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ZEN GARDEN is the 14th CD from the brilliant — and prolific — composer Jacotte Chollet.
It represents a breakthrough in her creativity because it surpassed the innovative work that has  brought her international attention. As the title implies, it evokes calmness and serenity to those who listed to it. But it also lays the groundwork for creativity and inspiration.  Imagine the stones and the sand in a zen garden. And then imaging taking a rake to reshape those elements into countless variations.  This is the mood so delightfully captured by Jacotte Chollet, and why on never tires of listening to ZEN GARDEN.
co-author Personal Mythology


The first thing I immediately noticed was how my breath became deeper and slower while listening to the first music. And how after the end of each music, my body would make these deep deep breaths. It was very natural and not a product of my conscious intention but just something that happened while I was witnessing it.

Then, the effect was more spatial. I felt like the music was opening me into this big landscape and a vast spaciousness. It also sounded like a vehicle, a space ship that was travelling through an ethereal and energetic world, also emotional. It was a very strange spaceship indeed because at the same time it was travelling through my body like an inner massage, but I also felt it travelling and taking me wondering throughout the universe.

I remind thinking to myself that if the universe had any kind of song or vibration, then this would be it. Maybe that´s what the universe pulsates all the time in its “empty and silent” spaces.

I felt these were the original sounds of the universe that all humans throughout the eras had try their best to replicate with their own musical instruments.
Shamans try do do this, musicians, children, birds, whales and whatever. And that this cosmic pulsating song is as ancient as time but also very much from the future, on the heights of the evolutionary scale, but also you can feel it here in the present.

Then I had the intuition to take the earphones and hear it loud through the speakers. I felt everything vibrating in the room walls, my body completely glued to the sound like I was inside a sonic fire. I felt like listening to the core of the universe, a colossal and endless sphere that emanated the waves of creation. Instead of being inside a particle accelerator, I was inside a wave accelerator ! Lifted and carried into the beyond of the beyond.
This music is an artifact of spirit lifting. A very beautiful gift that brings from the outside a vibration that opens the door of our true cosmic being.
Congratulations ! A spiritual masterpiece.

JOAO DA FONSECA , Psychologist

Hello Jacotte,
I have been exposed to some of your work on the internet and I find it very interesting, effective and informative.
I was wondering if you have any plans to visit the San Francisco Bay area in the future ?
I would be interested in attending a workshop or seminar.  
Thank you for all the work you do !

This music comes from Heaven and takes you in the first second right there.
You feel: “this is Home, here is the place I belong to".
Being familiar to realms beyond this belief system -the beloved Earth-, I am astonished to find such a door in a tiny round object.
Only a true citizen of the Skies as Jacotte Chollet could have translated their magic to Earth.


This is a long drink of lavendar nectar to be sure! Nourishing and comforting. Like slumbering in a bed of fragrant flowers.
After the very intense tribulations of the first 3 albums, getting a lot of confused energy flushed out and such, and then the magnificence of the CREATION disc, this is a welcome experience of gentle, tender caring and unconditional nurture.
The album opens with “Silent Light," a savory 15 minute theta journey to the Bright World.
On the wing of Prayer, we sail through the glassy sheets of Light to the Heart of an ever-arriving Dawn. A gentle, healing, nourishing swathe of the Unio Mysterium.
“Awakening" is a 13 minute piece that lures one from the precipice of slumber into an active dreaming somnolence — the paradoxical “mind awake; body asleep" state.
After this, “Soul Memory" an 8 minute Ambient piece, evokes a quiet, solitary mood appropriate to the state we refer to as Reflection: an extended introspective consideration of a matter or of an idea (according to me.)
This composition serves as a bridge, as a calming period between sections of the album. It allows the slumberer a little time to absorb the previous material, get centered and develop a clean dominant brainwave for what follows.
Which is the epic 22 minute “Tao," which is a wonderful delta environment.
Even though it is slow and sleep music, there is a lot of energy and goings-on here!
Probably the gentlest and most lovely of the MultiDimensional music set, I love to go to sleep to this one. sweet like honey.



