by science, and medicine has perpetuated this pseudo-cut between the two, for too long.

This is why it is important to help making this HOLISTIC music better known, as it sheds a new light on who we really are and how our vibrational signature expresses in multiple subtle dimensions  that finally affect our health.

Multidimensional music has proved to be an easy to use multidimensional tool inducing  through resonance conscious connection with subconscious information and deep energetic re harmonizing in the different dimensions of our BEING.

From the first sounds, I let myself be carried and “taken in charge" by the music. It then made a deep and benevolent visit of my whole body, insisting on certain places as if it wanted to repair lesions of which I was consciously unaware.
This was manifested by numerous muscular contractions in my limbs, I was like a “string instrument" living this music.
The sounds ran through me, from bottom to top, passing through every tiny part of my being like vibrations running along these strings.
I had the feeling that it had completely “cleansed" me, this fluidity then spread to my whole body.
I really had the feeling that this music “knew" what it had to do in me for me to evolve. It was “intelligent" and guided me by letting me perceive its meaning, its benevolence, its softness, its infinitude, its simplicity…

I have been a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism for many years and your music works on so many levels that I am blown away!
I am amazed at your work and the results you have achieved in such a short period of time!
The sounds you convey through your music are truly spiritual vibrations.
Thank you for making available to us a tool of transformation as powerful as it is accessible!

creation jacotte chollet

Everything is harmony, love, light and balance.
Visual music if I dare this apparent ambivalence. Pregnant music. Prehensile music.
Thank you, Jacotte, for your talent and your sensitivity in your creation. Thank you for making us benefit from it!

The PLÉNITUDE CD is a real treat. It is really, really soothing.
It allows me to let the heavy and dense emotions flow out of my belly to make room, more and more, for space, lightness, like a soothing light.
It allows me to concentrate on myself, and gives me access to a total plenitude, a true inner peace.
I listen to it at least once a day. Each time I listen to it, it moves things in me, and it brings me a new vision, a soothing, a total inner peace.
Thank you for this daily continuity through the PLENITUDE CD which soothes me more than anything else.


Your INFINITE JOY CD is a wonder!
It is a honey flowing in my veins and feeding my wounded heart.
I listen to it all day long!
It comforts me, it gives me strength and it dissipates the energy blockings that I have accumulated over such long years out of taking care cof my sick husband.
A thousand thanks!

high spaces jacotte chollet

I listened to the two CDs RENAISSANCE and HIGH SPACES and I was quite impressed.
These two albums are real osteopathy sessions, extraordinary and soft physiotherapy.
My body vibrates. The music works in my body. It is very surprising!
The tones are of a great delicacy, the quintessence of the musical art!
My therapist advised me to do a 21-day treatment of each of the two CDs.
A great bravo for the exceptional quality of this music which is a whole holistic research for energetic care!


When “emotionally disturbed" or momentarily “highly stressed" listeners (even if they are not really self aware of their inner state) listen to this music for the first time, they often hear it as partially or totally “dissonant"!
A mirror effect induced by resonance with this “coherent" music produces an immediate auto diagnosis of the listener's emotional and energetical inner state.
What does it means ?
Naively “The listener thinks that the music itself is dissonant" whereas he hears the music “FILTERED" by his disturbed emotional inner state!
The listener is made aware of his troubled real emotional state" and progressively, along his listening sessions, that which sounded dissonant to him before becomes more and more harmonious and sounds beautiful to his ears.
How can it be so ?
This is due to the state of “energetic coherence"and deep inspiration during “expanded states of consciousness" in which I create this music.

Reminder: For Régis Dutheil this music diagnoses errors or missing images in the “hologram" that we are and “progressively restores the exact image".
Reference: See the article published in the magazinela vie natuelle.

musique guérison emotionnelle mémoires traumatiques états modifiés de conscience

I have an incestuous problem and I bought your CD UNITE!
When I first listened to it, I had the feeling of being assaulted in the ear, I was hearing the music as “non-synchronous", in one ear first, then in the other, afterwards!
I was hearing the music in a “non-synchronous" way, first in one ear, then in the other!
I felt like my brain was cut in two.
It was so unpleasant that I had to interrupt my listening several times.
But, little by little, my feeling the listening sessions became more and more soothing.
I became more confident, a deep calm settled in me, then my deep sufferings came to the surface in a very clear way and for the first time, I became aware of the immensity of my suffering:
I was no longer in the cerebralization of my feelings but in my body expressing itself with vehemence!
This is how I was able to go back to the original situation, to remove my last “onion skins" and to find a calmness which is similar to recovery!
What a relief! A great thanks to the designer of this musical tool.

I suggested to women who had been raped in their childhood to listen to Madame CHOLLET's Music because the analytical work did not allow access to the real suffering inscribed in these women's bodies.
They listened to the music at home and let themselves go where the sounds would lead them.
The analytical work was greatly enriched by the action of the vibrational frequencies of the albums RENAISSANCE and SILENT LIGHT.

