music for a journey into DNA

Very quickly I am aspired out of my body while listening to your CD HIGH SPACES and I have the feeling of going beyond the limits of our solar system.
I can watch a supernatural light and I feel the presence of beings of light coming from another galaxy, they are surrounding me.
I ask them to help me as I am (in my actual life) in the process of working out and evacuating informations that I have inherited from my family background and that I want to get rid of.

At the same moment I can see inside me a 3D spiral of DNA with a remarkable luminosity that is emerged into a cosmos that I feel linked with me & open onto the infinite at the same time.
These beings of light transmit to the DNA double spiral a specific and unknown to me green light mixed with a violet color of a supernatural luminescence.

The color gradually impregnates the DNA spiral, cleans it out, purifies it, energize it activates the codons which are dormant as well as clearing the psychic stuff that is encoded into my DNA.
At this stage, it is difficult to put words on the sensations I am experiencing.
Then, I express deep gratitude to these luminous beings and with regrets the experience ends when the track ends!


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