Jacotte Chollet was born in the mountains of Massif Central, in France, she attended Grenoble University where she received a BA and MA in English and in Linguistics.

She worked as a documentary filmmaker co producing and directing 50 Documentary films for French National Television network and travelled around the world as well in America, USA, Canada, as in Lebanon, Israel, Ireland, Papua New Guinea, Kenya, Nepal, Thailand, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Bangladesh, Lapland, North Yemen and Haiti…

In 1978, with her husband and long-time collaborator André Voisin focus their interest on unity rather than diversity showing in their documents what is common to all people in the world, they produce 3 series of films/
The wheel of life synthesizing Eastern and Western concepts about life from birth to death;
In search of Man a series concentrating on our senses, perception, language, communication and how to overcome our limits through specific practice in spirituality and ultimate performance in sports .
The last series called :
Passion for life is an opening on the world of the unconscious and subconscious through Arthur Janov's Primal therapy.

Jacotte Chollet’s work brought her into contact with leading edge thinkers, researchers and spiritual figures such as :
Karl Phibram, David Bohm, Fritjof Capra, Stanislas Grof, Philippe Lavastine, Paul Mac Lean, Karl H. Stockhausen, Leonor Fini, Norman Cousins, Jean Charron, K. Ueshiba the founding master of Aikkido, Arthur Janov, Marilyn Ferguson, and Krishnamurti among others…They gave Jacotte first hand information of high quality and level and  described their visions in science, philosophy, psychology and spirituality.

In the last months of 1984, it seems you changed direction,
what led you shift your focus from film to music and sound ? What events led to it ?

When I look back, it seems to me that music and vibrations were present all along in my life.
My native birth place is a land of running waters and forests, they were my first harmonies from nature, my first musical background.
It seems that since I was born I was in touch with the world of vibrations, but I was not consciously aware of that quality before I really engaged myself into music.
Then, my mother’s death and the events surrounding it were decisive in my orientation, a series of synchronistic events showed me the way, I understood the amazing power of sound and its capacity to connect to the subconscious mind and to get in touch with its content.
I also realized that I had spent over 15 years exploring the world but at the same time I did not know much about myself.
Who was I beyond what I already knew about myself ?
This question magnetized me and pushed me forward into the world of vibrations, energy, sound and music, and André, my husband also took his part in that choice too, he really supported me.

What inspired you to write this music ?

J.Chollet :
I consider myself more a creator than a composer. I create “live", I don't correct afterwards, so, my sessions of creation suggest I have to be in a very special inner state of mind, in a state of undivided attention, high energy, in close touch with my heart, my soul, my whole being, correctly balanced and connected with all my subtle dimensions.
In this case, using a synthesizer teaches me first to synthesize my fragmented self. Each session is an occasion to create not only sound but also to recreate myself.

Besides, I don't know how to write musical notation and I don’t want to learn it, because for me, music is essentially an inner experience and many of the sound combinations I am triggering when I create music cannot be represented.
It's other forms of sounds, sounds which cannot be produced with classical instruments.

How do you define your music ?

The basic difference between Multidimensional Music and other music, is that it's not written and it's not even improvised “on a canvas" as Jazz or Hindu music for instance.

It springs from pure inner navigation and resonance with higher consciousness, energy, sounds, tones and vibrations.
It's not only a mind walk or a soul song, it's a vibrating, bodily experience, a spontaneous manifestation of my inner world coming together in a unique session. It's a journey.

You create your music on a synthesizer or several synthesizers. What drew you to synthesizers rather than a classical instrument? You studied piano I understand ?

Yes, when I was a child I studied piano for two or three years, which was just enough to let me dare explore by myself on a keyboard, but not enough to keep me in conventions of what should or should not be done.

I was drawn to synthesizers for a number of reasons, all specific and important to me, the first one was “sound" itself.
With a synthesizer, you are in close touch with wave forms, you actually synthesize sound out of the different elements composing it & this world of sound felt more open to me than the world of music with its modes and conventions !

And for me, music is everywhere, in nature, in insects, birds or dolphins, in stars, in outer space… and I wanted to render these harmonies, I wanted to widen the concept of music, to make it more inclusive, more universal.
The second reason was freedom : in the early eighties, you did not have to go to a music conservatory to learn how to play a synthesizer, you could invent in your own way. Nobody was to impose rights and wrongs on you. The field was free of imprints.

So it was the novelty of the instrument which attracted you most ?

J.Chollet :
Not only its novelty, but its capacity, its total flexibility, its incredible quickness of action, its immense array of possibilities.

When I was in TV, although I was a Producer and director, I could never question my ultimate creative capacities, I was depending on a lot of external factors. On the contrary, with my synthesizer I could master all parameters .
I was at the same time the song, the composer, the soloists, the orchestra, the conductor, the sound engineer, and the audience !
My experience and my responsibility were total, and I had enough control of the machinery to abandon all control as regards inspiration, I could open myself totally to the unknown from the moment I knew I wouldn’t be betrayed or restrained by any external element.
My only desire was to suspend any limitation, to merge into music, to breathe music, to BE music.
My hands on the keyboard were instruments of an invisible orchestra, expressing my slightest emotion, my tiniest sensations, my soul most hidden inclinations…
Instant materialization of inspiration, instant resonance, instant feed back.
For the 1st time in my life, I could test my real capacity for creation with no filter from the intellect, no critical mind, no compromising of any kind, just the pure flow of intuition and the truth of the timeless instant of creation.
When I was using low base sounds, for instance, I could feel vibrations in my body, in my legs, in my feet, in my whole body.
It was something real. It was not mind amusement, it was directly into my body.
I was amazed by this incredible power of sound on the body .
And with the very high treble, it’s like you quit being able to locate where the sound is coming from.
It’s so much in the treble that you don’t know where it is. It’s everywhere, there’s no more limit.
In the beginning, I could manually activate my synthesizer, (it was not digital)… all the way from base to treble, I could go to the ultra sound back and forth and feel what was the effect on me.
It made me aware of the fact that we live in a rather marrow range of frequencies which we mistake for totality !

