Cosmic vision

While listening to your CD HIGH SPACES, I felt I was elevated by a white light straight into a high space very high above the earth. It was like a tower, I first entered a little room that had a few persons in it
and then I penetrated into a wider room. It was full of rose, blue and white colors mixed together.
I did not see any stairs, there were only ramps. (I don’t know why I remember this specfic information about lack of staircase, but I do!)
It all looked like a big cilender and everybody present there was linked together, dedicated to love and to spreading that love everywhere, and I know this is a place where everybody can go sometimes.
Then I entered into a room where there was an entity wearing some kind of brown or marron clothes; he was alone in the big room and he was absorbed in his work, he was in an elevated state and he could see everybody underneath him. It was like if “he was a watchtower taking care of everybody”, but there were more like him at this level.
He made me see the link between everybody, in our level and in the under levels, we could see everybody & everybody could see us.
After that, I left that tower and I wanted very much to go further, up and up,  then I went up, and I elevated even more until I was in the middle of the universe into some kind of emptiness with nobody around, only me and the universe. I felt a breath taking peace!
After that I went down onto the earth.
This was my first trip with music n° 1 of your CD HIGH SPACES.


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