Testimonials from individuals

I am writing in order to share with you what I experience when listening to your CDs that are of an extraordinary efficiency in promoting “multidimensional openings".
When I feel stressed, when I am loaded with too much negative energy, I try to relax and I listen to one of your CD’s, in no time I feel the deep work of harmonizing and energy balancing in my whole body and in my whole being exactly where the need is.
I experience unconscious movements of my own body and negative emotions being freed.
Thank you for what you have accomplished this is of great help, I feel moved just to write to you…

Here are the words that your music evokes to me : I love it, I stick to it, this elastic music captures me, I let it go, it carries me away, I take off…
But in fact, no words can translate the true effects of your music, thanks infinitely for that !

I have experienced a great relief in my skin problems. I also had my gums bleeding most of the time, since I have been experiencing your music my gums stopped bleeding !
I feel my brain and all my head is more relaxed. I bought all your CDs and I am delighted, I listen to 2 hours sessions everyday.
I feel deep peace both in my body and in my psyche..
thank you and thanks to your guides…

Your CDs have had an especially positive influence on my dog, a little Yorkshire which had been ill treated and under high stress when I took him, in his 6th year.
I'd like to add that I feel myself an irrepressible attraction to your music and I feel difficult to live without it !

A big thank you for your divine music. I listen to it on a regular basis with great pleasure. It brings me a lot of transformation.
My concentration has greatly improved, my thoughts vanish quickly during my meditation sessions.
I find it easier to live in the moment, which gives me confidence in life and makes me experience an inner joy I had never felt before.

Your music soars, heals, brings soul to everything…

In your music all is harmony, love, light & balance. Your music is “visual”, highly sensitive, we can feel it & touch it, it is incredibly powerful & infuses its ecstatic “presence” into the tiniest of our fibers…
This is “PNEUMA” the sacred power of sound penetrating creation, this is primordial sound, the absolute & the infinite !
Your CD's HIGH SPACES & SILENT LIGHT have been my favorite up to now, the track called “TAO” is absolutely magical !
Thank you Jacotte for your talent, your sensitivity, your creation.
 Thank you to share it with us !

Meeting you opens a new door of light. I deeply feel your music’s effects.
On a physical plane, it made me realize that I had to check about my health which I didn't up to now.
On a spiritual level, there is no doubt for me about the real origin of your music, I have visited the other side, the light, the total love and I do instantaneously recognize them.

Your music opens to the “god” or “goddess” that is within so that “she” can manifest her incredible talents !
Thanks to you and to your music I have finally understood that all the answers that we are seeking are inside each one of us, & that god is within & that we have the life that we deserve according to what we have created…

Just to tell you “thank you beautiful soul” for having composed what is beyond all expression …
I have been listening to your first CD’s and I must say that what you give to us is “life”. Your music is alive !
 Thank you !

Six month ago, I sent you an email, regarding my son that cried a lot and you suggested me the CD RECONCILIATION.
In fact he is no longer an unstable baby, on the contrary, he is now very peaceful and loves that music. Good evening and thank you for everything that your music has done !
D. T.

I bought your collection of CD’s & I am delighted with them !
My first experience was really impressive. As soon as the first notes of music resonated acupuncture points manifested their activation on my legs, my feet (especially the meridians of liver, spleen & bladder).
Everyday I listen to your CD’s & I feel my body activated by the music, it’s like my body was authorized to “wake up”. At night, my dreams tell me what’s going on…
I feel better in my head, I see a new energy motivating me to face life and to understand the signs I am being offered.

I took the test after I listened to your music for 3 months.
The result is I got balance between left brain and right brain, audio and visual.

I received your CD’s last week and I have been working with them immediately.It took me only a few days to journey with each one of them.I feel an immense respect, a profound love and a deep identification with them.
I am a REIKI practitioner, I practice meditation and other alternative therapies.
I do understand each stimulation, each vibration, each sensation, each visualization, each reaction that I experience with your Music. I feel a deep admiration for you.
Thank you for the gift you have offered to all those who use your Multidimensional Music Music !

