Music for cosmic journey

While we were relaxing, the settee was shaking and vibrating as if it were rocketing off.
After that, I went up very high and was moving through cosmic landscapes and magical atmospheres, in a crystalline world, sometimes I felt worrying and scared, but not threatened. These worlds were serene and plentiful.
Different songs led to different worlds, some of which were lit up with crystalline blue lights, others with intense golden white shrines.
Once I even saw myself opening enormous temple doors that revealed large treasures.
In the last song I was descending back to earth like a cosmic knight in shining armor.
It felt like I was diving head down but I landed swiftly on my feet, before I started walking.
In the breaks between the songs I could feel my heart was oppressed.
The session was nevertheless light, calm and a general sense of well-being was flowing.


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