Rebirth experience

Once, while listening to your music, I could see myself while I was in my mother’s womb, my twin sister had gone through and I was still crooked, with my head up and not down in the right position.
When all of a sudden, I could see the passage as seen from the inside of my mother uterus, I could see its spasmodic motions and realised I could not go through it and I did not want to go through, then while listening toi the music, I had a physical urge to move my body in the bed to reverse my position.
So I did, in a foetal position and then wide allongee, I could go through my mothers’ vagina. I was in special state half conscious, half like in a dream. I felt an urge to reverse my posture in the bed.
I talked about that experience to my mother who in turn told me I had a very difficult birth because I was not in the right position, I was feet first !


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