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The Multidimensional Music of Jacotte CHOLLET has the capacity to take its listeners into a non-ordinary realm of experience where they can evoke creative ideas, obtain clarity about life decision, find peace of mind and body,
or interact with the impressions stimulated by this unique program.

Madame CHOLLET has produced an original technology for the 21 st century that is inspirational as well as enjoyable.

Ph.D. Professor of psychology, SAYBROOK GRADUATE SCHOOL, co author of "Personal Mythology", "The Mythic Path", "Healing states" among other books...Editor of Dreamtime & Dreamwork.

I have long admired the tremendous creative work that Jacotte CHOLLET has done with the use of music to evoke altered states.
Her compositions and performances have the power to promote healing at the deepest levels and to bring about profound spiritual insights and transformative effects in her listeners.

I am happy to be one of many people to endorse her important work and to urge others responsive to the power of music to open themselves to its healing energies.

Kenneth RING
Ph.D professor Emeritus of psychology, University of Connecticut. Founder of "IANDS" International Association for the study of near death experiences. Author of "Heading towards Omega" and "Lessons of the Light".

Your music had to grow a little on me but when it did the experience was wonderful and so the intent and how you carried it marvelously.
With the exception of very large Tibetan gongs, your music is the first which causes resonance within.

In my own experience, RENAISSANCE causes one of the two main energy columns to vibrate.
The experience was and still is ecstatic although the word fails.
INVISIBLE PRESENCE causes the outer edge of the AURA to scintillate around the body as far as my fingers can reach, then it causes the aura to integrate after a few moments and when it does, it turns into a deep translucent purple with
a white scintillating edge.

You are a genius of some kind. It's beyond music and into the ethers and subtle senses.
In deepest admiration.

, a well known specialist of PSI, he was part of the first" Remote Viewing" program studies at SRI (Stanford Research Institute).
He is the author of "Natural ESP", "Your Nostradamus factor", "Psychic sexuality", "Secrets of Power" among other works.

We have been listening to your exquisitely unique music at the Foundation Office and find it takes us on a journey
in consciousness.
Your gift is such a wonderful contribution to the planet !
We are at a new beginning. The great awakening is happening.
We are ready to discover the vast unknown potential of an awakened humanity.

Thank you for your commitment to seeing these changes to come to fruition.
We are so happy to be cocreating this vision with you.
Thank you again for your lovely music, with deep appreciation.


President/Executive Director of FOUNDATION FOR CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION, Futurist,Visionary author Awakening the Power of our Social potential and Editor of "Voices of Conscious Evolution"...

Dear madame Chollet

Thank you for your wonderful music. I received your CD last month and my meditations have been amazing.
As a writer, I truly appreciate other realms of understanding that your music brings to us all.

Again, thank you for such depth - I truly cannot thank you enough.

Roxanne Sumners
author, The Wave of Light, A Quantum Near-Death Experience.

When I am totally relaxed and focused on listening without distraction, Jacotte's music takes me on a wonderous trip into the countless galaxies of my own multidimensional mind.
It can be transcendental for me alone, but it is even better when my love and I are wrapped up in the music together.

, a specialist in Brain Waves research, Ph.D.
Author of "Multidimensional Mind: Remote Viewing in Hyperspace"


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