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A great thank you to Jacotte Chollet for her music that is of so much help to many.
This is one of the most powerful tools that I know for bringing back into awareness deep emotions that have been repressed for too long wether they are of biographical or transpersonal origin.

When listening to her music, we are immersed into a universe made of waveforms that have a real therapeutic, healing effect on the listener. These vibratory fields are intelligent, they« know » where to direct their vibrations into the listeners’ body in order to release its blockings.
This effect is, in my opinion, very close to that of ICAROS used by some Shamans in their curing practise .

A good number of therapists practising ostheopathy or reflexology would really benefit from Jacotte’s music in their own field of practise.
I want to add that this « cleansing » of emotional knots has a really rejuvenating effect and favors adaptability and flexibility, this music concurs to maintain vitality and prevent aging.


Well, about the inner voyage due to the work of your CDs, I would like to tell you that I never saw, better saying, listened to anything like your music.
From the very first moment of hearing them (and I did exactly like oriented in your website) a very strong energy and vibrations and emotions and experiences came to my whole being, and specially to my heart chakra.
It seems like a kind of spiritual master or something is directing the process of coordination and integration of feelings, emotions and experiences.
Without any effort I felt like I was travelling through my inner space, where all the emotions and thoughts were like other objective beings, to whom I could talk and exchange energy.
Since then, when my arm was stil broken and at rest, I listened to the CDS, one at a day, and I can say you that I'm quite different, to the better, from what I was before hear them.

I don't know how to say you exactly what I'm feeling now, but I can say that I have more peace and energy to face everyday ordinary happenings.
The contact with my own Higher Self was very, very easily done through hearing your music.
Thank you, dear friend, to your outstanding work, wonderful, BRAVO….
From the Heart !


I have been so moved by your music, Mme. Chollet, and am very excited to receive the first three CDs (Creation, Essence, Silent Light), all ordered 2 weeks ago.
I learned about your work from American futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard.
I am looking forward to incorporating your astounding recordings into my sound healing practice on the coast of Oregon and also in work my partner and I do — Holotropic Breathwork. Do you know of others who are using your work in this application?
I send you kind blessings and hope one day to attend one of your workshops. Do you plan to teach in the USA again? Can I help you organize workshops on the West Coast? I would be most happy to do so!
Be Well ! In Spirit,


I found your music amazingly beautiful and I hope that your talent and healing work that I do (energy healing) would compliment each other tremendously.
It not easy to find such a pure sound as you created in your music, wonderful !!!
I am spiritual counselor /healer. I use my psychic, mediumistic and healing abilities to bring more light into the hearts and soul of others and this is my pathway.
The healing starts from there and goes all way to the physical level. So, I guess we are doing the same thing just using different tools.
I have heard the sound of the Universe in my head and clips from Renaissance CD, Sky Dancing are sound just like that.
Amazing that you were able to manifest it into a physical tones.


When I first listened to Jacotte’ s music, I felt a winding wave starting from my ankles up to my temples all the way though the meridian 3VB-7E which it caused to vibrate in a superb diapason . The wave was now circling my skull with a supple helmet before escaping through my fontanel .
I could immediately feel the unfolding of the 2 meridians : YANG TSIA MO and YIN TSIA MO.
The precision of the unfolding surprised me as well as its immediacy, a few musical tones and hop that was it ! From base to summit, the YANG first and then the YIN the complementary opposite, I was totally bluffed !
Then the 6 other meridians unfolded according to the energetic law . When these centers started palpitating, I stopped being a witness in order to fully enjoy my inner voyage and it was great and regenerating as usual !

Listen to this music inspired from the heart of the world and exhaled into your life. Let the dancing elements shake your inner old clothes and change them into enlightened dawns.
While communicating in the loving vibration you will be vivified and you will be born again to yourself. Then you can witness the grandeur which is encoded into the human reign and you yourself can start working for peace, harmony and love.


Jacotte, your presentation of your journey to the creation of your music was a fascinating prelude to the experience of the music itself.
For those involved in highly creative pursuits, it was a confirmation of the state of connection one achieves when one allows the self to open into universal mind and oneness.

Your music put me into a very high state of meditation. I felt my crown chakra open and a flood of light energy filled my body. I am convinced that the music helps us enter what in the brain wave field we call: the Awakened Mind state of consciousness.

