multidimensional body and chakras

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Here is a very simple sketch of our multidimensional body.
our chakras are energy wheels that dispensate energy without which we could not stay alive.
This vital energy is called PRNA in INDIA, CHI or KI in China or Japan.

It is though our chakras that we absorb subtle energy from the universal Life field .
If one of our chakras is disfunctioning it sends erroneous information energy to the corresponding organ progressively inducing illness.

In general 7 chakras are represented but it seems we possess far more of them, up to 13 or more according to Ingo SWANN*.

Some of them are inside our hands, in our feet as well as way under our feet & way above our head.
This whole network of energy & information exchange glitters in to incredibly beautiful colours according to our present state of consciousness and health, and according to the level of our spiritual development.

Ingo Swann was a renowned researcher and expert in perception, the author of : Natural ESP, Your Nostradamus factor, Psychic sexuality, Secrets of power…

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