Did you develop a method for exploring different ranges of frequencies ?

J.Chollet :
No, my process was purely intuitive, purely experimental and experiential, I was at the same time subject and object .
First, I generated sounds, then I played with them and let myself be entrained by the music. Certain sound waves felt more appealing to me than others and I would follow them wherever my spirit would call me.
These sounds, these tones were my guides to the unknown. I had the feeling they were real beings of a subtler kind, made of sound, coming from other dimensions to teach me, to educate me in this new science.

I could feel my cells opening to a new vibration, sustaining higher levels of frequency. Sonic energies were visiting my body, they were detecting any obstacle, opening one by one all my blocking.
It was a pure illumination, pure dance of energy !
Music unfolding under my hands had a strange power, it was transporting me into “altered states" of consciousness.
I had the strange feeling that my body had dissolved, there were no more boundaries.
I could touch my essence, my real self, my origins…

Sometimes, from the first measures on, I had the real feeling that I already knew this music …
Sometimes, just by touching the keyboard I could hear the specific clarity and pure resonance indicating that I was already tuned in ! Nothing special to do this day, there it was !
At other times, I had to clean my field, to get rid of my worries before I could venture…
I was under great transformation, my body was harmonizing, I was healing.
I was giving birth to my new self.
The music that emerged from my synthesizers seemed so wide, felt so strange; it sounded like it was coming from other spaces, from other dimensions & when listening to it, I would feel cold, so intensely cold that I had to take hot baths to recover some warmth, I was amazed !

How could I be at the same time so small and so immense, so finite and so infinite ?
In search of answers, I went on a pilgrimage after the trace of Pythagorus into the Greek island of SAMOS, I visited the temple of Asclepius in Turkey, I was impregnated with energies in Delphi and Epidaurus. I felt attracted by this lineage, the “music of the spheres" was subtly calling me.

You wanted to write for the whole range of human capacity ?

One of the first persons to influence me was Krishnamurti.
I made a film about him with my husband in 1972. He was talking about another way of “being" experiencing “undivided attention".
He was also claiming that we are using only 10% of our mental capacities and I was deeply impressed by that . I think that since then I was in search of this…
I wanted to meet with my real identity.

How is multidimensional music different from other music ? What makes it multidimensional ?

What makes it multidimensional ? It’s the effect it has !

When we cross the point of perfect stillness inside, we enter new dimensions, new realities defined by other frequencies, other harmonic scales. We enter the “Multidimensional world, also called “Hyperspace".
From the start, it was clear my music did call on multiple dimensions of the being !
And people who listened to it were exposed to experiencing vibrations, shifts of energy, loss of perception of time, all kinds of sensations going far beyond what we generally expect from music !
They were also experiencing colors and lights, feeling activation in their chakra system, finding themselves transported into other dimensions.
Some could explore the inside of their their body, of their brain, journey into their DNA, watch the functioning of their cells, feel activation in organs which we normally don’t feel like the pineal gland for instance, experience electric currents: all sorts of “altered" states of consciousness…

That's why I called it multidimensional, because it is !

And the effect results from the process you use to make it ?

Yes, totally. Otherwise there would be no music of this kind.
But I never know before hand what’s going to happen. Each time I do it, I take a journey into the unknown.

I don't know how to create music in an ordinary state of consciousness, I can only reach that field of consciousness where I AM music, this matrix of the universe where creation is creating and recreating itself.
It is a space of co-creation, and sometimes, I wonder if I am playing music or if I am being played by music or if I am just a field in resonance with other spaces and other dimensions ?

You’re trying to express states of consciousness, not so much an emotion like joy or sadness.

Well, it's not so much “states" of consciousness as sorts of Jacob’s ladders, bridges to other dimensions of the being.
Of course you have to start from where you are.

So music is in a way a reflection, a meditation.

J.Chollet :
Exactly, tonalities from this music are sonic manifestations of a consciousness expanding journey, they give consciousness a space to manifest and be perceived as such .
I am not the only one to express such a concept, I was preceded by Sufi master HAZRAT INAYAT KHAN, who wrote in his book : The Mysticism of sound :
" Creation starts with the activity of consciousness called vibration, and all vibrations springing from their original source are the same, they only differ by their tone and rhythm caused by the degree of force moving them…

Sound gives to consciousness evidence of its existence, although it’s the active part of consciousness itself which transforms into sound.
The knower knows itself , in other terms, consciousness becomes conscious of its own voice…/… each atom in the universe confesses by its tone : My origin is no other than sound".

And also : “The secret of composing is based on a tone robustly sustained as long as possible across all its degrees, a breakup, a split destroys its life, its power its magnetism exactly as breath retains life and possesses grace, power and magnetism."

I did also find some information about Pythagorus and about music evolution across ages in another book by Dane RUDYARD : “The magic of tone and the art of music":
“Pythagorus put stress on the therapeutic effects of sounds when they were becoming “tones capable of transmitting will, energy and compassion from the one who had produced them, in tune with the rhythm of universal vital force."

Now, let’s go back to what really made you shift from film to music, what was the real stake for you at that time ?

At one point, I realized that, although I had been traveling all over the world, there was one thing I did not know and it was myself !
At this time in my life, after being fifteen years in TV, the real question was :
" Who am I ? What is the stuff I am made of ? What is beyond what I know about myself ? “
I could no longer accept depending upon other peoples' experience or wisdom, I was in search of “first hand information" ! I had to venture into the unknown.

You’re making documentaries, films, which most people would consider to be about images. Instead of making music, you could have turned directly to painting or personal photography.

