Music for Spiritual Healing

Very shortly after the beginning of the CD Sky Dancing, I started to experience spots of coldness throughout my body. These localized cold spots were felt randomly.
I was in a very relaxed state and could sense physically invisible hands busily moving all over my head and body.
Shortly after, I could sense the entire transparent shape of the body of these invisible beings – they were focused and engrossed in whatever healing they were performing.

The left side of my body grew colder and colder until it felt like ice. It was not painful, nor was it even uncomfortable. The right side kept a normal temperature. Later, the process was reversed, right side versus left side.
I believe the 4th track had just ended when all of a sudden, I distinctly heard two loud beeps. Each beep was simultaneously accompanied by a cherry-red dot appearing on my mind-screen (inner third eye location).
I was startled by the clarity and depth of the sound of these two beeps and had the distinct inner feeling that these two beeps/dots represented the beginning of a yet-unknown-to-me form of spiritual communication, reminiscent of the physical Morse language.

I believe it is important to note that shortly after this experience, I started to be able to discipline myself into a much deeper and more relaxed form of meditation and, subsequently I was able to quite effortlessly and intuitively gather and relate information on my friend’s past lives. Thank you, this was my experience!

D. G.

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