oneness of the universe

oneness experience with album Invisible presence

Listening to your CD Invisble Presence was listening to the song of the universe and it brought tears of joy in my eyes!
Never before had any music given me this extraordinary feeling: to be at the same time in my
own heart and in the heart of the world.

In the depth of my own intimate world I feel an extreme joy, a feeling that will last for several hours.
I don’t know if nature itself is singing inside me or if I am the singer.

For the first time I realize the deep meaning of prayer: to be in total accordance with ones own self & with the world.
In resonance to the sound, I see rainbows, I see colors, I feel vibrations. each one is an expression of perfection.
This dialogue between my self and the universe culminates into a deep feeling of reconciliation between the sacred world and the material world!

C. V.

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A soul rhythm for mind, heart and body

Transcendental, ethereal, reverential, Tears out of recognizing something sacred, a soul rhythm that my mind, heart, body and soul have been hungry for.

I was a sea swan lavish on the currents of an ethereal rhythm.
Reverence, tears of gratitude to be suffused by these transcendent chords.
Celestial music, channeled from heavens. Mystical musician,
I was transported to the part of me that resonates with divine life force energy, call it what God may !

Everyone in the healing arts and expansion of consciousness field needs to experience the mysticism of this music.


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Healing music and oneness experiences

This music deserve to be more well known, all people don’t really understand why it is “healing”.
You should explain it even better even if it is quite well explained already.

When we are brought back to that state of INNER UNITY, when we are really ourself we are healed, and your music transports us towards our own source.
Although it is impressive to watch the transformation of human blood cells, nothing surpasses the feeling of well being when heart/soul and mind are unified, nothing surpasses this deep feeling of inner harmony that we experience into our body when we listen to your music.

To “heal” is, more than anything else, to get back in touch with our inner source, our BEING. When we forget about it, we become sick and our illness tells how we have been forgetful of who we really are and how we have been away from ourself.
Your music is sacred, it acts as a magical thread of life that helps people to awaken out of their world of illusions and to reconnect with their true nature, their true SELF!
You are an angel of sound, keep enlightening others.


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Oneness experience with album Invisible Presence

For a few instants of eternity, a veil lifted up.
I was and could see Music, I had no more body, no more thought…
Each cell from my body was playing and resonating, & being enlightened at the same time,
they were dancing .
My body was at the same time the instrument playing it & music itself in full plenitude.
Time had stopped its course, the immensity of my field of consciousness was such that I felt shear delight, my perception of what life really is was expanded.
I was Music itself, I WAS.
I was bathed into a fairy like dimension made of LIGHT.
Unforgettable experience generating great joy and incommensurable peace.


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experience oneness

I remember at one point opening my hands because I could feel energy in my palms .
As I did this, I realized I was listening with my hands. My hands became like ears that took in the music in a different way.
Rather than hearing, my hands listened to the vibrations of the music.
I remember laying there and feeling the most incredible sense of oneness.

I wasn’t lying on the ground; I was the ground.
I wasn’t listening to the music; I was the music
I wasn’t looking at the forest; I was the forest.
I experienced all of these things simultaneously.
There was no separation.
I was all things, and they were me.
This was bliss.


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