What a truly amazing and satisfying recording this is!! I would think anybody with a love & appreciation for Angelic or Ascension music would really enjoy this album…/…
I swear my toes were curling by the second minute of the second song & the rest was a feast for the senses.
The name of the album is CREATION, and that is indeed what it is about. feeling creative, thinking
creatively and creating realities. so it is quite active and energizing, while at the same time being very suggestive on a visual level.
The initial piece, “Heaven," is a playful 7 minute improv on some ideas that are signature Debussy…/… it is also magical and mysterious, suggestive of something evanescent of a higher reality being miraculously translated downward to a denser reality../…
The ten minute, “Oratorio," takes us to the Sea of Light. This entire sequence is so well arranged and executed, I’m pretty much in awe by the end.
The fifth track, “Cosmic Love," There is an intense sensation of deep love and i check my
heart chakra only to realize — !! — this is in the crown chakra and i’m about to go over the falls into ekstasy!! o man!!
The final piece, “Space Song," is 17 minutes beyond the threshold in a paradoxical realm that the inner voice says is where Will originates.
This is not simple galactic or transgalactic space. This is more like the Pleroma or the Logos: Void of Absolute Potential.
Extract from review.



When I listened to the first track, I had an intense experience.I had intentionally missed the description of each CD, TO MAKE SURE THAT WHAT I FEEL is authentic, not prompted by the information and experience of other people.
Visions started almost immediately. I saw my ‘double’ sitting cross-legged, just as I was listening to the music.

I felt overwhelming sorrow, then pink lights appeared around my ‘double’, then entered through the heart. I ‘knew’ that this was the energy of love I lost – now it was coming back to me. 
Then the pink ray of light shot out of my heart through the back. I could see the vortex of energy, entering my heart in spirals, and exiting at the back. Then my ‘double’ started to spin and was sucked into a vortex of greyish-white tunnel.
As track 2 was playing, I felt deeply relaxed, and sunk in and out of dream-like state. 
By force of my will I entered into the library of my subconscious believes. I took books, volumes containing negative self-image. They were entered into a ‘psychic’ shredder – which looked like a standing wall of light. I could feel the released, emptied space, vibrant and full of energy. 
At some point, certain note entered into my right ear, I sensed the pressure on the right side of my head for about 40 seconds.

As track 3 started to play I was in trance. I used it for self-hypnosis, positive affirmations. 
I also had a vision of looking at the source of my emotions. It was a stale pool of dark water. THEN as if by magic it cleared, and turned into a clear spring. 

During track 4 I am more alert. I had a sensation of being invaded by some energy, it make me feel disgusted and physically I felt sick. I ‘saw’ this energy being washed away by rain and running through the gutters. I asked Earth to absorb and clear it. 
Almost at the end I had peculiar vision. I saw myself to be a string of light in elliptic structure all made of strings.
Music of the ‘RENAISSANCE’ plays me. I see myself vibrating, sound is the ‘player’, but I am producing the same sound simultaneously. It is a contradiction, it is logically impossible, but this is how it felt.

Thank you again.


Generally I noticed that after listening to MMD before sleep my dreams are more vivid, colourful, and I can remember them in detail. I am also more aware during the sleep, so actually able to say myself ‘Now I AM DREAMING. Remember what you see’.
Also as I am going through difficult time in my life, at times I suffer from attacks of anxiety and uneasiness. Listening to MMD lifts these feelings and give sense of well-being.

As I listened second time to ‘Renaissance’, to my amazement, I heard it differently ( !!) – as if on the background there was an orchestra performing a wonderful symphony with violins and flutes. I did not hear it like that again though !

I think that your music made it possible for me to experience what I knew only intellectually from studies of Buddhism, in my blood and in my whole being.
Then I saw how when awaken I would perceive reality – as a computer programmer of a virtual reality. As in the film ‘Minority report’ I saw myself touching the virtual screen and having instant access to detailed information on anything I focus on.

With LOVE,

Hello, I have enjoyed SILENT LIGHT, very much… the first track, gives sensasion through my body, the second, is more in my head.. the third brings out emotions…great stuff… 

Hi Jacotte !
I’d like to tell you about the experiences I have had since the moment when I started listening to your wonderful CD’s. 
F irst I experienced some contractions in my legs & this was recurrent no matter which CD I was listening to, then I had incredible experiences sorts of luminous flashes in my head & I was scared to have an epileptic seizure but no it never happened and I felt much more serene. 