My name is Carine, I am 40, I am a student in Ericksonian hypnosis, when listening to your music, I easily experience modifications in my level of awareness, I feel an opening of my consciousness field.
While I was listening, I felt a tremor in my eyelids like during hypnosis… my eyes were gradually attracted towards a space situated in between my eyes while my body was deeply relaxing to the point that I nearly did not feel it any longer…Then, my spirit focussed on the purity of the sounds, I felt that they were spreading into my brain and even wider than that…
I could experience such peace and such wonder that I felt reluctant to open my eyes afterward the music ended… After my sessions with your music, I feel purified in my soul, sometimes my eyes shed tears, I shiver, I feel fresh air running around my body and I visualize energy in my cells.
It is easier for me to be in the « present time, here and now » and I feel grateful to have accessed a subtler dimension beyond my . Thanks a lot to Jacotte Chollet for helping us to reach the subtler fields extending beyond what is visible…

During my first session with Multidimensional music I have had the most extraordinary experience of my life : I discovered my inner world, my inner self ! 
Thanks to your music I give birth to my real self, listen to my own vibration and become aware of all that was hidden, buried in the depth of my unconscious .
I close my eyes and keeps focus on my slow and deep breathing in my stomach, then I focus on my heart and as the music flows my inner voyage starts and my inner worlds unfold …

What I discover there may be blissful or painful but it is my own truth ! And when I am aware of it I can learn to love myself better, transform, heal my body and my psyche .
Information comes to my unconscious through symbols, metaphors, painful sensations, images, colors, tastes in my mouth which bring me back into touch with situations, episodes of my past I had repressed and forgotten but which are so precious and meaningful connections to my present situation.
My inner state of anger, frustration, fear and resentment decreased once I had understood in which episodes of my life it was rooted and I could also decipher the origin of certain diseases or accidents I had in the past .
Your music helped me to find my real identity and the real meaning of my life !
*In the beginning certain sounds in the music felt unbearable, until I had touched my deepest emotions and then I could listen to them and like them !

I learned about your work from American futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard.
I have been so moved by your music, Jacotte Chollet, and am very excited to receive the first three CDs (Creation, Essence, Silent Light), all ordered 2 weeks ago.
I am looking forward to incorporating your astounding recordings into my sound healing practice on the coast of Oregon and also in work my partner and I do Holotropic Breathwork.

I am entranced by your Multidimensional music !
how I feel it through my entire body at times, how I am transported and time slips away, and I must report that I find them healing on every level !
I am so grateful you have followed the voice you heard with regard to channeling your music.
It is a gift of light to the heart of humanity. Thank you with blessings,

I am listening to your CD SKY DANCING , I feel in perfect harmony with this sonic vibration, I feel at home in this wonderful, spiritual, loving universe.
As soon as the sounds rise, my body starts vibrating intensely, I perceive tingling sensations everywhere, an extremely gentle and powerful energy envelops me, my heart opens and I feel so good, so good…
Many thanks for your help, your talent, your generosity.

Here are the 3 first important effects that I got from listening to your music:
I need to eat less (that’s very unusual for me !) I feel that I am fed by the music itself !
I don’t need to sleep as much as I did before, (but I still recollect my dreams, as easily as before,)
My capacity for attention is much higher than before, when I work I don’t feel tired & I feel more « serene » than I used to prior to listening to your music !

My friend, the psychologist was amazed by the quickness of the cure with your Multidimensional Music !
According to me, your music is an extremely efficient tool for getting back in touch with our unconscious feelings and memories and go beyond the illusions of our mental world. When our body resonates deeply with the music no more escape is possible.
I think that this tool would be of precious use for psychologists as an accompaniment of their patients during their own sessions.
Thank you to the creator of this incredible musical tool !

I attended a meeting in San Jose where you spoke, and I bought some of your tapes and began listening.
My hemoglobin count has gone from 12.00 to 13.2 in two weeks, in spite of my being on weekly Herceptin which tends to lower hemoglobin count.
Also at my last blood test, my white blood cells have gone from 5.1 to 9.6

I have been listening several time a week to SKY DANCING. I find this calms me down usually.
The first time I listened, I became very cold.
My emotional being has been enhanced and I am very grateful.
I continue to rejoice in my weekly hemoglobin count. Now it has reached 14.0 !
It is a fascinating to see how this works for me. I am truly grateful.

As for your CD’s RENAISSANCE, INVISIBLE PRESENCE and UNITE, I'd like to thank you for such remarkable works of art as they are for me.
I had been in search of something to help me open and heal certain inner problems I have had for a long time, especially a considerable lack of confidence in myself.
Since I have been listening to your CDs I feel much better inside and a new energy is growing in me.
Besides, I had high blood pressure and despite medical care it had not become lowered.
Since I have been listening to your 4 albums, I have had no more high blood pressure and my blood and heart tests are in the normal range.
Thank you for devoting yourself to the elaboration of such music for so many years .
P. B.