I was a photographer prior to filming. And I turned to painting while creating music, but you see, photography and films are languages structuring space, and music is a language structuring time.
So I was sticking to my basic love for languages. Music appeared to me as the only truly universal language.

How did you get interested in sound ?

Well, it was very progressive , during all these films, all these travels among different civilizations, I realized that for all people from Africa, from Asia, among the Aborigines, the common way to get into altered states of consciousness, the common way to get into shamanic practice was basically sound, was overwhelmingly sound. Everywhere…
It became obvious to me that Sound was THE royal way to get to the unknown in our own psyche…
I also receive some practical education from nature:
One day, we were in Africa filming an elephant in a reservation . It was a small elephant, a baby elephant. I was asked by the sound engineer if I was willing to get near the elephant to record it . And this elephant was showing swelling in the joints. We thought that it couldn’t go after me…
Then the sound engineer is shouting “Go nearer, go nearer !" And suddenly the elephant emits such a powerful sound , so close to me, that I was petrified ! Even if this animal had run on me I could not have made the slightest move, I was anesthetized by this sound, like frozen !

Much later, while we were editing four films about Arthur Janov Primal therapy, a highly emotional therapy, I started manipulating the sound track to understand how we perceive sound and images.
The result was amazing ! You no longer felt the sorrow patients expressed sometimes in dramatic ways, you were seeing but no longer feeling, no longer sharing their emotions, just by putting music or another soundtrack under the images !
Sound was first ! Sound was the link with life ! Sound was the connecting device !

And then you heard Tibetan music, and that was a very deep experience.

We were filming in a Tibetan monastery and it was a very special time in my life.

I did not know consciously that I was going to lose my mother who was to die suddenly when she was still young. I did not know it consciously but I think I knew it subconsciously. The reason why I say this is because I was making two films on death the very year prior to her own death.
These films were part of a series called “the wheel of life" according to the Tibetan concept . The two last films were dealing with death and dying .
We were ready to shoot at one of the offerings, special chants, for a monk who had died, and so, the moment that the Tibetan gongs horns and trumps resonated, I felt all the sounds had gone to my solar plexus to hit me there !
I could hardly stay on my legs, then a huge hole seemed to have opened in my head on the back of my skull and a tremendous energy was forcefully attracting me out of my body and I had to resist in order to stay partly in my physical body and partly somewhere else !
My body was no longer responding to me, it was under the influence of the music !

But you didn’t try to make Tibetan music, or study Tibetan music.
You went on to create your own music.

It was a turning point, something which left a deep imprint in me.
Still, what I was looking for was inside of me and I did not want to copy or be influenced by anything coming from outside. I wanted to create only after what I experienced personally.

A number of physicists and researchers were interested in the effects of your music.

Yes, this is part of number of synchronic events which shaped my life.
After my mother died, a veil shifted. I felt I was pushed in a new direction.

Then, 12 years later, André too, my husband died suddenly. And again, an awful shock and again a number of synchronic events unfolding.
One month after André's passing, I was invited to participate in a public television show about death and “near death" experiences.
On this program, there was a physicist who seemed rather strange. He was a quantum physicist and a professor at the medical school of Poitiers in France, Régis Dutheil.
He was talking about quantum physics, medicine, death, after death, about particles moving faster than the speed of light — in a very natural way– like it was known by everybody ! (it was in 1991)
I felt I had to go & get in touch with him. But he looked so classical, professional, and cold that I did not dare go and talk to him.

Another month later, I received a phone call from the Krishnamurti center in Paris (the synchronistic universe was working well)
They were inviting me to a reunion of authors presenting their books.
I remember, I had the clear feeling — “when the phone rings, you have better to answer, it might be the universe calling you"!
A few days later, I went to that place and as I was watching the people coming and going in a kind of haze, suddenly, right in the middle of the room, I see one person very clear and focused.
And it was the same quantum physicist that I had met earlier :professor Régis Dutheil !

That time, I understood ! I said to myself : " I better talk to this guy now or I will run into him every three weeks"!

He went on to write a chapter in his book about your music.

Yes ! At that time, nobody was really understanding what I was doing. Even myself ! I did not understand with my left brain what I was doing with my right brain !
But as I started telling him about my consciousness expanding sessions with sound, he said, with a smile :
“Oh, yes, yes, I do understand !"
He made me understand the connection between what was happening during my consciousness expanding sessions with music and sounds and the interactions taking place on a quantum level.

He had a theory of his own about what he called “subliminal consciousness", and what I had been creating was kind of supporting his theory…
So, all of a sudden, in 1991, things became clearer in my mind and my search started being recognized !
one day, he called me & said: " I'm writing this book about Medicine and I want to include a chapter about your research, now, you better go find all your notes!"

And when the book was published, lots of people were attracted to the chapter with my music in it: chapter VIII called : “An opening on a medicine of the 21st century", which for him, included consciousness and all this quantum energy level.
He supported me intellectually, he helped me, mad me believe in myself, he also made me meet other scientists.

How did they come to do biological research on your music ?

Professor Dutheil called me one day and said there’s a woman biologist who is working in the same area as you, you should get in touch with her ! And this biologist, Lydie Ries, she had had the idea of experimenting on her own blood.
She had already noticed, after a workshop about “energy" she'd been participating to, changes in her blood. Her hemoglobin level had dropped !
It had triggered her attention to the fact that energy and hemoglobin might be correlated.
The first time she listened to my music, she felt powerful vibrations all over her body. She was astonished.
That is when we started to work together.

So what did her studies discover ?

She did research for two years .
I had sessions with individuals who were volunteers for the research program and we started having seminars, with my music as a trigger, in what was called the Institute for the Development and Expansion of Consciousness.
There were 7 to 10 or 12 people attending these seminars . We would take blood samples from participants volunteering in the program just before they started listening and right after a one hour session with the music, so there was a lot of data to look at afterwards. Lots of people.
And what did she see?

