oneness experience with album Invisible presence

Listening to your CD Invisble Presence was listening to the song of the universe and it brought tears of joy in my eyes!
Never before had any music given me this extraordinary feeling: to be at the same time in my
own heart and in the heart of the world.

In the depth of my own intimate world I feel an extreme joy, a feeling that will last for several hours.
I don’t know if nature itself is singing inside me or if I am the singer.

For the first time I realize the deep meaning of prayer: to be in total accordance with ones own self & with the world.
In resonance to the sound, I see rainbows, I see colors, I feel vibrations. each one is an expression of perfection.
This dialogue between my self and the universe culminates into a deep feeling of reconciliation between the sacred world and the material world!

C. V.

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