One patient told me: I have been doing this work of listening for 6 weeks now, it is like finding my body back in its original state.
I feel less dissociated, I feel my body coming back to life, it's good!
This music works like a laser, all kinds of emotions are felt and found: rage, anger, fear, horror, pain…
The vibrational frequencies of this music reanimate the being.

At first, I couldn't listen to some of the musics that bothered me. But, as soon as I was able to get my emotions out, I was able to listen to these songs and I had the most extraordinary experience of my life: I discovered my inner self!
I became aware of what was hidden, buried in the depths of my unconscious.
Informations arrive from our unconscious through symbols, metaphors, pains, images, colors, flavors, that brings back memories, situations sometimes long forgotten.
This music leads us to better know ourselves and to love ourselves. It invites us to transform and even to heal ourselves, psychologically. and physically.

sky dancing jacotte chollet

I rediscovered with happiness the SKY DANCING and HIGH SPACES CDs, I had quit listening to them too quickly, ignoring that the sounds which were uncomfortable to me indicated my need for re-harmonizing. I was probably not ready for that…
A year and more passed, the magic worked again, I stepped into a multidimensional world and I had transcendental experiences!
I heal, I live in symbiosis with the cosmos, but, above all, I reconnected with my body; it keeps talking to me and what an adventure it is to listen to it!
Thank you Jacotte for this superb gift of love and healing that your music is.


To experience the multi-dimensional effects of this music, it is advisable to listen to it in the DEEP LISTENING or CONSCIOUS LISTENING mode.


In a sitting or lying position, with headphones, good quality earphones or speakers, at a medium volume, concentrating your attention on the music and on your own sensations and feelings.

This LISTENING MODE establishes a real self-diagnosis of the listener's holistic vibratory state at the moment of listening.
It facilitates a vibrational harmonization allowing release of deep emotions and the dissolution of energetic blockage.
It also facilitates the synchronizing of the cerebral hemispheres, it stimulates intuition, creativity and promotes spiritual development.

The listener feels, perceives, experiences feelings, emotions or witnesses images coming out of his unconscious on his psychic screen.
– visions of bright colors when opening chakra, visions of other worlds, other beings, other times, sudden bursts of creative intuitions, opening of consciousness about past experiences, various sensations such as sudden pains, strong vibrations, jolts when deep tensions are released , bio-energetic field balancing, experiences of total synergy of one's cells with the music…

If, during listening sessions, the sensations are not immediately pleasant, it is advisable to accept the information which consciously manifests itself as a transient pain, by sending air into that specific area and sending feelings of gratitude to facilitate re-harmonization process underway.

I did not feel anything particular while listening to the music in AMBIANCE MUSIC.
I then switched to DEEP LISTENING and discovered to my horror that I only perceived “the right side" of my body, or rather that my right side was tonic and delimited while I perceived my left side as a diffuse mass without limits.
It was really a terrible feeling!
As I listened more and more, “I started to feel” the left side of my pelvis, my belly, my thorax, my neck and recently I feel the top of my skull.
In each of my listening sessions I go on a trip “out of time" in serenity. I have the impression to be nourished by the music, to absorb it, to pacify myself, to regenerate myself.
I am happy to have accomplished this journey alone like an explorer and to have freely made incredible discoveries.
Thank you for having opened doors for me that I did not know existed.
Your music has allowed a profound rebalancing of my bioenergetic field.
MURIEL. Massage, Physiotherapy.


At medium or low volume, listening with speakers, in background music mode without fixing attention on the music activates effortless concentration, memorization, creativity, depending on the type of activity that is being carried out.
Intellectual activities (studies, easy memorization, writing…) and artistic.
Physical practices, meditation, deep relaxation, Qi cong, Reiki, yoga, massages, psychotherapeutic sessions, regressions, Rebirth, etc …

invisible presence jacotte chollet

A few years ago, I decided to go back to law school after a break of more than 8 years. Since these studies require a lot of memory, I spent hours and hours suffering and expending a lot of energy.
One evening, my husband made me listen to a music which did not resemble anything known.
At first it seemed strange and unusual, but very quickly I realized that I felt pleasantly good, as if surrounded by a mysterious force that literally carried me.
It was Jacotte CHOLLET's first CD, so well entitled INVISIBLE PRESENCE.
I noticed very quickly that by listening to this music simultaneously with my intellectual works, a surge of new energy literally carried me, the hours passed almost without effort, my ideas remained extraordinarily limpid and my morale improved from day to day.
Soon, the CD was playing almost 24 hours a day: during my working hours, which became real moments of happiness, during my moments of relaxation and even before going to bed at night.
I passed my 5 years of college in one go!
Still to this day, when faced with a difficult problem, an important decision to be made, or an intellectual task, I always turn to the INVISIBLE PRESENCE CD and very quickly, my mind clears up, things become clearer, and the same mysterious energy that propels me forward is at the rendezvous as it was the first time I listened to it, a very long time ago.

I am a school teacher. In the morning, I welcome the pupils with PLENITUDE, a very appropriate CD for children.
The children love what this music brings them. They keep being serenely calm and are really efficient in their work.
I have been in this profession for 19 years now and never had I  witnessed so much creativity as my students are expressing this year.

essence jacotte cholletI am a Qi Gong teacher. I bought your ESSENCE CD in order to use it as AMBIANCE MUSIC during my classes,
Just a few whispered words to give instructions to my students and I kept working with the music.
The music does it all, it literally transports, it is magical!