During my last session with your music I could clearly hear a voice telling me:
“Please take the road of light!”
And I also dream a lot about light, I see myself being flooded by white light.

Dear jacotte,

I am a naturopath and I use your music when I treat my patients. They have incredible experiences while I practise “massage” with essential oils on them.
I have realised that your music provides emotional, energetic and physical healing.
> Some of my patients have experienced “out of the body” experiences, others have received healing while reconnecting with “past lives” stuff that had been left unfinished, others have been put in touch with saints, entities of great power while I was massaging them.
Your music is very powerful and I feel it is quite perfect in conjunction with my practise.

Well, about the inner voyage due to the work of your CDs, I would like to tell you that I never saw, better saying, listened to anything like your music.
From the very first moment of hearing them (and I did exactly like oriented in your website) a very strong energy and vibrations and emotions and experiences came to my whole being, and specially to my heart chakra. It seems like a kind of spiritual master or something is directing the process of coordination and integration of feelings, emotions and experiences.
Without any effort I felt like I was travelling through my inner space, where all the emotions and thoughts were like other objective beings, to whom I could talk and exchange energy.

Since then, when my arm was still broken and at rest, I listened to the CDS, one at a day, and I can say you that I’m quite different, to the better, from what I was before hear them. 
I don’t know how to say you exactly what I’m feeling now, but I can say that I have more peace and energy to face everyday ordinary happenings. 
The contact with my own Higher Self was very, very easily done through hearing your music.
Thank you, dear friend, to your outstanding work, wonderful, BRAVO !

I found your music amazingly beautiful and I hope that your talent and healing work that I do (energy healing) would compliment each other tremendously. 
It not easy to find such a pure sound as you created in your music, wonderful !!!
I am spiritual counselor /healer. I use my psychic, mediumistic and healing abilities to bring more light into the hearts and soul of others and this is my pathway.
The healing starts from there and goes all way to the physical level. So, I guess we are doing the same thing just using different tools…

I have heard the sound of the Universe in my head and clips from Renaissance CD, Sky Dancing are sound just like that.
Amazing that you were able to manifest it into a physical tones.

Here under is the list of improvements that I experienced after listening to your 2 CD’s CREATION & UNITE for one month, gains are noticeable in different dimensions of my self.
1- Generally speaking, my Intellectual capacities have improved, I am less prone to feel tired… I also noticed an increase of my concentration and of my memory.
2- I feel more creative, more fluid, and my domains of creativity have expanded.
3- My capacity to feel inspired, my inner joy and my magnetism have increased.
4- On a physical plane, I feel more active, and I am more resistant.
5- I eat less and my organism is beter able to selct what type of food it really needs.
6- My energy level is more constant.
7- My sexual energy is at a higher level.
8- I noticed that an old chonic pain both in my shoulder and in my leg have disappeared.
9- I only need 7 hours of sleep now when I used to need longer before.
10- My sensitivity towards music has increased noticeably and I even could get rid of an enormous blocking concerning piano
11- I am less prone to foster melancholy and fear and to project them into my concerns.
12- Every day I feel more unified.
13- I feel less the urge to be considered and recognized for what I am doing.
14- I feel more and more « one with the universe »
I meet more enlightened people and the connection with them is instantaneous and natural…

A great thank you to Jacotte Chollet for her music that is of so much help to many. This is one of the most powerful tools that I know for bringing back into awareness deep emotions that have been repressed for too long wether they are of biographical or transpersonal origin .

When listening to her music, we are immersed into a universe made of waveforms that have a real therapeutic, healing effect on the listener. These vibratory fields are intelligent, they« know » where to direct their vibrations into the listeners’ body in order to release its blockings.
This effect is, in my opinion, very close to that of ICAROS used by some Shamans in their curing practise .

A good number of therapists practising ostheopathy or reflexology would really benefit from Jacotte’s music in their own field of practise.
I want to add that this « cleansing » of emotional knots has a really rejuvanating effect and favors adaptability and flexibility, this music concurs to maintain vitality and prevent aging .

Accomplishing cerebral tasks with ease.