She saw that while they were resonating with my music, most of the people showed shifts in their hemoglobin levels, gaining up to one gram or even more in one session !
And you could see with your own eyes the change which occurred in the color of the blood, from dark red to beautiful red or in some cases to a raspberry red which is the color of highly oxygenated blood.
Now, what does this mean?

I don't want to go in details here, I just want to give a perspective both on an inner plane and also on a biological plane.
It means the number of red blood cells is increased and because hemoglobin is transporting oxygen in the blood, it also means that there is a higher oxygenation of the blood.

Now, what does this mean on an inner plane ?
Well, it seems that when we are in close touch with our REAL SELF we do create more red blood cells…
Isn't blood a sacred vessel of our own self ?
Isn't blood the ultimate life process that “contains ourself"?
Is not blood the sacred vessel of LIFE itself ?
So, when people increase hemoglobin level while listening to MMD music, it also means that they are getting rid of the “programs" they have been educated into , programs that are not expressing life in its sacredness , these codes are expressing “momentums" of societies…& they are different from one group to the next.

But the real process of life is NOT different from one social group to the next, so we have now to go back to the ESSENTIAL, go back to what is our ESSENCE.

Now, what does oxygen do?
Oxygen facilitates biological communication between cells.
So, if you have more oxygen in your blood it facilitates all processes : thinking, ideation, it affects everything, the heart, the way the heart works, your whole metabolism.
If you watch what's going on in high level sports, most high level athletes are trying to gain in hemoglobin and blood oxygenation by legal or illegal means to improve their performance !

One day, after a seminar, I forgot the blood we had sampled for further testing in my refrigerator !
I noticed it three days later, I called her and she said : “send it now and I’ll take a look anyway".
Wen she called me back, she was very excited by what she had observed !
Of course, after staying for three days in my refrigerator, blood cells had decayed ! their form, their information, was destroyed. They were aged cells, but not all !
When she looked at the blood which had been sampled after listening to the music, she saw that 76 % of the information present inside the cells nuclei was intact !
We were like mad, it seemed so incredible, but it was true !
Now, let’s look at what this means :
It shows it’s possible to bypass “entropy", (entropy means disorder and decay) and to access a higher order vibration, a higher order of integrity, life , coherence and energy .
It also shows that, during this consciousness expanding process, blood cells access a higher level of vibration which manifests a higher level of coherence and order . This is called : neg-entropy (negative entropy).

But the aim is not only to access a higher level of energy and harmony, the real thing is to maintain that state of flow, to improve permanence & to activate the life process inside instead of attacking it which what we do anyway most of the time…

How can we achieve that program ? How can we forge in our cells a higher order of coherence, a purer order of life?

This is precisely the aim and the specificity of multidimensional music–the more you listen to it, the more you resonate with it and the more harmonic, coherent information present in it is memorized by your cells, until it becomes second nature … One day this higher order of organizing information prevails .
It is well known that in Evolution, a higher order of functioning always prevails upon the lower one.

How can impermanence turn into permanence ?

J.Chollet :
Through training.
How long does it take ? I don’t know, I suppose it’s different for everybody !

But, from the time when Lydie started testing my own blood, it was obvious that I had a more or less constant higher level of hemoglobin, far beyond what is called the norm and yet I was living close to sea level, 25 miles from Paris, at some 500 feet in elevation and my hemoglobin was the same as if I had been living in high altitude. Of course, I was not taking any medicine or anything that might have explained it otherwise!
And what was remarkable to see was that although I could drop it occasionally, my hemoglobin level was remaining in a higher range.

Now, after how many years of practice of inner training with Multidimensional music did I obtain this kind of permanence?
I can’t say for sure but I did ! And that’s how I know it works ! I have been my own guinea pig!

And how should people listen to this music for best results ?
How do you listen to it yourself, personally ?

Years and years of practice have been harmonizing me, structuring me.
Now, I mainly use it to keep me in a clear state, to bring myself together . I use it as a tool to recover my balance after I’ve been submitted to emotional pressure.
Sometimes, after just a few minutes of listening, I have a deep sigh and it’s over, my cells are in unison and I am back in touch with energy, back in touch with peace.
Or I use it to keep inspired, to keep easily concentrated when I write articles, when I paint, when I perform a task requiring attention.
I also use it a lot during my travels, it restores my energy and I feel fresh…

How should someone who’s new to the music approach it ?

You have to keep in mind that this music has been created in a state of total focus, undivided attention and deep touch with inner feelings and sensations.
To get the whole benefit from it, you have to keep as close as possible to these conditions. You can call that stae a stae of meditation or a state of “deep listening" .
It means you have to dedicate yourself 100 % to the music, either by lying down or by sitting very comfortably, but very centered, very present.

Take a few deep breaths, 3 or 4 minutes before you start listening to the music, concentrate on your breath, focus on your heart, have a clear intent, feel your body relaxed and let go of all other concerns.
Let yourself be tuned to the music, like you were floating in a sea of sound and let yourself be overwhelmed by the sound.
And the sounds created in this way, they are quantum waves of consciousness. So, they go everywhere where there is a need, everywhere where there is a blockage, and they open the blockage. They hit the level in your body/mind where there is an unbalanced structure, where there is a vortex of repressed energy, where there is a trauma !

A surgery is a trauma, even if the surgery benefited you on the physical plane it traumatized your subtle energy field . As you have a physical scar on your body, you also have an invisible one which needs to be fixed on an energetic level…
So, while in tune with the music, let your body express what it needs, let your consciousness send you the appropriate message. You have nothing else to do, let the music do the job .
But if you “keep in your mind", if you “talk to yourself" while listening to it, you are not with the music, you are not in the sound, then, the music cannot work for you. You have to be fully with it.