After having listened to the ESSENCE CD for 48 hours, my left eye, which had been operated 2 months earlier, which would wake me up at night with shooting pains and was always red and inflamed, has become normal again !!
Thanks for these powerful healing sound waves. It’s sheer happiness!

I am writing you to tell you what happened to my sister who is 46 years old after she listened to n*3 of your CD RENAISSANCE.
She said she felt a sudden pain in her left eye and a strong headache which soon disappeared. She said she could witness an almost palpable form, a kind of gas escaping from her eye.
This pain she said was the same as the one she had been experiencing ever since being operated on with the use of laser in her left eye after which she had continuous headaches for 10 years .
Since being exposed to your music she had no more headaches.

After 4 years of infertility, tears and despair, I eventually became naturally pregnant. This is just unbelievable !
I have started listening to 1 CD after the other, 2 hours a day.
For 4 months I have had big anxieties. You explained to me that these anxieties I would consciously feel while listening to the MMD were the very same as the ones I would live unconsciously and which interfered with the proper functioning of my body.
I have carried on and my fears have gradually faded.
9 months later, I gave birth to a perfectly healthy “multidimensional music baby”, I am SO happy.
Without your music, my little girl would not be here. Many thanks to your Multidimensional Music, I am ecstatic !
I can’t thank you enough !  

I have listened to the two RENAISSANCE and HIGH SPACES CDs, and I feel spellbound.
These two CDs act like real sessions of osteopathy and physiotherapy, both extraordinary and gentle.
The music works on my body in a very surprising way.
My body vibrates and sets in motion.
Congratulations for the exceptional quality of this energetic holistic music.

My fungi, yeasts and “candida albicans” have disappeared after having listened to the SILENT LIGHT CD several times! I used to have a “chronic candidiasis” with a 85% blood and lymph poisoning…
I no longer have these health problems, I have waited for 8 days to make sure I was really healed !
I owe you my life.

I cannot find adequate words to express what I experienced when I listened to your 2 CDs RENAISSANCE and INVISIBLE PRESENCE, I have been listening to them for about one month .
I was under high stress, I feel much better. I was in despair, thinking of death. I feel much better.
I was in pain with rheumatism and sciatica. I am almost well.
I even succeed in emptying my mind something I was unable to achieve for years ! Thank you for your Multidimensional music.

I have had a series of traumas consequently to a cancer of the lymph & multiple surgeries on my backbone; I must say that since I have been listening to your Multidimensional Music I have spectacular results !
I have started with CD RENAISSANCE during several months, in the beginning I would not find the music harmonic and I was unable to use it to meditate, then I started working with your CD UNITE… I kept listening for a long time CD1: “l’Amour Roi” before switching to CD2 “Mystère de la vie”.
Then I turned to CD INVISIBLE PRESENCE & that’s when I had the most incredibly positive results. 

During my sessions with your music I felt I was plugged to the source of light and my limbs which were rigid & clumsy and that kept me from walking normally became far more flexible up to the point that I was able to sustain YOGA postures that I was totally unable to sustain before.
I am writing you to thank your for your research & your music, your CD’s bring me miraculous effects!
I can’t thank you enough, your music is magical, its effects are unquestionable.

This morning at 3 AM, in prey to insomnia, I put your CD UNITE – CD2 : Mystère de la Vie and I listened to it in its entirety and fell asleep.
This morning, I have noted in my diary : soft and warm awakening with my body perfectly relaxed, I hear the harmonious sound of  the universe, my eyes are filled with a golden light, my brains feels alive with slightly tingling vibes, I experience the here and now in a state of bliss.
I have been experiencing tensions in my solar plexus, in my liver and my vertebras during my first sessions with your music.
Then, slowly, my tensions disappeared and I experienced instead an immense sensation of well being and of free circulation of my energies. Thank you!

As soon as the music started, I could feel my diaphragm untying, my breathing was becoming more ample, I was feeling rested and released from a pressure .
I could feel the same in my face : mouth, ear and eye, I could see better and hear better, my head was feeling lighter, tears spread from my eyes, my sinus were emptying.
I was feeling better and better then it stopped and I had the feeling of being under a shower of crystal drops spotting the back of my head both on the surface and in depth, the blows were rapid and sudden but not painful, on the contrary I could feel a wave of relaxation both in my head and body.
The next morning I was in great shape still experiencing colored flashes with the same sensations of release I had been experiencing the day before and it kept going on for a few days.
I have since lost a lot of weight and volume it was spectacular and I could watch my muscle shaping again, I had a feeling of entering a new life, I keep trying to forward these results by visualizing violet and reminding the precise sensations I had the 1st time I listened to the music. A great thank you !