A few years ago, I decided to start University again, not easy after 8 years of interruption… So I was in pain and my energy was very low… 
One day, my husband brought me a CD : INVISIBLE PRESENCE that sounded very unusual even strange, but I soon felt that when listening to it I was surrounded by a mysterious energy that was litteraly holding me, carrying me, transporting me, & I realised this was a decisive encounter ! 
When I would listen to it during my University work, I would keep on learning witht any effort, my ideas were clear and I felt a new enthusiasm,
It was like old chains were crumbling down and new horizons were opening in front of me…
Soon INVISIBLE PRESENCE was « on » almost 24 hours a day at home, studying turned into a joyful experience ! 
What is really surprising me is that even after 5 years of listening to it, I never got fed up with it, I felt no saturation and I succeeded to all my exams on the go for 5 years… 
I have discovered since your other CDs that I listen with great pleasure, but whenever I have a problem to solve, or an important decision to take I listen to INVISIBLE PRESENCE & my spirits clear up, my intellect becomes performant and I feel comforted by this same mysterious energy that I felt the first time I listened to it….

Different experiences with different CD’s
 As soon as I put the CD on I felt the presence of archangel Mickael alongside with me and I saw my self by a cascade of clear water : I dived into the water & was attracted towards the depth by a light : an immense oyster was there wide open (it was exactly the same scene as the famous painting : birth of Venus) and there a voice told me to lay down & I could hear the words :
« be rebirthed in love », but, as I wasn’t feeling totally secure dolphins came to swim with me and comfort myself. 
Finally I accepted to go inside the gigantic oyster and was dazzled by white light. Then I found myself engulfed into a black tunnel in which I was floating without any fear despite the fact that in general I am claustrophobic, but another light was expecting me at the other end of the tunnel…
Then my consciousness reintegrated my body and I could see empty galleries being filled with a blue & thick liquid, as if prior to that the arid soil was being moistered…

When I started listening to plage 1 I felt as if I was listening to a horror film putting me in touch with intense fear even terror and I could see black and white images coming from another lifetime where I was chased, before being caught, tortured and killed ! 
All is coming up to the surface of my consciousness (awareness) as I keep listening this music… I feel that I have to keep listening to this music in order to keep watching my inner process of getting rid of these terrible memories that are still repressed inside me. I know that the day when I can listen to that music and feel that it is OK and even harmonious, then i twill mean that I am finally freed from this past…

 I immediately feel an immense love, this wave of love invades my body, waves of heat and love go through my body from feet to head as if to clean my body and help remove old cellular memories (quite enjoyable) ; then after I have being emptied of these dissonant fragments I realize I am being filled with new energy charged with millions of informations ding my cells and I have the feeling that these new information will help me evolve and find new schemes better corresponding with what I need to find.

 For me listening to this CD was connecting me with superior intelligence filled with pure love, I could feel this connection in my head. 
As my right eye is blind I generally compensate this fact by working on my right ear so my axis of perception is in general is : left eye+right ear, but during the listening of this CD it changed my axis of perception became : right eye+ left ear, I could practically only hear the music through my right ear and through my right eye (that is blind) I could watch cosmic visions (inner sight) with a multiplicity of incredibly beautiful colors.
It’s a very surprising experience to « see » (inner visions) through the right side of my head. 
At the end, when I stood up I felt dizzy for some time which is perfectly normal after such a shift in energy ! What an experience!!

Jacotte, you are brilliant and your music is incredible ! 
Each time I am listening to it, I feel your
I listened to your CD CREATION with a friend & I want to give you feedback on our experiences :
 Track 1 Heaven : She felt that her subtle body was enlarging, expanding, she was like « suspended in space » and was feeling very, very light.
Track 2 Magical : she felt that her feet and her legs were moving like if they had a life of themselves independant from her will, she also felt that her third eye was reacting, she could feel a kind of « pressure » on it that made her aware of that specific energy center ! She felt quite « at ease » with the music.

