Important aspects of Jacotte Chollet’s music

Extract of a short synthetic essay by DARV KRIZTON summarizing why and how Jacotte Chollet’s music has multi-dimensional effects on the listeners.

In Jacotte Chollet’s music, the three main aspects are:


– BRAINWAVE PULSE RATE whereby the nervous system is forced to vibrate at a certain rate of speed by the impact of sound waves.
In physics, this is the principle of ENTRAINMENT, by which one oscillating system can cause another system to vibrate in harmony with it if the signal from the first system is strong enough to overcome the inertia of the second system if the second system is capable of resonating harmonically to the first system.

The psycho spiritual energy system of the listener’s is capable of resonating to a wide range of vibrations and of holding numerous different frequencies, harmonious or otherwise.
Our central nervous systems can resonate from roughly one to forty times per second. 

The high frequencies are called BETA waves (13 to 30 HZ) and they are associated with physically or mentally active states.
Higher mid-range is ALPHA ( 8 to 13 HZ) which is relaxed but alert.
Lower mid-range is THETA (4 to 7 HZ) relaxed and not alert, possibly in a trance, daydreaming, deep unconscious processing of information.
The lowest range, only about (1 to 4 HZ) is DELTA which is sleep and deep sleep.

– HARMONIC RESONANCEwhich uses specific frequencies known to be resonant to various structures in the sapient energy-body and psycho-spiritual system (including organs, neural structures, chakras, auric fields, acupuncture meridians and acupoints, etc…

Sound affords us the ability of being aware of certain areas in our body which we might otherwise not be as easily capable of consciously accessing.
By being presented with sound frequencies that are harmonic to the basic pitches of various bioenergic structures, it becomes possible for the listener to verify for themselves that these areas of their body are in fact resonant to these pitches;

– SPECIAL TUNINGS — Even though most listeners of Western music are used to the well-tempered musical scale, there are many types of tuning which have noticeably different impacts on one’s consciousness; such tunings are not only the natural Just Intonation, but also mathematical scales based on ratios like the Golden Section or other tunings from measurements in the natural world such as the DNA photon resonance tunings.

Visionary Sound Arts take advantage of these main principles plus related principles to induce alternate states of awareness.

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