Thank you for your music. It puts my body into vibration; then it “reunifies" me, it brings me back to myself, to my breathing, to my consciousness.
I am a speech therapist and sophrologist and I intend to introduce this new and rich energy in my professional practice with visually impaired, autistic and multihandicapped children.
Thank you again.


CD RÉCONCILIATION « Un chef d’œuvre de musique méditative qui apaise, qui nourrit, qui guérit… » Ouverture du cœur – Pardon – Compassion – Anti stress – Relaxation profonde – Harmonisation vibratoire – Méditation – Massages – Enfants – Yoga.About 6 months ago you recommended the RECONCILIATION CD for my son who was crying a lot.
Since then, my baby is no longer unstable, on the contrary he is very calm and he likes this music very much! Thank you so much.


Creating this music has developed over the course of thirty years. It is a testimony of my own inner journey.

The first 3 albums have proved to be mosly therapeutic; they activate and promote self-healing. 
The “holistic" and “multi-dimensional" character of these albums asserts itself by provoking “self-healing" and transformations in multiple dimensions of the listener's being.
and RENAISSANCE, in particular can bring back to consciousness hidden memories of traumatic abuse.

The following 5 albums provide multiple spiritual openings and activate extrasensory perceptions: intuition, creativity, inspiration, healing of wounds caused in “past or parallel lives" whose vibrational action remains active in the listeners life : HIGH SPACES and SILENT LIGHT in particular.

Albums 9, 10 and 11 are heart openers, they provide healing through divine love and they reveal our cosmic power.

CD N°12 “PLENITUDE", CD N°13 “INFINITE JOY" and CD N°14 ZEN GARDEN provide deep relaxation, stress relief, emotional balancing and well-being.
All three of them are tools helping us to better live in an unpredictable and chaotic world.

ZERO GRAVITY album N°15 brings a feeling of suspension between heaven and earth in a “timeless moment" providing with deep peace, freedom, lightness, harmony, creativity, effortless attention and INNER PRESENCE.

musique travail concentration meditation calme

It's a really beautiful CD ! All in harmony, tenderness, power. and peace.
In my first listening session, I had the very physical impression that something was being materialized in the flesh, in the matter.
As if what is called in shamanism the world below and the world above, the world in the middle, were merging!
The music was working on different parts of the body, the tones were “scratching", making their way, settling down, and connecting.

essence jacotte chollet

This morning I played your ESSENCE CD at a low volume to ease the tension in my home during lockdown.
When the atmosphere in the house was electric, I thought of playing this music and instantly it calmed the people in the room!
They ceased being stressed and went about doing their own business in a light-hearted manner. How powerful it was!

CD RÉCONCILIATION « Un chef d’œuvre de musique méditative qui apaise, qui nourrit, qui guérit… » Ouverture du cœur – Pardon – Compassion – Anti stress – Relaxation profonde – Harmonisation vibratoire – Méditation – Massages – Enfants – Yoga.

Jacotte Chollet's CD RECONCILIATION is a masterpiece of meditative music! It is imbued with a softness and sweetness that is reminiscent of SILENT LIGHT, one of my favorite CDs for spiritual development.
It is, to date, her most “meditative" album: 5 relatively long tracks unfold a sound fabric of a great softness which incites to meditation.
The different tracks on this CD each transform in their own way, by diffusing specific frequencies that realign our different energetic envelopes.
Jacotte Chollet's mastery in this field is obvious. It is a real pleasure, emotional, sensual as well as intellectual, to be traversed by these mysterious sounds.

A few seconds after I started listening to your INSPIRATION CD, I felt a deeply relaxed ! It reminded me of what I experienced, years ago, in the Graf Dürckheim Center during “leibtherapy": an inner feeling of unity, of non-separation.
I felt being in a wide space and in this space sounds resonate and vibrate in the immensity, sometimes we feel them like incredibly energizing caresses.
Thank you for this gift that you offer me, that you offer to all of us!

A large number of years of use of this music by its listeners shows that it is a holistic tool for deep energetic re-harmonization, personal independence, self-empowerment, inner liberation and the development of higher capacities of consciousness: intuition, inspiration, creativity etc…

Easy to use and fast in its effects, this vibrational tool allows to :
– Erase the effects of stress,
– Dissolve one’s energetic blockages,
– Recycle one’s traumatic memories,
– Re-inform your cells,
– Re harmonize your vital bioenergetic field,
– Synchronize your cerebral hemispheres,
– Discover your subconscious potential,
– Awaken and develop one’s intuition and creative abilities,
– Integrate the cosmic power of our inner self…

I listened to your music for 3 months. Then I did a test to check the effect on my brain.
The test showed that my 2 hemispheres were totally balanced both visually and audibly.

SEE the evolution of brain waves: BETA, ALPHA, THETA, DELTA analyzed by MIND MIRROR while listening to Jacotte CHOLLET's Multidimensional Music.
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