altered state of consciousness

Altered states of consciousness : multidimensional journey

I could see a vivid vortex swirling round and round like a tunnel or like (one might imagine) the centre of the heart…
It was pulsating inside rather like internal organs and flesh. Then it changed so that I was skimming the surface of what looked like skin, but magnified thousands of times so that I could see the follicles, hair and texture.

At one point, I even lost consciousness and nearly jumped out of my skin!
When I regained it, I had a tremendous sensation of pins and needles from my neck up to my face throughout the entire duration of the music, and at one point, I felt compelled to touch my face to see if it had been altered at cellular level!


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Rebirth experience

Once, while listening to your music, I could see myself while I was in my mother’s womb, my twin sister had gone through and I was still crooked, with my head up and not down in the right position.
When all of a sudden, I could see the passage as seen from the inside of my mother uterus, I could see its spasmodic motions and realised I could not go through it and I did not want to go through, then while listening toi the music, I had a physical urge to move my body in the bed to reverse my position.
So I did, in a foetal position and then wide allongee, I could go through my mothers’ vagina. I was in special state half conscious, half like in a dream. I felt an urge to reverse my posture in the bed.
I talked about that experience to my mother who in turn told me I had a very difficult birth because I was not in the right position, I was feet first !


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music for a journey into DNA

Very quickly I am aspired out of my body while listening to your CD HIGH SPACES and I have the feeling of going beyond the limits of our solar system.
I can watch a supernatural light and I feel the presence of beings of light coming from another galaxy, they are surrounding me.
I ask them to help me as I am (in my actual life) in the process of working out and evacuating informations that I have inherited from my family background and that I want to get rid of.

At the same moment I can see inside me a 3D spiral of DNA with a remarkable luminosity that is emerged into a cosmos that I feel linked with me & open onto the infinite at the same time.
These beings of light transmit to the DNA double spiral a specific and unknown to me green light mixed with a violet color of a supernatural luminescence.

The color gradually impregnates the DNA spiral, cleans it out, purifies it, energize it activates the codons which are dormant as well as clearing the psychic stuff that is encoded into my DNA.
At this stage, it is difficult to put words on the sensations I am experiencing.
Then, I express deep gratitude to these luminous beings and with regrets the experience ends when the track ends!


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Music for Spiritual Healing

Very shortly after the beginning of the CD Sky Dancing, I started to experience spots of coldness throughout my body. These localized cold spots were felt randomly.
I was in a very relaxed state and could sense physically invisible hands busily moving all over my head and body.
Shortly after, I could sense the entire transparent shape of the body of these invisible beings – they were focused and engrossed in whatever healing they were performing.

The left side of my body grew colder and colder until it felt like ice. It was not painful, nor was it even uncomfortable. The right side kept a normal temperature. Later, the process was reversed, right side versus left side.
I believe the 4th track had just ended when all of a sudden, I distinctly heard two loud beeps. Each beep was simultaneously accompanied by a cherry-red dot appearing on my mind-screen (inner third eye location).
I was startled by the clarity and depth of the sound of these two beeps and had the distinct inner feeling that these two beeps/dots represented the beginning of a yet-unknown-to-me form of spiritual communication, reminiscent of the physical Morse language.

I believe it is important to note that shortly after this experience, I started to be able to discipline myself into a much deeper and more relaxed form of meditation and, subsequently I was able to quite effortlessly and intuitively gather and relate information on my friend’s past lives. Thank you, this was my experience!

D. G.

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Cosmic vision

While listening to your CD HIGH SPACES, I felt I was elevated by a white light straight into a high space very high above the earth. It was like a tower, I first entered a little room that had a few persons in it
and then I penetrated into a wider room. It was full of rose, blue and white colors mixed together.
I did not see any stairs, there were only ramps. (I don’t know why I remember this specfic information about lack of staircase, but I do!)
It all looked like a big cilender and everybody present there was linked together, dedicated to love and to spreading that love everywhere, and I know this is a place where everybody can go sometimes.
Then I entered into a room where there was an entity wearing some kind of brown or marron clothes; he was alone in the big room and he was absorbed in his work, he was in an elevated state and he could see everybody underneath him. It was like if “he was a watchtower taking care of everybody”, but there were more like him at this level.
He made me see the link between everybody, in our level and in the under levels, we could see everybody & everybody could see us.
After that, I left that tower and I wanted very much to go further, up and up,  then I went up, and I elevated even more until I was in the middle of the universe into some kind of emptiness with nobody around, only me and the universe. I felt a breath taking peace!
After that I went down onto the earth.
This was my first trip with music n° 1 of your CD HIGH SPACES.


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Music for cosmic journey

While we were relaxing, the settee was shaking and vibrating as if it were rocketing off.
After that, I went up very high and was moving through cosmic landscapes and magical atmospheres, in a crystalline world, sometimes I felt worrying and scared, but not threatened. These worlds were serene and plentiful.
Different songs led to different worlds, some of which were lit up with crystalline blue lights, others with intense golden white shrines.
Once I even saw myself opening enormous temple doors that revealed large treasures.
In the last song I was descending back to earth like a cosmic knight in shining armor.
It felt like I was diving head down but I landed swiftly on my feet, before I started walking.
In the breaks between the songs I could feel my heart was oppressed.
The session was nevertheless light, calm and a general sense of well-being was flowing.


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Crystal world

My experience with multidimensional Music from Jacotte Chollet has been very deep and profound.
While listening to Jacotte’s music, I envisioned a beautiful crystalline structure being birthed with brilliant translucent colors. It brought me to a most peaceful place within.
I only later came to realize that this beautiful crystalline structure was me, my innermost pure self.

Another experience I had was the feeling of all my cells and molecules shifting into balance.
I also felt a very strong connection to dolphins & to the star cluster of the Pleiades.
I am very grateful to Jacotte for her incredibly inspiring music!
You are a blessing and a joy.
I highly recommend this music for helping return to our true selves.

Maryanne SAVINO, Massage Therapy.

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music for spiritual healing

These are some notes I have been taking while listening to your CD HIGH SPACES.
I am overwhelmed by a feeling of joy. I can watch mountains made out of amethyst and my brain is filled with crystal like sonorities that make my whole body feel very light.

I feel I am in a space unusual to me. Then I realize I am being attended by celestial doctors who perform an operation on me. I feel deep gratitude for them.

Then, I experience a deep feeling of happiness. I experience at the same time, my real strength and my true inner subtleness.
Thanks a thousand time for your spiritual healing music dear Jacotte.


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Music for altered states of consciousness

While listening to SKY DANCING, I experienced intense cold and the feeling of being in outer space, no longer tied to the domain of gravity.
I saw myself flying and swirling like a bird, the music felt like it would never end, space had become infinite and time had become eternal.
Later on, I also experienced being the music itself, each one of my body cells dancing and being illuminated at the same time.
My body was totally etherised.
No doubt, this is the most beautiful experience I ever had with your music.
Thank you, I am grateful for the work that you have accomplished which helps humanity to enter into a higher dimension.


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