I had in first line a very healing experience, I am epileptic and after listening the music I always became more peaceful, better concentration and in general more immune on stress.
For me is good to listening in the evening, before sleeping, cause I already have natural tendency for out of body experiences, my trigger for epilepsy is in the right side of the brain in temporal lobe, also called God module.
I am also artist, writer and theatre director and in the moment I am busy with topic Future from anatomical and visionary point of view and I found your music very familiar and powerful.
While listening CD CREATION, I felt less tension in body, lower temperature in head and got very inspired, felt almost connected with intergalactic Being.

I have used your music to heal one cat !
Here is the story : Some time ago, a stray cat came to my door severely injured. His rear end was torn from his hips all the way to his tail, which was hanging from a string of his skin.
Whatever attacked him ripped most of his skin off, as well.
He was starving and dehydrated.
Next day, I took him to my cats' vet, Dr. Sandra V, and she performed emergency surgery trying to save his life. It was really bad and she gave me no hope.
All the tissue around the tail, and surgery areas was dead !
The vet said that it was necessary to amputate his tail in an effort to try to save his life or to euthanize him due to the severity of his condition. I asked her what caused the death of the tissue and she told me that the blood irrigation was poor and no oxygen was provided to those areas.
At that point, I remembered a CD that a friend of mine gave to me the summer before. I had tried it on my own self and knew what it caused in my heart and in my blood stream each time I listened to it. The CD was INVISIBLE PRESENCE
I told the Dr. that I was going to try something at home to save Chiron and that I was going to take him for a check up seven days later.
Once home, I put Chiron in the bathroom with everything he needed to be comfortable and began playing INVISIBLE PRESENCE over and over with breaks in between.
ONE DAY after exposing him to the music, his tissue began changing color from black into a pink. The bad smell in the area was going away as well.
On the third day, his tissue was completely pink so I took him immediately to the Dr.'s office.
The vet could not believe her eyes. His tissue was alive ! Chiron was saved !
The Dr. asked me what I did and her assistant as well… I told them about the music that saved a life !
I took the cat in and named him Chiron to honor the mythic centaur figure and its archetype, the teacher within himself that allowed me to learn through his suffering.
Dr. V is willing to give faith of the fact that there was no hope for him from the medical point of view because the tissue was already dead. However, she states that I did something at home that brought that dead tissue back to life and that I said that he was intensively exposed to the music from a CD called INVISIBLE PRESENCE… 
With gratitude !

After sessions with CD1. UNITE.
I testify I have been feeling noticeably modifications inside my brain from my first listening session with your music and I was at first quite surprised, then quite satisfied as I succeeded after 2 or 3 hours to dissolve an energy blockage very tenacious and preoccupying from an emotional origin.
I clearly felt the moment when the effect from the music was enough , I stopped the music and it was stabilized .
A first unexpected effect of your CD has been after I fell asleep while listening to it to make me feel like I had a hole in my brain a ten cents coin size, high on the right hand side of my brain and I heard a sound like " DZONGGG" which made me wake up.
No worry ! my skull is intact and no pain. I touched my skull all around, everything right !

This music feels different from other synthetic music which is labeled relaxation music and kept me a mental prisoner with their repetitive structures or ethereal atmosphere..
On the contrary, your CD RENAISSANCE fills the atmosphere with an audible fragrance.
We feel invited to dive into space and the music transforms the listener into an actor as in Aikido when accepting of the motion allows another motion to follow.
I experience a massage effect of the music on my face, my eyes feel rested, my head relaxes .
Five days ago I played RENAISSANCE to my friend’s sister, an Ethiopian journalist who has been treated in a hospital for 2 years with multiple-sclerosis. She told me that listening to this music had offered her an incredible experience. She said she never listened to such a “vitalizing" music !
By inviting independence, this music can free people from fear like KRISHNAMURTI’s teachings…

I have started listening to the 4 first CDs of your collection : RENAISSANCE, INVISIBLE PRESENCE & the double CD UNITE. 
I have been listening to them 3 to 4 times a week always with earphones.
After 2 months, I started listening to the series of 8 CD’s.
First, let me tell you that I was brought up in a very strict way, a rigid education in all regards.