After listening to the music someone present said that an incident from the past, that was quite traumatic, kept cropping up.
I theorized that the music as it brings one to a more open and receptive state helps to open to the Theta brain waves revealing whatever is unresolved in the subconscious.
Congratulations Jacotte !

By your presence and work I am reminded again what extraordinary beings we are and how the perfection of our consciousness is being guided to the realization of our Divinity.
Thank you for your amazing part in this plan and your willingness to be among all of us in this manner.


After a 3 years’study.
What is really striking, is that nobody can stay unconcerned or insensitive to this music, even when first experiencing it and even if the first impression is indefinable…
The first auditions are often the most meaningful to the listener as he does not expect anything in particular and so he can keep free from mental. Then the visual imagery people experience is shouting with truth about the deep internal state of being.
I myself experienced or experienced with my patients the following effects :

– Fantastic regenerative and anti strain effect.
– Recall of old physical pains prior to their relief.
– Visualization of lights and of scenes not belonging to conscious memory.
– Exteriorization of deep repressed emotions.
– Experiencing precise physical sensations in different parts of the body.
– Emergence to awareness followed by solving of old and deep psychic sufferings.
– Emergence of feelings of irritation, anger, even refusal prior to appeasement.
– Experiencing deep peace, even serenity.
– Experiencing the divine inside …

All along the sessions one can notice an evolution of the listener. In order to get an optimal effect, the listener should persevere in listening no matter what and be stimulated to do so by a therapist, when necessary.


Your music keeps on having marvelous therapeutical effects on me and on all persons who listen to it.
I myself had an incredible experience with it after I had been operated on my right knee.
The surgery was being performed with anesthesia of the lower part of my body which means that I was not put to “sleep"…
I quite perceived when Doctors were cuting and opening my knee (without feeling pain of course), I could witness them cutting my ligaments, when they would insert metal pieces inside my bones, and then I forgot about that surgery…

It is only 2 months later, after I listened to your music again, that I realised the fact that since that operation, I had remained cut between my mind and my body.
My mind was kind of “dumb" as regards the true pain that my body had been experiencing and your music brought them back into communication and made them be “at peace" with one another.
It is not easy to describe what I have been experiencing while I was listening to your CDs, I could feel I was being cured, I was being healed and this feeling made me cry. It was like I was finally remembering something very important that I had forgotten since the operation.
My body and my mind were in harmony again, and my being recovered its integrity.


I am a naturopath and I use your music when I treat my patients. They have incredible experiences while I practise “massage” with essential oils on them.
I have realized that your music provides emotional, energetic and physical healing.
Some of my patients have experienced “out of the body” experiences, others have received healing while reconnecting with “past lives” stuff that had been left unfinished, others have been put in touch with saints, entities of great power while I was massaging them.
Your music is very powerful and I feel it is quite perfect in conjunction with my practice.


I have listened to each of these three CDs several times, here are my first impressions:

ALBUM UNITE: I had the physical sensation that something was being taken out of my legs and out of my heart! And at first I was scared by this feeling as it felt so real, then, I realised that what was being taken out of me did not belong to me, a great feeling of heat was invading my heart and it became obvious that I had to perform an energy cleaning of my bed room, which I did still with this sensation of heat inside my heart.

After this session I was feeling very active and I had the impression I was being helped and encouraged by some entity.

ALBUM INVISIBLE PRESENCE : images of past relationships crossed my mind while I was feeling nostalgic about them. I realised what these past love affairs had been offering me on an emotional level, this feeling kept present during all the session.

ALBUM CREATION: I was very tired when I starting listening to Creation and soon felt very energised, I felt I was fed by the music and being litteraly re created by the music. Later on I had the feeling I was falling asleep but when the CD stopped I was not asleep but I could experience a deep state of relaxation and an inner feeling of joy.
Thank you for offering all that with your music.


I received your CD’s last week and I have been working with them immediately.
It took me only a few days to journey with each one of them.
I feel an immense respect, a profound love and a deep identification with them.
I am a REIKI practitioner, I practice meditation and other alternativ therapies.
I do understand each stimulation, each vibration, each sensation, each visualization, each reaction that I experience with your Music.
I feel a deep admiration for you.
Thank you for the gift you have offered to all those who use MMD Music !


