Harmonic Resonance Healing

Courage comes first

But inner contact is the key to healing. And truth is the code.

One patient was always having accidents and operations, and she decided there was much wrong with her.
I ask her to thank her strong body because it could take this much self-punishment.
She got a new view of herself as strong and capable instead of weak and victim. Previously she had blamed other for her misfortunes.
Now that she was growing stronger in her attitude, she realized she had been tricking herself. She saw she had always rejected her own REAL identity for dear of being rejected by others.

She was now able to face fully her condition of cancer, that it was she and no one else responsible.
She was surprised to see she had been led by her mind, which only pretended to know everything.

While listening to the healing music, feelings, emotions, and sensations brought back how much of herself she had given away – her cut psyche, her erased memory, her emotional sensations that were separated from each other. She saw the split-off parts of herself and longed for and reached for the REAL picture.

Harmonic resonance therapy put her in touch with her own resonance, made her listen to her own vibrations, face all that she had rejected subliminally, and finally gave birth to her conscious self.

Deep listening to multidimensional music brought on strong physical reactions, such as belching for a long time in an attempt to expel what she perceived as toxins from her many anesthesia and chemical treatments.

During one session, she was taken back to perceiving herself as a magma in the ocean, a primary being filled with fear in her mother’s womb. (we were listening to the music together, in a parallel quest for flow and inner truth.

The music helps me to be fully present with the patient, but in my own space so that I do not absorb his or her stuff like a sponge).

Connection with the Japan Psychosomatic Society confirmed trait very susceptible to cancer : people out of touch with their feelings, cut off from their real needs and desires.
Our body cells obey an inner harmonic based on coherence and meaning. But in cancer, it’s like there is no conductor, there is no more meaning, and the cancer cells wanting to be noticed start playing their own part. The main theme of that body has been betrayed. A common finding in cancer patients is a personality of too- good- to- be- true and resentment rather than of self-responsibility.

The REAL person must be unmasked for inner coherence to be restored and for healing to begin.

Coherence is Total Resonance

Dissonance comes out fragmentation.
Fragmentation comes from repressing emotional shocks and true feelings.
But the body sends messages of incoherence, and the music provides a resonance effect strong enough to restore the bio-energy field ( the life energy field that interfaces our subtle bodies).
Eventually we no longer resonate with the music frequencies but with our own frequencies.

When inner contact and harmony are restored, you no longer experience disruption of the flow of information, you no longer resist vibrations, which feels like walls being shaken.
When life shocks our walls again and disrupts the flow, then listening to the music can bring a return to holistic flow. Since our cells now know how to play the tune, they only need the signal.
In the meantime, while the organism is healing, it also accepts temporary imbalances more readily.

Generally, just the fact of being true to oneself and aware of the cause of dissonance gives birth to recovering balance in the twinkle of an eye.

Repairing the Nervous System

How can one strengthen the nervous system to be able to absorb and manage the new stimulus of the healing music? The answer is through training, opening, exposing oneself to a wider scope of vibrations and stimuli, through facing issues and emotions without restriction.

Also, one must train oneself for inclusiveness instead of exclusiveness and welcome the unknown instead of distrusting what’s knew. Keep in the flow of what’s happening without shutting down. Stay confident in your capacity to process any kind of unknown information.

Our cells are capable of adapting to new stimuli provided that we let them be free to co create and dance. Stop ratiocinating the same old program of fear, lies and distrust.


My great teacher is nature and the harmonies of nature. Birds and all kinds of insects and the wind appear in my music, without my consciously wanting to put them in.

To compose. I must be in a state of expanded consciousness and energy, coherence, and inner contact with self and true listening.

Like breathing, my music is organic, it doesn’t follow rhythms, either occidental or oriental.
I am plugged into my own biorhythm, my body’s metabolism is my metronome. (I am a natural musician and not a trained musician.)
The music contains coherent quantum consciousness waves that arise from the process.

These waves emerge from the unified consciousness/energy field. I am plugged in. After it comes out, there is no mixing or manipulation, only the music that emerged during the expanded state of creation.
The music is always spontaneous, authentic, original.

Universal Language

As in writing, there is much truth “in between" the sounds and fullness, authenticity, love and compassion. I see the music as “waves of life" or “natural music". But I am tired of using words, which bring up judging, images and limitation, except with poetry which is halfway to music.

Music plugs into a more primal (brainstem) and more cosmic (frontal globe) way of being. My music is meant to be inclusive of all sound possibilities, all hope, of the part we cut and fragment, of our betrayed truths. So it is a universal language.

Nature and music are tied together. Music is everywhere, in the woods, in the sea, in my cells, in the stars.

We and the universe are made of music.

We have to go back to that natural, musical, healthy state of being.
In nature, I can get in touch with myself. I am a pantheist.

Before composing, I was into making movies.

Then I decided to follow my conclusion that the soundtrack was the most important and powerful part of a movie.µ

The visual brings us into touch with separateness. But music is everything in the universe; it is more than vibration-it is vibration with meaning. Nothing is random.

When we are fragmented, we see random theory and chaos; when whole, we perceive order, harmony and meaning. Many are looking for a path outside themselves.

When we reconnect to the source inside, we get rid of mental illusions.

I used to say that I am a synthesizer of fragments and a decomposer of everything that is not my true self. I realized that the music is already there- I had to just listen and let it flow.

SELF awareness is the goal.

Our body is our field of experience, our divine gift, our best tool, our own creation.

The whole universe is inside. Keep in touch with your body, it never lies.

It is important to listen to healing music in a meditative or relaxed state in order to resonate, either lying down or comfortably sitting.

Harmonic resonance therapy is not a belief system, it comes from my own experience.
Getting sick is our most common way of getting in touch with ourselves.
It is also our most common way to create.
But we truly are self-healing, self-creating creatures.
That is our true unknown identity.

The power we possess is immense, when we don’t use it, it can kill us.

by Jacotte Chollet Published in AHP
Association of Humanistic Psychology, San Francisco, USA.

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