In the beginning, the sensations triggered by the music would cause my body to “twist" all by itself, like a lizard, I could watch it and let the music do its job…At the end of the CD session, my symptoms were calming down, but, surprisingly to myself, the next day I would feel aggressiveness rise inside me, be it in the course of professional meetings or in my private life…
So, I phoned to ask you a few questions and you told me to keep listening as this type of manifestation would automatically and naturaly end when the transformation in course would be done.
SO, I kept listening to the CDs and gradually my aggressive pulse decreased, but then, other strange types of manifestations started occurring to me :
I would hear the music through one ear only instead of my 2 ears, or I would perceive the music at a very low volume in one of my ears, sometimes, I would feel a spiral effect, like a vortex of energy happening inside my head, and then, I would feel like my head had been 
« aired », relaxed and that everything there was well in place.
Sometimes, I would feel sensations of tingling all through my body, sometimes, my body would move by itself without my willing to move it, some of my muscles would start tilting, shivering; one day, some red rushes appeared on my skin, around my waist and above my buttocks, these rashes disappeared after one hour had passed.
Recently I realized that my body had been transforming, my muscles are becoming longer, thiner, less contracted, I feel I am more flexible, more supple…

Then, I came to your workshop, and during the deep listening session, I would feel that I was seized at my ankles and my wrists by some unknown energy, and that I was stretched, as if some force wanted to stretch me, to make my body « longer », « taller », and as the feeling of stretching was very very intense, I felt frightened, then I felt like like « 2 hands had seized my hips and were opening them wide apart…
It was a very strange sensation. Since that session, I feel very relaxed inside and in my relationships with people, I feel like my belly has been « freed » of all the fright and emotions that were stuck inside. I feel FREE !
Thank you so much for such a quick transformation, I am, now, on my way, ready to express my real potential and to choose the life I want to live.

Hi Jacotte,
It is now my turn to send you my testimony !

I found your music by chance on internet I feel I am only a fresher but I had such incredible experiences that I wanted to tell them to you.

In the beginning I would listen to RENAISSANCE & INVISIBLE PRESENCE without much effects except trembling of my left side while I was experiencing that I could feel that my right side was like dead especially my right leg that was inert.
Then, I listened to your double CD UNITE, listening to CD1 brought to me the deep sensation that I was being strangled by someone, I could hardly breathe, I could feel hands on my mouth, the person acting on me was behind & I could not see who it was, then I felt being violated like if I was going to die…

I must say that in this present lifetime I never experienced being sexually attacked …
 Then I understood that there was a link between these scenes & some pains & problems that I have been experiencing for some time : headaches, problems in my throat, uncontrollable crying during sexual intercourse etc…
 I told myself keep on listening !
Lately with the same CD1 from UNITE, I experienced convulsions in my whole body I was struggling & trying to scratch someone with my nails, it was difficult to breathe then I felt some kind of sexual pleasure followed by feelings of shame and culpability, then I felt my left side trembling again…
I keep on listening to your music, 
thank you ! Thank you so much Jacotte!

When I ended my first session with HIGH SPACES, all my body was painfull as if a truck had run over me & as soon as this thought crossed my mind, I had the vision of a …. And a man wearing a top hat pulling his head out of the door & peering at what had just happened :
He had just run nover me and my arm was broken in several places… This was as if I was re living this scene ( that I did not consciously remember), but what was incredible was the actual unbearable pain in my arm !
The pain was so unbearable that I was screaming inside and I did feel the actual fractures in my arm so I decided to stop the CD, but I was totally unable to move so I realized that the only way to cure my arm was to keep on listening until the pain disappeared…
And the pain finally stopped after 3 sessions of listening non-stop !
 At the same time a thought came to my mind : on a subtle dimension, my arm remained broken all along, what is true is that I had the feeling that I had no strength in this arm and something in it was bothering me and I would usually shake it as if something had remained clutched to it. 
I also remember that my arm had given me trouble a few years ago and that I could no longer hold anything or sustain any object for some time …
Another intriguing fact : I used to have the phobia that I might break my arm (this is as if I already knew the terrible pain it is when you break your arm) and also I had the phobia of horses and of hearing their footstep on the paving stones or on the road as I was fearing the horse would slip on the ground (may be that’s exactly what happened in this previous lifetime ?)
Anyway, after these three sessions non-stop, I feel that my hand was more dense and more energetic, energy was circulating, I can feel my arm muscles and I can use it to carry heavy objects. 
As I did not really realize why my arm appeared to be so weak, I am even more surprised by what happened to me with your music, and I know that it’s a karmic healing.