I have had diverse experiences with Multidimensional Music, but the most significant for me took place while listening to your CD SKY DANCING.
From the start my being is aware that I am in another dimension of consciousness: I am in another space, there is no light but curiously one can clearly see. All of a sudden I feel I am turned backwards and pushed upwards. My body is covered with a kind of skin of reddish and golden colour.
Then I realize that I am inside a sarcophagus. I feel somebody presence around, but I could not see that presence.
I do not feel frightened at all, I know that I am dead but at the same time my being is aware that it is alive.
I felt calm and relaxed; my attention was attracted upwards to the cover of the sarcophagus covering my whole body.

Shortly after my own experience with CD SKY DANCING, I journey with the same music with one of my patients without saying anything to him about my own experience, but strangely, he saw himself in old Egypt incarnated in the figure of the pharaoh Ramses.
He saw many different episodes of his own life as well as another person that was guiding him and instructing him; This very special teaching was bringing a lot of emotions to him as well as to me.
I could then understand the very deep link that is bringing us together as well as in which time it originated.

Experience Carmen with CD UNITE : CD 2 – MYSTERE de la VIE.
I feel a sensation of inner motion inside my body, I feel an ondulation, my body moves like a big S.
I notice these movements and I have the impression I am becoming a big serpent that moves not on the ground but in space. Then this serpent looks at me right into my eyes, as if it were in 2 locations at the same time, inside me and facing me.
The serpent’s face, I don’t remember if it was a cobra but I know it was big! Thank you Jacotte!


I have realized there are different modalities for listening:
– While seated : opening to listening to sounds and tonalities, provoking emotional resonance, working with astral body.
– While lying on a couch : Physical and energetic untying, working with physical and ethereal bodies.
– While in motion : to work out emotional balancing in the body….working in the causal body.
– In close body-contact with loud speakers : direct reception of the sonic vibrations in specific locations where healing is required.
– In houses or buildings where there is a need to restructure energy, this music is very effective in “cleaning" up spaces from all kinds of disturbance.



Short term effects :
The first signs show that these children feel better, they open up, they feel more in their body and less in their thoughts (they have a feeling of being more present and of now having a space for themselves).

Longer term effects :
They show self awareness of their progress, being more capable of paying attention, more capable of comprehension, with an improved memory.
For those presenting special symptoms, they keep the CD playing while doing their home work, or go to sleep with it.
In general, all the children like Multidimensional music as they feel better with it, they say:
It penetrates into their body, those who are more severely perturbed show more averse reactions in the beginning.


I regularly listened to this music for over a year at a rate of 2 to 3 hours a day sometimes more as I would often fall asleep while the music was on.
I was touched almost immediately by the sweetness and the infinite tenderness emanating from this music, I was enveloped by a feeling of love both feeding me and urging me to keep listening .
An incredible richness of sounds so new to me was overwhelmingly fulfilling me beyond any expectation.
The sufferings and pains I had been carrying inside me since I had stopped playing the piano faded away and were replaced by magic and wonder.
It did not take me a long time to understand that an important part of my being was resurrecting, I was exulting out of inner joy.

Jacotte Chollet's music caused me to experience specific physical sensations like the triggering of old known painful spots after accidents and then their fading away, but also very old shocks reawakened although I had kept no conscious memory of them, waking me up from the deep sleep I was in .
At once, I felt a neat improvement in my energy level, and also it was improving my capacity for endurance, and keeping my spirits high.
I felt better balanced and I became able to sustain episodes of deep peace, even serenity.


My experience with Jacotte Chollet's music has been very deep and profound.
While listening to this music, I envisioned a beautiful crytalline structure being birthed, with brilliant translucent colours.
It brought me to a most peaceful place within.
I only later came to realize that this beautiful crystalline structure was “me" my innermost pure self.
Another experience I had was the feeling of all my cells and molecules shifting into balance.
And I also felt a very strong connection to dolphins and the star cluster of the Pleiades…I am also very grateful to Jacotte and her incredibly inspiring music.
You are a blessing and a joy…
I highly recommend this Music for helping us return home to our true selves.


Here is my testimonial after 9 months of almost daily sessions with Jacotte Chollet's music
In the beginning I used to carry on my work while listening to this music and nothing special happened to me it felt just like any music.
I started to listen to it in the deep listening mode, and I discovered with horror that I did not feel the left half of my body while my right side felt tonic and well defined, my left side felt diffuse, I perceived it as a diffused, undefined space. It felt awful!
During this period, while listening to RENAISSANCE, I had a terrible vision from 1st world war (I was born after).