Some people have strong images of this music.
How should they handle them, should they try to guide the emerging imagery ?

No, they shouldn’t try to guide anything . The fact of seeing images, of seeing lights as some people see, it means that musical frequencies arriving in the brain, the brain expresses a response to those frequencies under different modes, via different senses.
This is called “synesthesia" a frequency switch into different senses.
So people should let come what comes.
It’s like they are looking at a film about their psyche, about the unknown, about themselves, about what they are not aware of, and all this stuff is meaningful and specific to them.
It’s like diving under the level of the sea… Generally we only see the tip of icebergs, here people can watch a larger picture !

I often tell people to write down what they see, what they perceive during their sessions because sometimes the images they perceive are flashing by very, very rapidly.
It’s not like if you take a psychoactive drug, or a medicine, it’s not like chemistry.
Chemistry works by itself without your being aware of the process involved, things come and that’s all you know.
With music, it’s very different, you can follow it in a continuum and you are driving the car yourself.

But you drive on the road, you don’t try to analyze it while you are driving.

No you don’t ! If you do, you are not going to be “with" the sound and nothing is going to happen !
Somebody sent me a diary about her 2 months’ sessions with my music. She would listen to it for one hour every two days — very deep listening.
She started to see faces appearing on the screen of her psyche. At first, these faces were full of hate. She was frightened . It was like this for a few days.
But she kept firm with her intention, she kept on listening, and gradually, these faces became neutral. And may be, one month later, they had transformed into loving faces, beaming faces, shining faces.

One of the attributes of consciousness is truth, everything comes up when you are ready .
She understood she had ceased hating herself.

Does the music ever cause people to feel disturbed?
Does it ever bring up negative emotions ?

It is highly interactive and there are as many forms of response as there are forms of disharmony !

Of course, if someone is in a poor state of health, under severe pressure or high emotions, that person may experience some momentous unsettling or painful response from his or her distorted energy field being balanced by resonance with the music.
If you are going for acupuncture the doctor will put a needle in a certain point, in order to get back the harmony or balance to the circuits. This music does the same. But the needle, at this time, is your own consciousness doing the work, resonating on the proper level where the circuit needs recycling.
So it’s the same as with acupuncture, you may feel pain but it means that it works. It means that it’s good. If you feel something like that, you should be glad, it informs you that balance is being restored.

All the same when people feel cold while listening to the music, it means their energy field is being filled with high level energy, so they should not be bothered by it.
It may be that some people have been repressing their true feelings for so long that when they start listening to the music, they feel a headache.

Why ? What has caused the headache?
It’s blood vessels constricting in the brain . When there is conflict, there is constriction, and there is pain as blood cannot flow freely.
And these people have taught their bodies to restrain, to refrain, to repress their real feelings !
So, when they hear this music, it sets all these repressed emotions and feelings to motion and they automatically constrict. As they have been learning all their life to “repress", they are no longer aware they are doing it !
One must not mistake peace and repression !
Real peace cannot to be confused with suppression of all feeling ! Peace is not the negation of something, it is the spontaneous emanation of a deep state of harmony.
But the great thing is that, if they persist and keep listening to the music for a little while, if they allow themselves to be back in touch with their true feelings, then the headache will disappear, and these people will gradually recover their true self.
Nevertheless, I do want to stress the fact that in over 80 % of the cases, people experience feelings of floatation, feelings of bliss, feelings of warmth, feelings of love, they experience being in the light, they’re feeling the best that they’ve ever felt in their life !

Is there a CD that people should start with ?
You’ve said that it’s better to work with two CDs at the same time.

Yes, it’s very important to remain fresh and not go back to repeat. You don’t want to go back to the repetitive world and that’s what may happen when you listen all the time to the same CD. Your mind takes over and pretends it knows all about the music !

So there’s no more exploration, no more real anything happening that’s why I recommend to listen to two CDs alternately.

In any case, you have to have a motivation, a real drive to listen this music because it’s the very level of truth which you put into the experience that will open the door or not, that will allow the music to be effective or not.

You have to play your part! You have to have a clear intent, and expect a lot. The more sincere you are in your quest, the quicker you’ll heal and recover !

Does your experience in France teach you something about which CD is easier to start with ?

From my experience in France, I can say that people responded very well to my first two CDs Renaissance and Invisible Presence.
Invisible Presence brings forth the palpable presence of the invisible subtler realms. Some of its tonalities being percussive, you are called back to your real self in a very effective way.
People generally use it for meditation.

And Renaissance is an invitation to conscious rebirth, its liquid sounds bring emotional relief…Most people liked it best, it’s energetic and flowing at the same time . The two are quite complementary…
But this does not mean that you must start with them, any two CDs used alternatively can be best for you.

Unite is a double album, it contains CD 1 L’ Amour roi and CD 2 Mystery of life .
The first one is very soft and subtle, the second one is quite powerful, it sets back to motion energies we might have repressed or ignored for long. It brings you down to your center .
This double CD represents an essential stage in this global journey to unification.

Never forget that the personal response you get from resonance with Multidimensional music is totally adapted to you whatever it may be, it comes from your own resonant field of consciousness.

You called the series of CDs: Listening to the SELF, restoring our wholeness.
What does this mean ?

J.Chollet :
The SELF is our real identity and our power is our integrity, our wholeness, our essence, our capacity to be in connection with all the dimensions of our being.
Our power is our ability to heal, to recover from the past and to fully incarnate our whole potential.
This music has the capacity not only to restore our subtle energy field but to stimulate unfolding of our true unlimited creative resources and conscious evolution .
So the series of 7 CDs compose a healing journey, and each CD should be considered as a new step.
But please, keep in mind that it is not linear, (going from 1 to 7) it is a holistic process.