** My own experiences :
Track 2 Magical : I could feel myself a pressure on my eyes and on my brain, it was strong, almost painful… This was the second time I was listening to this track and I could hardly « recognize » the music from the first time I listened to it, this time, I was much better aware of the deeper frequencies…
Track 5 Cosmic Love : I experienced an incredible beauty quite moving and quite impossible to describe with words…

Hi ! Thank you for the superb experience that you offer to your listeners which in my opinion extend far beyond what we call « music ».
I bought Your CD’s CREATION, SILENT LIGHT and SKY DANCING, I usually listen to them at night before sleeping.
They provided me quite a number of surprising mental imaging, as well as physical sensations like heat rushes in my belly… Each time I listen to them, I experience more sensations like if your music was gradually dwelling deeper and deeper into my body in order to inscribe bette rand better its messages and awaken it.
Afterwards, I feel well, I feel very light and I experience subtle energy escalading my back bone and opening my chakras, especially the 3rd eye and coronal chakra…
Thank you for what you bring to me, sincerely.

Thank you!

 I have been stressed out over a problem building a new home and this came at the right time.
I listened to your CD yesterday all the way through and I felt quite revitalized afterwards.

HIGH SPACES feels similar to parasailing.

you know you are moving, but it feels that you are remaining still, like parasailig off a cliff into the clouds and sky infinite sounding yuo with fingers of electric white light moving in and out of your eyes, you move to deep meditative states of dark purple and blue with electric white light circling inside you, in every cell of your being, You are clouds air light,
When you finish you are lighter, flowing, graceful in the world, everything is soft, gauzy and breathing as if on an LSD trip, and an ancestor mask stare into your eyes with love, light and airy, everything is deep sweet, and perfect just the way it is, and you see with new eyes the beauty of forms of your own form, a slight, genius of a Platonic feat by Jacotte


When I heard about « Multidimensional Music », I decided to try it, as I was looking for a tool to help me proceed further on my path : I have a problem of incestuous relationships in my family and I have done 2 years of psychoanalysis.

I started listening to your double CD UNITE :
During my first session, I had the feeling of being agressed in my ears, I would hear the music not with my 2 ears at once, but one after the other like if my brain had been cut in 2 ! It was so disagreeable that I stopped listening…Yet, It was making sense of my own deep ambivalence!

Fortunately, the friend of mine who had told me about « Multidimensional Music » kept saying to me that I should persevere, and that’s what I did.
Gradually, listening to the music felt easier, I even could feel sweetness & peace at the same time I was feeling more self confident.
After some time, I felt that all the suffering I had buried deep inside me had gone up to the surface and I could, now, clearly understand all that It was about & …
For the first time in my life, I became aware of the immensity of my suffering, now, I was no longer in the process of intellectualizing my feelings, now, it was my body that was, directly, expressing my suffering and pain.
So much suffering was buried inside me! I was amazed!

The next thing that I did was to put an end to a personal relationship that I had and that, I now realised, was unhealthy for me.
Day after day, session after session, I became stronger and I felt the courage to dive even deeper into the source of my suffering, into the original incestuous situation that was at the root of my suffering.
I asked a friend of mine, a psychologist, to assist me during the listening session with your music, and, after 3 sessions:
I could clearly see the original image and get rid of the weight it had been exerting on m shoulders …

You sent me your collection of CD’s in the Bahamas where I live, I tried to follow your recommendations concerning the best way of listening to this music, but the first time I listened to CD « SILENT LIGHT » I felt a dreadful headache, I don’t know what happened, perhaps I put the music too loud or perhaps it was due to the few alcoholic drinks that I had had before! 
Anyway, it was so strong that no antalgic would have any effect to calm it down, so I decided to listen to another one of your CDs : RENAISSANCE, and, before this CD ended, my headache had totally disappeared!

> During each session with your music, I feel energy moving inside my body, mainly in my arms sometimes in my legs, sometimes in my spine and I feel like warm electricity in my hands.

My first encounter with MMD Music happened during a trip of 4 days in Germany, we were there for « darshan » with “mother MEERA".

In the house where we used to take our meals, somebody put your CD SILENT LIGHT:
at first, I had the feeling that this music was extremely strange & incoherent, and I started eating, and suddenly, I felt I was immobilized, I was unable to move nor to eat! It felt like I was immediately “fed with peace and harmony" in all my body and my head &…This occured afer I had only listened to the 3 first minute of the CD!

