Each time I have a one hour session with earphones, afterwards I feel fresh and energetic as if I was starting a new day.
Once, I had such a vivid vision of a walk in a forest so real that I moved unconsciously my arm in order to prevent a branch from hitting me on my face while I was crossing this forest.
As to listening with speakers, once I felt a sudden pain in my left eay as well as in my left foot .
As soon as I could get your second CD INVISIBLE PRESENCE, I started to listen to it regularly.
Towards the end of September, I had 2 premonitory visions concerning my mother ‘s death.
The first one occured on Wednesday Sept 28th 1994, I was listening towards the end of the aftternoon, and I saw a white woman in a white bed, this woman was slipping towards me to tell me something, then I opened my eyes and the scene did not disappear but looked like if I was looking through a binocular..

The second one occured on Sept 3oth 1994 during the listening of the same CD.
My grand mother face on my mother’s side appeared followed by my grand father’s face and then the face of an old woman with her mouth shaping.
I had the impression her mouth touched my face and it frightened me.
Next morning I was wakened up at 4 AM by a phone call urging me to go and see my mother
who was really feeling bad. When I arrived there I could just wave farewell to my mother who died.
Here are some of the effects of your music. Thank you.

A. C.

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