What can you tell us about the three CDs – Sky Dancing, Creation, and Silent Light ?

These three CDs are the three last of a first series of CD's, and you always like best your new born babies !

Silent Light is very quiet, the theme is tranquillity, simplicity, regeneration through peace. Going back to the source of integrity, drinking the clear water and watching the silent light of your soul.
“Glissando sounds" used in this piece make you glide into your very sacred inner sanctuary.
I love it !

Creation is a hymn to the beauty of creation and a recall of our own inner beauty . It celebrates the richness, the multiplicity, the magnificence, the abundance of creation. The music takes you to different realms, different worlds. It is powerful and very spatial.
There is one track about the condor’s flight. I’ve been there, myself, watching, photographing condors in Peru. The impressive flight of the condor is there in the music, so pure, so strong !
The first track is called Heaven, I took the title from peoples’ experience…while listening to it, they were saying they had an immediate experience of heaven infusing them with light.

Even in terms of titling your music it comes sometimes from feedback of people who have heard it.

Sometimes it comes from my own inner experience, sometimes from other peoples feedback…
And Space Song is very special, it’s like you were in a space shuttle in outer space. Once you are there, you can start dancing in the sky !
When you are sky dancing, you are in touch with spirit, you transcend all your limits, you can dance on top of the pyramid. ! There is no more gravity of any kind ! You are flying into the ethers.

The tonalities of this album are reminiscent of the realms of birds, insects and the vibration of outer planets… One of the tracks keeps making me cry every time I listen to it : Angel Choir, it’s like a level which is so nurturing and so compassionate.
And somebody told me in Paris, an actress, she said : “What I like in your music …Your music is more a response, an answer than a question, and when I listen to it I don’t need to ask any more questions to myself  because I have the answers".

The feedback that people give you is really important to you in understanding your own music ?

Yes, because I don’t know everything. I can’t be every person on earth. I don’t know the total meaning of my work, because my experience of music is so direct, so intense and so personal .

A few weeks ago, I was presenting in a conference on consciousness, and as soon as I started playing my music, people were saying :
“It’s so universal !" How can I realize that, when at the same time, it’s so spontaneous, so natural ?
So, I welcome peoples’ feed back. It helps me envision the span, the reach, the range, the significance of my work. It gives me evidence of it.

You began creating this music in 1985.
How has your music changed and evolved since you began ?

J.Chollet :
My music has evolved as much as I have evolved but my process for creating it has remained the same.
I still don’t know before playing whether or not it’s going to work ! I don’t think I can do it on command!

When I play on different tracks, I do one after the other. Of course I can’t remember on the spot what I’ve just been playing, it’s too much, it’s too complex . So I have to be in the same expanded state, in the same unified field of consciousness to be able to play again in tune !
This is my proof, this is my trick to keep aligned, to keep attuned, I have no choice but to succeed !
Now I feel much more at ease in this constant coming and going between dimensions and consciousness states . It’s like I have tamed this part of my being which felt at first foreign ! I have become freer and subtler.

Could you describe more precisely the transformation which occurred to you ?

J.Chollet :
In the beginning, in the period when I was totally immersed into sound and music, one day I started hearing music, in my head, except that I experienced it as if it was coming from outside, through loud speakers so to speak ! But no, it was coming from my brain, it was coming from my mind !
My brain was training into music, was playing with harmonics. I was transforming outer sounds into inner music !
Once, I was skiing alone on a mountain slope and then I heard powerful symphonic music …
I looked around, no speaker, nothing which could explain it …Then, after a while, I realized there was a specific noise coming out of the pulley, a creaking sound and it was that sound I had turned into music, my brain had played with the harmonics of this sound…

This kind of experience happened to me quite often especially in the beginning . A lot of musicians do hear music inside their head but in my case I could watch the unfolding of my transformation one step after the other.

What was the most striking experience you ever had ?

I had many striking experiences, it is difficult to choose !
One day, I started playing with a metallic like sound, and the more I was playing, the more I was in deep touch with my soul, the more this sound was evolving !
At the end, it sounded like a human voice, like a lady singing and this was not only subjective, it was real, it was recording on my tape !
I always remember this episode because there was a plumber working in my house. He had come to my studio to ask me something and he had been stuck there on the doorway, like frozen by what he was witnessing ! He had kept silent there for fifteen minutes, totally in another world…
When I noticed he was present, he was looking like an angel, so different from usual, all round and pink with delight!

Another time, very deep toned voices, like those of Tibetan monks, kept coming out of my synthesizer although I had not synthesized a sound like that… and it was so powerful that I could not even record it properly !
From a quantum perspective, was I in touch with this kind of energy in a real monastery ?
Was I subconsciously manifesting a sound like that ?

The most amazing was, no doubt, when my synthesizers plugged together were switching their programs by themselves, due to the high energy “resonant loop" circuit between the electronic circuitry and me !!!
This was the most moving experience I ever had ! And in that moment, I could bear witness that communication is total, that all is one in the universe and that life is present everywhere even in a synthesizer !

I also had quite a number of experience with birds, different birds, herons, water birds, coming from the river some three quarters of a mile away.
At a certain moment of intense tuning in, they would fly to my little clearing in the forest, right in front of my music studio window …They were joining in my vibrating field !
Sometimes they even tried to come in through my studio window, they did not perceive the glass window !
Whenever this occurred it was reminding me I had finally realized my dream, I had learned what has been called “birds’ tongue". It made me think about the Krishna flute and Orpheus myth.
That’s the kind of thing I was experiencing, then… So many, many different amazing experiences…

Another time, two persons I was not very familiar with, asked me if they could come to my studio and listen to my music. So I started playing a tape and after a few minutes of listening, what a shock !
I could not recognize my music !
All I could hear was a kind of fractured cacophony, a pure horror of disharmony… So much, that I thought my speakers had collapsed ! I was puzzled !
When all at once, I knew ! I knew what was happening : I was hearing the music resonating through their subtle energy field and it was totally unsettled there!
My god ! I was stricken ! They did not seem to realize it was coming from them, they certainly attributed it to me ! I was appalled.
Some musicians demonstrate a perfect ear, why should not there be others with a perfect ear for energy field tuning ?
After this episode, the same thing happened again but never in such a crude way, more like the base or the trebles were reverberated in excess !