Later in the afternoon, I listened to CD UNITE and I felt immediately nauseous and belching, it was very disturbing so I stopped!
2 days later, on the way back to France, I started listening again to CD SILENT LIGHT and I immediately felt activation in my brain, in the right and in the left hemisphere, it was going from right to left, and to the centre where our hypophyse is, ad it felt like beams of light activating by themselves!
Then, I had the feeling that my neuronal circuitry was rewired correctly, re established and activated in a new way.
At one moment, I felt a strong urge to open wide my eyes and then I feel like I am extaticaly “merging" with the landscape, totally immobile and “at one" with the surroundings me! I hear in my heart that there is no death, that all is one, and that everything is alive “here and now"!
During all the session with this CD I had the clear feeling I was reconnecting with my deep SELF, it took me over 30 minutes to come back to this earthy world, my god, what a trip it was !

CD RENAISSANCE : I felt immediate activation of energy all along my spine, I had the sensation that my blood cells were being aspired or magnetically directed towards the axis of my spine, like if they were attracted by an invisible force forcing them to go that way. I also had the sensation that “my blood" was massaged !
Then I felt sensations at the location of my 3rd eye and I felt compelled to close my eyes, but then I realize they are already closed! But, it was like I had 2 eyelids one inside and one outside, I also felt light and healing in my eyes.
It feels fresh and resting, my arms feel very very heavy, when the music ends, I have he sensation that all my blood cells that had been directed towards my spine now expand and fly away like stars on both side of my spine, back to their original location !

All the 8 CDs are reconnecting me to my source of LOVE, they are reconnecting me to my real SELF, to my ESSENCE.
All the CDs give me access to a form of personal knowing that is unique and that is originating from myself.
I prefer to listen to the CDs in the morning.
T hank you, Jacotte, for this wonderful work that you have done and these gifte you offered me in the simplicity of your heart.

Today I visited your website for the first time, and I must tell you that as a Visual Artist, and most important as human being, I felt that connection with the transcendental in us, with that space in our lives that reveals the eternity in one second, with the cosmic in us, with the natural in us, with the essence of existence.
Your music is one of the spaces that connect us with that beautiful reality
that everybody could see but just a few ones can really see it and live it.
Thank you for that.

I am impressed by your works UNITE, RENAISSANCE and INVISIBLE PRESENCE and by the effects they have on my entire being, body and soul.
In the past, I used to suffer from dizziness, headaches, anxiety, I would withdraw into myself and it had become unbearable.
I listen to your music as it were every day and since then by miracle a huge TRANSFORMATION occurred, my health troubles have disappeared!
Your music calms me, makes me serene and at the same time fills me with renewed energy.
I feel both more dynamic and more serene.
S. B.

Your COSMIC HEART CD is magnificent and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I find it very beautiful, so full of Joy, so much in the Love and Unity vibrations. This music has touched my heart and all my cells too.
Thanks a lot, you have done an extraordinary work, the result is really exceptional.

I have been listening to your ultimate COSMIC HEART CD for the last two weeks. Its penetrating strength is amazing. Thanks for this splendid album!
On the 4th track, I have felt something happening in my hypothalamus: a ray of luminous energy entered by the top of my head, the coronal chakra, to reach the centre of my brain, but it was just a preparation for the Cosmic Heart 5th track! How powerful!
A work is done on my cervical vertebrae: I feel an energy that goes from the middle of my back to the Atlas.
My heart beats in unison with this heart, and this carries on for several minutes after the end of the track! If I had to sum it up in a few words, I would say: power, peace, love and opening.

I have listened to the two RENAISSANCE and HIGH SPACES CDs, and I feel spellbound.
These two CDs act like real sessions of osteopathy and physiotherapy, both extraordinary and gentle.
The music works on my body in a very surprising way.
My body vibrates and sets in motion.
Congratulations for the exceptional quality of this energetic holistic music.

Bonjour Jacotte Chollet,
I have received my disc “COSMIC HEART" thank you for such fast service !
Now I have had time to here it a few times i can say it is a fantastic sound with track 4 and 5.
I have had a vibration in my back which is unusual, this music is very enjoyable.
I have listened to your music for a long time now I have been inspired to buy a keyboard for the first time… This gives me great pleasure !
Thank you very much for your work. Peace and blessings.

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