Pr Régis Dutheil


(MD) quantum physicist, consciousness researcher, teaching physics and biophysics at Poitiers, Faculty of Medicine.
He dedicated himself to research in fundamental physics from 1973.
He is the author of Superluminal Man & Superluminal Medicine.
He was a joint Director in Louis de Broglie Physics Fundation in Paris.

Régis Dutheil, la médecine superlumineuse, éditions Sand


THE BOOK OF PROFESSOR RÉGIS DUTHEIL “La Médecine Superlumineuse" (Superluminal) medicine) which deals about the evolution of medicine from ancient times to now and drafts the basis of a new medicine based on consciousness for the 21st millenium.

He dedicates chapter VIII called:
“Opening on a medicine of the XXIst century" to Jacotte Chollet's research and to the multidimensional effects of her music on psyche and body.

For the present time, The method that is closest to the new paradigm of medicine for the XXI st century is Multidimensional Music from Jacotte Chollet, because it transforms at the same time our bio-electromagnetic field and our consciousness.

It induces neg-entropy*. There is, first, an auto-diagnosis effect followed by a therapeutical effect as it brings into awareness traumas long time encoded from the past and corrects the field of information at the same time.

At this level of consciousness, the usual perception of time no longer exists, our multi-dimensional body extends beyond locality as well in the past as in the future.
(*NEG-ENTROPY is orderly information which organizes structures and functions of living systems and participates in intercellular bio-communication.)

Professor Régis DUTHEIL

Medical Doctor, Physician.


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