Most of the phenomena I have observed have not yet a classical scientific explanation because science is just now in the process of studying consciousness as a new field of research.
And yet, although we are still at the verge of a great opening, scientists studying consciousness in laboratories have already noted 2 aspects of consciousness totally different : one is called global or non-local and the other one is called local.

In the non-local qualification of consciousness there is no longer a three dimensional frame of reference, it’s everywhere at the same time, it’s no longer local.
WE are experiencing the “non-local" qualification of consciousness when we have an expansion of consciousness like when I am in my creative process, I perceive everything as one, Local is when I am back to the awareness of my music studio, my synthesizers, my local circumscribed self with a personal history etc…
Global consciousness is also what people experience when they enter into resonance with Multidimensional music : they can get in touch with the multidimensional world.
More and more people are studying consciousness now, there are labs in Princeton University, in Nevada, in Stanford University, in Arizona… and all these phenomena which at first appeared mysterious are being better acknowledged.

When I st my explorations with sound and music, this was not known, this field did not exist as such.
The brain was explored and studied but consciousness was not.
Now, 16 years later, “consciousness" is considered the new field, the missing link, the one which is going to make us understand a lot of phenomena still fragmented into different fields which are not confronted together.

The more we unite fragments inside ourselves, the more we are able to envision the whole picture, the global one.
Instead of studying fields as if they were existing in themselves apart from our interaction, we begin to understand that these fields are emanations of our own consciousness.
When I look back I realize not only the incredible transformation I’ve gone through, but also the global transformation which has occurred in these past 15 years, and it’s huge it’s tremendous, it’s certainly another Renaissance period .

And you’ve been working on this series of CD’s for many many years.
Now you’re lecturing and speaking about it.

J.Chollet :
I have not been working on this series for many years ! I have been working on myself for many years, and this series of CDs is the outcome of it, the gift to bear witness to my journey .
The most incredible thing I’ve learned through this process is that we have absolutely no real limits, except the ones we think we have ! Creating with sound provided me with such a number of limitless experiences in which you are at the same time in the center of creation, although there are no longer any borders nor centers, and it's you, and beyond at the same time and no time !

Even if you are convinced about some of your limits, a few sessions with Multidimensional music might change your view and make you experience your own multidimensionality !

At conferences and workshops you not only discuss your music but you play it.
And you’re doing more and more conferences both in the U.S. and internationally.

Yes, for 2 years now, I have been lecturing in international conferences like the international conference on “Science and Consciousness" in Albuquerque, “Conference on Shamanism and alternate modes of healing" etc….
I present “consciousness expanding" workshops. I describe my personal adventure in consciousness and in music. I play my music, and each time, I am amazed by people’s incredible response !
Each time, it’s so much more than I could have imagined ! It’s really beyond any expectations !

What’s the most frequent question that people ask you when you are presenting your work ?

The most frequent question is :
“How did you have the idea to do this, to create this music, how did it came to you ?"
As you now know, it was not an idea, but a lifelong work ! And it was not only music but a higher course in energy, a consciousness raising process, a real alchemy !

Some people show a bias against synthesizers. They have been told that “acoustic " only is good, and here again we go right back into the old dichotomy of the good and bad, into division, into sectarian attitude, into exclusion. This attitude has always surfaced in periods of transition when new tools, or new ideas emerge . Anyway, what I have shown in this field is that it's not the tool you use that counts most, it's the spirit and the true level of consciousness which you express that shapes sounds differently; and this is true of any instrument but it is especially spectacular with a sound synthesizer !

A fringe of people stick to the old, stick to tradition until one day what looked new becomes mainstream, then nobody keeps being sceptic any longer.
I am totally convinced that if Mozart were creating music now, he would use a sound synthesizer.
His mind was too unconventional to stick to the past.

What’s next for multidimensional music ?

J.Chollet :
I am now in a horizontal phase after the verticality of these past years. I have searched the cave, I can offer the gifts, the jewels and the light I found.

I’d like to see Multidimensional music spread all over, everywhere in many directions and on many dimensions.
This web site could become a lively place for people to exchange their impressions, their experiences with the music.
It's a place where they can freely express their feelings and bring about their own ideas of what should be experimented next with Multidimensional music, or of what they would like to co-create with this music …
I hope, it could become a kind of co-creative forum about CREATION.

One of my aims is to show people who think they are no creative that they are, once they have been freed from the burden of emotional stuff they were carrying which was preventing them to be connected with their creative capacities and gifts.
Once you are healed, once you have recovered your true self, you have a lot more energy available for creation, and instead of creating diseases you can create yourself anew.
Creativity is the most dangerously contagious vibration in the world, it spreads far beyond the speed of light, it’s instantaneous !
Creation is alive, what you have been creating, recreates you in turn !
It no longer belongs to you, it goes back to the universe where you got it from…

But, I also have dreams and priorities, I’d like to see my music expand in several dimensions.

I don’t know if you are aware of Hans Jenny's work, a Swiss researcher, he has demonstrated how sound can architecture anything, can cause form to manifest…He made architecture out of sound with liquids, with sand with other materials. You see geometric structures underlying matter, it’s fascinating!
A few years ago, I became obsessed with this idea of “seeing" sound.
I wanted to see what my music looked like ? So I put several incense sticks in front of the speakers and I could see sounds and tones, swirling very finely, layering, unfolding, dancing. It was quite magical !