One day I had the most extraordinary experience of my life while listening to INVISIBLE PRESENCE:
This was an undescribable ecstatic  feeling !
I was no longer a prisoner of this flesh, I was filled with an extraordinary peace and plentiful ness, I felt as if I was a very sensitive, tiny stem, everything around me seemed infused with light and so clear ! At the end of each session, it takes me some time to come back fully to this world, my sense of touch is very very soft, and the warm energy that fills me gradually vanishes until I am fully back to my self.
 I thank you deeply for your creation which overpasses everything I have experienced before ! You have pushed human spirit beyond all limit ! It should be compulsory to listen to your music at school then the evolution of our modern societies would, no doubt, change for the better !

I am a channel, therefore, I am connected with a source. I have been listening almost everyday to your CD INVISIBLE PRESENCE fo a 4 month period .
I have been going though an intensification of the phenomenon. It has opened to me a connection with other sources, one of them being non human.
My personality has changed, everything in me has been amplified.
I was a rather shy and inhibited person. Now I am extraverted and feel like achieving high goals, and the messages I now receive have been taking an extraordinary tone.
T. R.

Once, while listening to your music, I could see myself as I was in my mother’s womb, my twin sister had gone through and I was still crooked, with my head up and not down in the right position.
When all of a sudden, I could see the tunnel as seen from the inside of my mother uterus, I could see its spasmodic motions and realized I could not go through and I did not want to go through, then while listening to the music, I had a physical urge to move my body in the bed and reverse my position .
So did I, first in the fœtal position I was able go through my mothers' vagina.
Half self conscious and half like in a dream, I felt an urge to reverse my posture in the bed.
I talked about that experience to my mother who, in turn, told me I had a very difficult birth because I was not in the right position, I was feet first !

Each time after I have had a one hour session with earphones, I feel fresh and energetic afterwards as if I was starting a new day.
Once, I had such a vivid vision of a walk in a forest so real that I moved unconsciously my arm in order to prevent a branch from hitting me on my face while I was crossing this forest.
Towards the end of September, I had 2 premonitory visions concerning my mother‘s death.
The first one occurred on Wednesday Sept 28th , I was listening towards the end of the afternoon, and I saw a white woman in a white bed, this woman was slipping towards me to tell me something, then I opened my eyes and
The second one occurred  while listening to the same CD.
My grand mother face on my mother’s side appeared followed by my grand father’s face and then the face of an old woman with her mouth saying something I did not understand…
I felt like her mouth touched my face and it frightened me.
On the next morning, I was wakened up at 4 AM by a phone call urging me to go and see my mother who was really feeling bad. When I reached there I just had enough time to wave my mother farewell and she died.
Here are some of the effects of your music. Thank you !
A. C.

While I was listening to your CD CREATION, I realized I was smelling a strong perfume, powerful and steady, a kind of rich blend of vanilla, banana, caramel and sweet spices.
The music was evoking a delicious state of peace and harmony.
Thank you for these very special moments bringing me in touch with my own heart and making me feel at one with the universe.
One day, while copying one of your CDs onto a tape, I suddenly noticed that the music did not sound like usual. The music seemed so different, I could not recognize it.
Later, I realized that the music which was playing seemed accelerated speed, like a 33 disc being played  as a 45 !
While paying attention to this sudden time acceleration, I realized that since the night before which was full moon, I had been in a high speed mood and that this music effect was making me aware of the real inner state I was in a fact which I had not been aware before !

Jacotte, here is what happened to me when I listened to your music last month: 
Usually, when I have my period I feel a lot of pain the first two days, and it was one day when I felt really bad, like if I could not do anything. Sometime when this happens, I take tablets but they generally don´t help that much and I don´t want to take strong medicines.
So, I went to lie down and I listened to your music and felt asleep.
While I was asleep I felt that I was hearing the music too ! And then, in my dreams I saw that the music was creating a very warm ball of light in front of my belly and that this ball of light was spinning was growing bigger and bigger. Then the ball of light exploded and I felt all the warmth coming out of it into my belly. It was like I had absorbed it and the ball started started again to grow bigger and bigger like it did in the beginning, first like a little point in front of my belly and growing and spinning again and exploding again and starting again, and so on a few times. 

This ball of light was being created by your music while I was listening to your CD High Spaces.
It was a wonderful sensation, when I woke up I was feeling wonderful, all the pain had vanished and it never came back ! You know, it was very strange because I wasn´t thinking about that and it happened anyway while I was sound sleep, so it was really weird !