After a few months, everything felt alive again. I gradually felt sensations in my pelvis, then in my stomach and my thorax.
Then, one month later, I could feel sensations in the back of my neck, in my ears, and my jaws and gradually up to the top of my skull .
Each session with the music gives me the feeling I am in an out of time journey and it brings me serenity.
I have the feeling I absorb the sounds and that I am being fed by the music.
I am certain I have been regenerated and I feel at peace.
I am happy I have been able to proceed on this journey all by myself, like an explorer and to have freely made so many discoveries. Thank you for having opened for me doors I never suspected to exist, I owe you a lot.


With the exception of the very large Tibetan gongs, your music is the first which causes resonance within.
In my own experience:
RENAISSANCE causes one of the 2 main energy columns to vibrate, the experience was and is still ecstatic, INVISIBLE PRESENCE causes the outer edge of the aura to scintillate round the body about as far as my fingers can reach. It seems to cause the aura to integrate after a few moments and when it does, it turns into a deep, translucent purple with a white scintillating edge.


During the workshop in Lisbon,
When the second the music started my whole body started vibrating and the process came threw. It was instantaneous.
My mental side was in silent reverence letting the energy do the job and enjoying it all the way.
It was all physical, deep emotional and bursting of creative and joyful energy.
At first, my hands where resting on my chest and my right hand started to lead the way, unfolding itself in subtle slow movements, like if it was exploring the space and the ground.
Then my left hand came threw and both starting dancing and then the left one kind of gave “courage" to the right to lie down on the floor. It was like one hand was a cautious little brother and the other one had a blinding trust on the whole thing, and it was faster… immediate

I felt all the movements of my muscles, live and alive, very slow like a dance. All the vitality and magnificence of the flow. At one time my hands just spread wide open like I had never felt before.
Then I got the sense that was a memory from the womb.
In all that process, all the micro movements, all the seconds and sensations where lived like I was in an EVERLASTING MIRACLE.

This was my original truth that was given to me. The way my first “earthly" field (the womb) was when I was there.
I felt like my mother was worried about my coming an that my birth was going to complicate things… I felt that I was not well paid attention to or well received …
I cried a lot because my whole being finally acknowledged that, it was really hard. So hard that my breath was painful !
It was strange, because when I inspire I feel the movement against gravity and when I expire it is easy with no effort because you´re working downwards or something with gravity.
But what I felt in that moment of experience was something pushing my breath down even more than what gravity does and it was in the area of my stomach. This came with a lot of crying and sadness because I was not seen, I did not felt present, like the field around me did not wanted to listen to me, to see me and be aware of my presence.
I cried in such compassion for myself…amazing and painful at that moment.

Funny thing is that I felt that love was always there but confusion can be in the way, you know?
At the moment this information of a past memory came to me, I realized that in my present the field, either the womb or the world is full of love and creativity if we unleash confusion or draw consciousness into subconsciousness, if we free this mental emotional blocks, all that burst of life and creativity just manifests.
I also realized that “confusion" was being carried by me and in myself and that and I need to become more present for my self so that this cosmic love may flow on me and possibly out of me.
I could not have this freedom in the first womb-field but now it will be easier.
“I have to be the one", no one else has to care for this “presence". “No one else can do it, beside the universe of course".
This rebirth session was very painful and emotionally hard like never before but all the way, I could feel an ancestral trust that in the end it would be ok, that it was time to receive this now and that I was more than ready for it.
My mental was now like a kid full of curiosity and giving some impressions of what it may be that was unfolding all the time and eager to learn the lesson from the BIG MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE.
Then I felt a fraction of what you feel when in full presence making your music. All of me was there, all of the field was there in one same note in one same wave…I felt the JOY OF CREATION, how the forces of the universe are so joyful of the ever going creation, what a miracle it is all the time.
Each music was a door for a new thing. My higher self knew that music and knew what was coming next and before, etc, etc, even the new music you put. I felt this so clearly just by observing the movements of my body.

Seconds before a new music started, my right hand was on hold when you where trying to put a new CD, my hand new that only when the new music started to play, then my hand could touch the floor…crazy…amazingly crazy.

Finally my hands ripped of a “mask" of energy from my face then from my chest like supermen when he takes is clothes of..First my right hand then my left. Something got out and a new birth of me came, something new came out of that.

Then the second listening was a healing in my knees where I was harmed and had surgical operation long time ago.  I was prostrated on the floor  with my knees bended in a way I would never believed I could, because of all these surgical operations in them. It was very very painful but something beyond the pain came, there was always something more after the intensity of the pain. My knees are so lighter now…amazing.

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