And then, I met John REED an English sound engineer and researcher who created the CYMASCOPE a device to render sound visible. He invited me into his sonic lab and made me SEE the sound of my music !

The thing which striked me most was that a number of the forms unfolding in my music were representing symbols such as the cross, elements from nature, or different kinds of rose windows etc…

When people discover with their eyes the invisible universe shaping it helps them to open to the unknown and it introduces them to the world of energy which is so mysterious, so impalpable and so beautiful !

I see a place, a room in which you can see your own personal energetic interaction with this music and you would see that each session makes a different impression, creates a different picture and then, after sometimes, the different patterns would make evidence of the transformation that took place in you and deeply re harmonized you.
So, in this way, we would be able to witness our own evolution and transformation due to negentropy instead of looking every morning to the mirror to witness the effects of entropy and aging on our faces !

Let’s say that people would wear a bracelet with electrodes, or they would lay on a special couch equipped with specific captors and then they would see, on a screen, music as it is without their interactive participation and on the other one, music with their own subtle energy field interaction.
They would actually see embodied in shapes and colors their own resonance, their own participation, their own co creation.
So, they would be able to monitor it as has been done in bio-feedback, but it would be a kind of giant Multidimensional feedback of their multidimensional being !

Wouldn’t’ it be gorgeous ?

Do you have dreams concerning research health or education ?

J. Chollet :
As long as we live in a world where what your physical eyes bear witness for what is real and not real it seems very important to transcribe into visible images what happens in the brain, in the heart and in all of the energetic centres we possess when people are resonating with my multidimensional music.

For a number of reasons, it has not be possible for me to get access to research labs using magnetic resonance to watch the effect of multidimensional music, step by step…I would be thrilled and so grateful for it !

I’d also like to see my music used in any case of assistance to people undertaking heavy medical programs or major surgical interventions and be able to monitor it as well in the week before as in the weeks immediately after the intervention all along the convalescence period. I'm quite certain it would show a quickening of the healing and of the mood of the patient.

But for me the most important field right now is education, it appears to be a crucial field.
I already have incredibly good results with the few experiments that have been done in France as well with 6 to 11 years old pupils in ordinary schools as with adolescents with learning difficulties, psychic instability and attention deficiency symptoms in specific schools.

What did these studies show ?
They made evidence that in a quite short time the pupils did change their attitude, they became calmer, more attentive, more respectful of each other, more enthusiastic, and above all far more creative and happy to live.

Listening to my CD's helped them to better manage stress before exams, it also helped them to feel more self confident and more able to open up to their teacher whenever problems at home prevented them to do their homework or deeply affected them.

So, I am convinced that the sooner you get to re harmonize and evolve through resonance with this music, the better and the easier it is !

As well, I have been able to monitor the influence of this music on babies who are stressed and for whom it is difficult to get to sleep.
Listening at low volume level to CD's ESSENCE, PLENITUDE and RECONCILIATION proved to be very efficient.
My grand daughter aged 21 months has been getting very quickly and easily when listening to the  “3 or 4 first minutes of the first track of my CD ESSENCE since she was 6 months old !

I have evidence of a case where a 7 years of age child drew a remarkable drawing with his 2 hands at the same time showing a perfect synchronizing of his 2 brain hemispheres while he was listening to Multidimensional music… So I’d like to see more in that direction too.

I’d also like to see a study undertaken with already highly creative, intuitive, spiritually developed people, artists or scientists or inventors …I have been dreaming of a special program with a group of this kind of people to watch the quick unfolding of ever more creative capacities.

A special mention should be put in the use and careful study of the effect of this music with people in palliative care units, people preparing for dying, people in great pains or moral distress.
They should totally benefit from it, it would help them opening the perspective of the transformation they are going to face which is the ultimate one, it should bring them peace , hope, and faith in their own becoming.

The other area where I’d like to see Multidimensional music going in is more mundane but no less important I think .
As a former film maker I am quite sure I would be especially capable of composing the sound track of films.
So that it is not only people who are already aware of the potentiel of this music who would train with it but also people who just go to watch a movie and who have not been introduced to it before.
I’d like to see more daring in this domain.
We could create “sound special effect" through the use of a different kind of sound…and the perception of these special effects would be more personal, people in the audience would each see their own version of the film through their own special tuning with the sound track.
It could be the opening of an era of multidimensional filming.

You played in the great Khufu Pyramid ?

Yes, I played inside the Great Chamber, the Kings Chamber, in 1997 during the full moon of February and it was a highly vibrational experience !
You could hear, feel the music inside the pyramid by leaning with your back onto the stone in the 4 corners of the king’s chamber. The pyramid felt like a spiral, sound was spiraling all over, it was like a vortex of incredible energy sounding inside the very stone structure of the pyramid that resonated like crystal, yes it felt very, very special !

I have watched many times the incredibly strong effects of this music on audiences, the more people are listening together the most impressive the effects of resonance are ! I have witnessed this phenomenon with audiences up to 50 or 60 people each one of them co creating a huge energy field, and each of them having so different experiences according to their own needs ! But what would happen if it was possible for me to present my music to far larger audiences up to 500 or  1000 people in high energy and sacred places like Epidaurus, Delphi, Stonehenge Machu Pichu, Mayan temples etc…

I also think that this music could be usefully used to re harmonize and enhance the vibrational level of places where tragedies have been held, where  massacres, wars, destruction did happen. It would both help the people living now in those places and also directly enhance the vibrations emitted by the soil.

Places like people register and record all that’s happening in terms of energy, they are like books of the invisible .
Terrible marks, terrible scars may remain in certain places, people may not be aware that they are still kind of prisoner of that resonance.
These are a few of my dreams, I offer them so that the universe may bring me back in turn its gifts and provide me with means of accomplishment.

© Jacotte Chollet.

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