A. While I was listening to your CD CREATION, I realized I was smelling a strong perfume,powerful and steady, a kind of rich blend of vanilla, banana, caramel and sweet spices.
The music evoked in me a delicious state of peace and harmony. Thank you for these eternal moments bringing me into my own heart and into the one of the universe.

B- One day while I was recording one of your CDs onto a tape, I suddenly noticed the music did not sound like it did usually. The sounds seemed different, I could not recognize them.
Then I understood the music was being played as if it were at an acceleratred speed, like a 33 being played in 45…
While I was paying attention to this sudden acceleration, I realized since the night before which was full moon, I hade been in a high speed mood and I understood the music had made me aware of my real inner state which I had been ignoring.

Catherine. Paris, FRANCE.

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